What a WordPress user desperately needs in a directory plugin? Location-based searches, customizable form fields, back-end tools, shortcodes, media support, blah, blah blah, etc.

Well, I tell you what, Listdom provides its users with all these features and much more but in a highest level of possible simplicity with both free and premium version.

And if someone asks me, why is listdom the best? Then my answer will be “see for yourself”. 90 % users have fallen in love with it, because listdom is the most advanced and responsive form of wordpress plugin of listing and directory. It is the one that follows the pre-eminent practices in all concepts whether its customizability, optimization, user experiences or coding. Plus, it gives an amazing flexibility to its end users.

If you are thinking why Listdom pro is ruling the minds of wordpress users, then you’ll get your answer once you have a quick glance at its remarkable key features.

Key Features:

  • More than 80 skins and styles
  • Listing Contact
  • Owner data
  • Form builders
  • Price and payments options
  • Location tools
  • Organize tools
  • Auto updates
  • Generating shortcodes </>
  • Google integrated map
  • Element manager
  • Translation ready
  • Color change
  • Page builders
  • Best practices
  • Multi site ready
  • Cache plugins
  • Search widgets
  • SEO plugins
  • RTL ready
  • Style selector

This means you can get all the unbelievable features only in one package. Isn’t that marvelous

Now that you have already come across its key features, let me get you through the depth details of a few of its main traits so that you can have an idea what listdom really has in it.

Listdom Widgets

Along with the regular widgets, listdom also has its own- created-widgets, the details of those are given below:

1.   Listdom Cloud

This widget allows to show the list of listdom assortment in any of the sidebar you want.

2.   Listdom Shortcode

With the help of this widget you can show the shortcodes with different filters, options, skins and styles in the sidebars.

3.   Search Widget

This widget allows you to show a search place option so that your readers can visit the listings of their choice.

4.   Listdom Terms

With the help of this widget, you can show the categories, labels, features, locations and tags in the sidebar to your visitor.

Taxonomies for listings

Listdom provides a number of great options for the classification and grouping of the listings:


Category is the most useful thing in classifying the listings in listdom, once you have categorized the listings, it would become easier for your readers to find the listing that they want.

To categorize your listing in listdom, you will be provided with form with following requirements:

  1. Name
  2. Slug
  3. Description
  4. Icon
  5. Color
  6. image


With the location section provided in the listdom, you can group your listings according to different locations and when the reader will visit the archive page of a specific location, they’ll get the listings related to that region.

To classify your listings according to the location, listdom provides you with the following requirements.

  1. Name
  2. Slug
  3. Parent category
  4. description
  5. image


Tags provided in the listdom helps increase the chances of your page to become visible in the results of the search engine. You can add tags in the listdom by filling the following spaces

  1. Name
  2. slug
  3. description


Feature tool is provided in the listdom so that you can specify which feature you listings already possess. Its same as tags but with a slightly different usage

There are also a few requirements to add feature in your listings

  1. Name
  2. Slug
  3. Description
  4. Icon


With having labels in your listdom, you can attract more visitors to your listings as they work as a kind of a badge.

The requirements of labels in listdom are:

  1. Name
  2. Slug
  3. Description
  4. color


This one is the most important feature of the listdom, by having this in your hand, you can add more and more new fields for all categories so that the visitors can see details related to those categories

You can add attributes to your listings with the help of these requirements:

  1. Name
  2. Field type
  3. Related categories
  4. Index
  5. icon


Advanced Shortcode

The listdom has got more than 80 skins and styles to create different shortcodes so that you can show your visitors what you really have in your listings

Some of the popular skins provided in listdom are given below:

  • Half map/ half view
  • Slider cover view
  • List view
  • Single map
  • Grid view
  • List + grid view
  • Table view
  • Carousel view
  • Masonry view
  • Independent Shortcodes

Listdom has also got a variety of shortcodes that are fully independent and are completely separate from listdom views:

Some of the major independant shortcodes are given below:

Listdom Category

With having this shortcode in hand, you won’t be restricted to add categorize only in listings. This shortcode helps you to show the listdom categories anywhere you want on the page.

Listdom Location

You can show the wanted location anywhere you want with this shortcode and the visitors will be able to see the directory related to that region.

Listdom Label

Just like the listdom categories, this shortcode allows you to show labels anywhere.

Listdom Terms

with this shortcode in hand, you can show the listdom tags and categories almost anywhere you want as it is completely independant.

Listdom Simple Map

With the help of this shortcode you can add a map and show it with a marker anywhere you want.

Let me tell you one thing, all the features mentioned above were only a little part of what listdom offers to its users. It still has got so much more that is completely unbelievable and uncomparable.

Once you’ll get this Listdom lite directory plugin in your WordPress, you’ll say to yourself that “ Listdom Is Indeed The Best WordPress Directory Plugin”.


In short” what makes the listdom best plugin” is that it is the only listing and directory plugin which is highly compatible with the global range of third party’s templates and plugins.