Saving $5000 in 6 Months: We all sometimes get stuck into short money dilemmas and sometimes we get broke, no one wants to live like that. Right? 

I don’t have enough money to overcome this unexpected situation, or I can’t buy my own car or whatever excuses you guys make…..

Aren’t you fed up with these lame excuses…. If so ,then why are we still suffering from a shortage of money? 

At for a moment we also think about saving money for our bad times, but the reality is just in opposition to it. We don’t even figure out what our important future needs are, we just keep spending on our current demands or so-called ‘wants’.

Why are we all being so reckless?

Just Imagine that you are fired from a job or unexpected trouble comes your way. What will you do? It’s obvious that you’ll start looking at your savings. Sounds right? 

So you gotta jump up to the money-saving techniques right away. You’ll be shocked to know that you can save up to $5000 in just a matter of 26 weeks.

Oh man these techniques would knock for six. Saving $5000 in just 26 weeks can continue to top up your account.

Give a thought to the current situation

We all are aware of the devastation caused by the Covid-19. It is causing real harm to health and our pockets as well. 

Fellas! Believe me or not, but the prevailing conditions of the Corona Virus has led all of us to think about our lifestyles. At the same time, people are facing the Covid-19- a respiratory illness outbreak along with the shortage of money. 

The economy has drastically collapsed with this pandemic viral infection Covid-19. I know we have self-isolated ourselves but I know you are worried about the expenses and bills. 

Well,It’s never too late my readers, you can still save money with my easy to follow tips.

How does it feel to have $5000 savings into your account? It sounds so overwhelming? Of course, it is who doesn’t want to have $5000.

How You can Save $5000 in 6 Months (26 Weeks)

Finally, we are here to calculate how you can plan out your savings! Guys for this purpose, we have to be good at mathematics.

Not that much! I’m not going to ask you to solve complex algebraic equations 😀 Just multiply and divide. That’s it.

I recommend this amazing saving plan, looking to save $5000 for a down payment on their wedding, car or home! Whatever you guys want! 

Below is the illustration of how you can save $5000 dollars. You’ll be able to make it with pure dedication and commitment. You now gotta know the secrets, isn’t it?

Let’s plunge into it without any hassle……

Ways to Save $5000 at the end of 26 Weeks – 5 Hacks

Now the final round comes up, I’ll be giving you the genuine techniques of saving money, I’m also revealing my work as well. I am so proud of myself that I’ve completed many of my home projects like new paint on my room wall, new cutlery and much other funky stuff for my home. 

And now as 2020 is here! I am gonna do my savings again…. Because I’m getting married by 2021. So I’ve to save guys, so do you. We have to make our savings plan work.

Sharing my story with you guys! I’m 24 and I know where I should spend and where I shouldn’t. After high school, I wasn’t able to bear my own expenses, then I took the challenge to save $5000 in 26 weeks.

As you grow up, you evolve in a different self! As a grown-up you start to think like a saver. You don’t just spend less. You begin saving with a specific purpose, such as your college expenses, unsure calamity or injury emergencies.

Let’s hit down the stumbling block in our way together. Enthusiastic Savers! Here are some ways you can actually save money.

1. List and Analyze Your Expenses

Bring yourself to the book first. Analyze the expenses and list where does your money go? You have to be honest about it. Before saving $5000, mark your to-do-list with the saving habits. 

Be very precise about your savings, you might use a microscope for the details 😀 Kidding! 

You guys should know where you are spending your money by keeping in mind you don’t have piles of money in your piggy banks.

The listing makes every stuff easy, although figuring out what is spoiling your saving habit should be eliminated. Debt is a curse seriously! Eliminate your debts! It is the most significant obstacle to saving your money. “Debt Monster swallows your income

But with the savings, you’ll be able to pay off your debts. The least you can do is to make a money-saving budget for your home.

Make a budget that implies to your needs and then start following it. I know it’s quite hard to give up on your money-wasting wants but you have to do it for the sake of your future.

