Motorcycle Riding Safety

Whether you are a beginner or a professional motorcyclist, every rider must know about the safety precautions. Before embarking onto your motorcycle. Without taking any safety precautions seriously would result in a fatal road accident.

Ensuring an awareness of motorcycle riding safety would save millions of lives from road accidents. This will better educate about safety precautions in the foreseeable future.

Due to visibility, motorcycles are more prone to road accidents than other types of transportations. To prevent and survive from severe road accidents, there are certain tips to guide you to have a safe motorcycle riding safety.

12 Must have Safety Measures for Motorcycle Riders

The list of safety tips are mentioned below:

  • Always wear a helmet

It is no arguable your head requires a special protection to wear a helmet before embarking onto your motorcycle.

Not wearing an appropriate headgear would result in a fatal road accident. A good motorcycle helmet must have a protective face shield or a pair of visors to add extra protection of your eyes.

So do make sure you wear a good helmet before you start riding. If you don’t have one, now is the time! Preferably, a full face helmet is the safest headwear for motorcycle riding.

  • Always check the internal systems before riding

Before embarking onto your motorcycle, do make sure to have a deep check of the internal systems of your bike. This will allow you to make sure your motorcycle is fit enough to ride on the road. Thus will help you to ride smoothly without creating any issues while riding.

If you have not ridden for a long time, do double-check of the internal systems. Such internal systems include the clutch, transmission, fuel leaks, tyres, hydraulic systems, horn and headlights. Do check these internal systems before planning to ride on the road.

  • Follow traffic rules

It is always important to follow traffic rules and the speed limit while riding on the road. Be aware of uneven and crooked roads. The faster your ride, the harder it gets to control your speed. Do keep an eye for traffic lights and other road signs.

  • Wear the appropriate protective gear

The helmet is the not the only protective gear, other protective gears include gloves, jackets and boots are important to take safety precautions.

These protective gears will help you to protect other parts of the body from severe road accidents. Do make sure you wear the appropriate gloves and boots that accommodate to your motorcycle riding. 

  • Plan and study the route

It is always crucial to plan and study the route before you begin riding on the road. If you are unprepared to study the route and crossovers, chances are you will not be able to reach your destination on time. Do monitor the speed limits and the requirement of protective gear according to your road trip.

  • Educate your passenger

If you are occupied with a passenger, do educate him/her about road safety and avoid any stunts that would cause a sudden and dangerous movement. This will lead to a crash on the road.

One of the best ways to deal with your passenger is to explain to him/her on how to behave while on the road. And also on the backseat. The passenger must know the awareness about the importance of road safety.  

  • Always keep an eye on the road

To maintain an appropriate sitting posture is to stay focused and always keep an eye on the road. Pay attention to the view of the road especially when it comes to roundabouts and taking sharp turns. This will help you to get the idea on when to take brakes and when to slow down. Do take extra precautions when riding on wet and slippery roads. And do be careful when riding on tough terrains such as crooked roads.  

  • Avoid distractions

It is very easy to create a distraction on the road. If you are on your phone and you are texting while driving, this will create a serious crash on the street.

Never take your hands off the handlebars when taking calls as your life will be at fatal risk. If you want to communicate with your fellow rider, wear a helmet that integrates with a Bluetooth plus built-in earphones. This will make your communicate easier and will ensure a safe riding journey.

  • Monitor weather patterns

Motorcycle riding will affect your journey in different weather patterns. To avoid damaging your bike during various weather conditions is to monitor the forecast before planning for long road trips.

Not only to monitor in your city but in every corner of the country before you ride anywhere on that day. Never ride during extreme conditions such as fog and heavy rain as it reduces visibility. This makes it impossible to ride.

  • Ride in an appropriate mood

It is always important to maintain your appropriate mood before heading out for the road. If you are stressed out, angry, upset, disturbed and lazy, chances are you will suffer from severe road accidents.

This same rule goes to your passenger, your passenger should be in the appropriate mood at the backseat. If he/she is emotionally unstable, the passenger will make your journey miserable. And would distract you from focusing on the road. To maintain a good mood, you have to be physically and mentally stable before riding. 

  • Ride at a moderate speed

Always control your speed while on the road. Do make sure when to slow down and when to apply brakes at the right time. Speed limits exist for a good reason and every road has a different speed limit.

Make sure to ride at a moderate speed and do control your speed when you are riding during different road situations. So use your common sense when making a judgement of your speed!  

  • Never drink before riding 

Your life would cause a harm to yourself and others by drinking while riding. You have to be awake and sober to ride on the road. Never drink alcohol as it would cause you to become drunk. Before you embark onto your motorcycle, it is best that you are well-rested and make sure you had a proper amount of sleep.

So here are the safety tips before you hit on the road. I hope you have followed these tips carefully and make sure you take road safety as your main priority!

Don’t forget to follow motorcycle riding safety before you embark onto your motorcycle!