Suze Orman has rightly said about money-saving habit, “Look everywhere you can to cut a little bit from your expenses. It will all add up to a meaningful sum”     

One of the best ways you can employ to save money is to set a money-saving goal. Kickstart by thinking of why you want to save— might be it’s because you’re getting married or planning for a vacation or saving for your college. 

Then predict how much money would you require and then start working on achieving your goal.

2. Cut down the Extra Expenses

Ummm! This technique relies on your self-determination, you can’t just let yourself break the bank because it’s a big harm to your savings. 

If you guys are dead sure that you want to save $5000 in 26 weeks then what is taking you so long to decide, just make up your minds and say Yes! I can do it.

Now, when you are sure that you can cut down your expenses without causing any inconvenience, then good news! This is legit awesome.

When I was a dumb boy back then, I didn’t realize that money-saving could be beneficial. An incident took me to think about my money-wasting habits. And it totally changed my perception.

I met with an accident while I was driving to my Grand Ma’s place. I wasn’t able to pay my medical bills plus I didn’t have enough money to pay for my car’s damage.

Then I sold out my expensive iPhone for my medical bills, I kept my car in the garage for many months and seriously it started rusting underneath. So, I made up my mind to sell my car and I did. 

You know what guys, all the fancy sneakers, expensive smartphones and expensive flannel baggy shirts were just a money-pit. I wish I wouldn’t have wasted my money. But now I’m aware of all the money-saving techniques.

I want you guys to save money because I don’t want you to suffer at all. You can check the following app for effective cost-saving techniques.

Ask Trim

Asktrim is a legit free website service that can save your money. Trim’s goal is to save you money. It analyzes your credit card transactions and your unused subscriptions. It is totally free and you can save your money by getting rid of unused subscriptions. 

So, you can cut down your expenses with Trim and be a money-saver. You can sign up from here!

3. How About Raising Your Income?

Who doesn’t want to welcome an extra income, all of us would say yes, right? So if you are thinking about saving money, an extra income would aid your savings. What are your thoughts? Perhaps yes! Let’s look into the secrets then.

An extra income is always a plus to your savings definitely, but you have to learn it before you earn it. Making $100 a week could add up to your savings, so why not raise your income and make savings super-easy.

You could also learn easy hacks to earn $50000 a year online. Eventually these hacks would be sufficient to save money for your future needs. 

The following are some survey sites where you can make some extra money online.


Earn gift cards and cash guys for everything you do online daily. You just have to answer some surveys, watch some music and entertaining videos, do internet surfing. All this stuff would grab you gift cards for free.

And guys! This is a legit-site so don’t worry about being betrayed. Just Sign up right now and earn!


Guys! Instacart will help you in making $20 per hour. You just have to do grocery for your clients, you just have to place their orders online and when you are done.

The order will be dispatched to the client’s address. How simple is that. Deliver for Instacart and earn money. Earn at your flexibility. Simple!


With Ibotta you can earn cash back for your purchases, that can be clothing, groceries or related to pet supplies. It is basically a free cashback rewards app that gives you real cash in return when you shop for everyday purchases. 

All you need is a computer or a mobile phone to use this legit app.

4. Let’s Automate the Savings

Hey guys! Let’s automate your savings! Do you guys know? You can literally save your money without even thinking of it!

Yupp! You can change your bank account settings which automatically transfers money from your checking account to a savings account monthly. 

If that sounds weird to you, you can set up your bank account to direct deposit and it automatically transfers 10 percent of a single paycheck to your savings account. Isn’t it pretty nice? Right? 

Traditionally, you could also set up your account by using your employer’s direct deposit, so consult with your HR representative for further details. As long as you are done, you can set this up. 

An app can also automate your savings

Another way is to use Acorns. It is pretty easy and simple to use. You can invest or save money with this app and it is totally a scam-free app

You can invest as little as $5 and you can save money for your retirement plans as well. This app does all this by itself thus, automating your savings. Sign up and invest in saving. You can also see my 35 best apps collection to make some extra income.

5. Visual Worksheets Could Help Out

After you are done with these money-saving hacks then a visual worksheet might help you guys to attain a better reminder of your savings progress.

Make a visual worksheet or a checklist, so you can just color them and see what you are up to in saving your money. Saving money is fun and if you just came up with a colorful checklist or a manual tracker you may call it, it’s great fun. 

Rightly affirmed by someone, “You must learn to save first and spend afterwards”  

Save Money Every Month – Real Hacks to Shock You

I am not letting you guys go, because I have a plan that seriously does wonders to assist you in cutting down your expenses.

Firstly, go through your monthly bills, your receipts and then plan accordingly. Now let’s get started with the following plan. A free Advice: It really works!!! 

Keep the record of your expenses

That means every kind of receipt should be with you. For example, coffee or a household item. 

Once you know how to organize your expenses, you’ll be able to keep track of where you spend your amounts such as gas or grocery. You can use your credit card and bank statements as well in case you forget any.

Budgeting for your savings

Go for the best options for your budgeting, I’ve mentioned some of them below:

  1. Savings account
  2. Create an Interest-Bearing Account
  3. Get free debt counseling

Family and House Savings Tips

Now you can save money with the following tips to enjoy your gatherings:

  1. Cook at home.
  2. Plan free outdoor or indoor games .
  3. Plan gift-giving well in advance.
  4. Cut down on groceries.
  5. DIY- It can help you a lot, you can make your own backsplash or fancy light fixture. You can purchase reasonable preparatory material of your DIYs Here!

Food Savings Tips

Now check out the food saving tips:

  1. Brown bag your lunch.
  2. Commit to eating out one fewer time each month.
  3. Plan your meals in advance and stick to a list while grocery shopping.

There are also some survey sites where you can get free food from, you simply need to visit to sign up there and complete their survey to get most out of them.

Health Savings Tips

It’s totally unpredictable when it comes to your health, but you can plan prior to any kind of health issues:

  1. Don’t skimp on preventive healthcare.
  2. Comparison shop for prescription drugs.
  3. Purchase store brand over-the-counter medications.

Entertainment Savings Tips

You can choose either of the following for your entertainment:

  1. Volunteer at festivals.
  2. Take advantage of your library. 
  3.  Browse online for free or low-cost local entertainment.

Tips Round-up for the Smashing Savings

Now we are ready to save our money? I can hear you saying a ‘Desperate Yes’. Jumping towards my special tips gathered for my Happy Savers.

So Breaking the Ice with my financial lessons, here you go!

  • Always Have an Emergency Fund – This fund should be equivalent to 10-12 months of expenses, this will act as a shield so that you don’t even touch your savings which are dedicated to a dream.
  • Acquire Healthcare & Insurance Plans – These insurances help you from spending over your unexpected accidents. You are liable to pay for a registration fee but you don’t have to pay for 100% damage.
  • Be Entrepreneurial – Sticking to a traditional job will lead you to an annual increment usually less than of inflation.
  • Never Forget About Your Dreams – Broad your vision of accomplishing your dreams and never forget about your goals. “Never forget what you are saving for.” The dreams will come true fellas!
  • Write a Happy Ending with your savings – “It’s never too late to think about your dreams.” Begin with saving $5000 in 26 weeks and start living your dreams. Because these savings would reignite your passion and guys you’ll be writing your ‘Happy Endings’. Go and get filled with Awe!

Final Thoughts 

I’ve been through my savings voyage and I know that the hardest thing is to get started. But If you want to be in my Happy Savers League then you’ll opt for my guide to save money. 

Moreover, My happy savers, you can earn extra income to save your money

This guide is incredibly simple to follow. Yes it is simple…. Anyone can do these money-saving techniques. Planning for the unexpected consequences then ‘Start planning now for when it happens.’ 

Be a Money Saver Guys! Before leaving you guys, I have a quick question for you people.

What will be your financial status one year down the road?

If you see yourself in debt then guys eliminate your debt with these tips. Live frugally and make sacrifices first- downsize your house, drive a used-car or whatever smells like useless get it out of your list.

Summing up my thoughts, don’t let yourselves be stuck in the finances which makes you worry and pushes you to anxiety.

Always carry a plan B, Earn extra money and save it along the way… “The art is not in making money, but in keeping it.” Until next time, Reduce Extravagance and Wishing you Happy Savings!