Saving money tops the list of to-dos for many of us,but no one has the right plan to do so.

Financial management is no doubt important, but in this era, it seems almost impossible to save no matter how much you earn. However, with smart planning and over the edge thinking, you can easily save without compromising on your major expenses. 

All you need to do is gather enough will to get things started, and it will get smoother for you with time. Saving money needs to become your habit so that you’ll know that saving a set amount is a part of your monthly routine.

You don’t need to follow a strict routine or any hard rules. Just forget about the money you have set aside to save. Here, we bring you the easiest methods to save money every month from your salary.

6 Ways to Save Money from your Salary 

How many of us have enough savings from our salaries that can keep things managed in old age? Not everyone has a salary more than their expenses, which is why this article will guide you about saving from your monthly income. 

1. Set up your priorities 

It is very important to prioritize your needs and make a plan about budgeting those needs. The reason why many people fail to save is because they start spending as soon as they get the paycheck.

Instead of starting to pay recklessly, be patient. Sit back and figure out the things you need and why you need them. You don’t have to follow what your friends or other family members do.

Think about why you are saving the money. Is it for your higher degree? Paying off a debt, or buying your own car? Constant self questioning and encouragement are enough to keep you motivated

2. Make a record of your expenses

Create a track record of all your expenses. You can add more ease to this process by dividing your expenses into priority expenses and variable expenses. Your rent and bills are the priority expenses that are fixed.

These payments are something that you are bound to pay every month. The variable expenses include your dine out plannings, groceries, clothing, gas, beauty products and so on. You have to focus on managing the variable expenses and buy only those things you Really Need!

3. Make cash envelopes 

This is a tried and tested method for saving success. The people who are so fond of spending with their eyes closed often lose track of what they have bought and how much they have spent.

To control this habit, develop a habit of making cash envelopes for all your expenses and decide a specific amount for each envelope. Following this system will help you a great deal in managing your variable expenses.

4. Make a monthly budget plan

Budgeting is not as boring and restricting as many people might think of it. This is a mistake that many people make by avoiding budget planning for every month.

In fact, the people who manage their expenses according to a set budget are more happy and organized because at the end of the month, they are sure to save something. You can start your budget making with a budget template, and you will love making your monthly budget. 

5. Make extra money

This is something recommended to those who are earning a small income with more expenses. If you can’t cut short of your fixed expenses for some reason, then you must try to give your salary a boost.

You can look for a part-time job. If you don’t have enough time for part-time, you can join cash back programs, take surveys, and play online games to earn cash. 

6. Reduce your bills

A major reason for mismanagement in budgets is the fluctuation in your monthly utility bills. Try to keep all the extra lighting turned off. Use your cooling systems or thermostats only when needed.

You can add fans in summers instead of using air conditioners 24/7. Other than that, call your utility company and keep a check on your billing points. 


These are just a few of the many ways to save from your salary. However, the above-mentioned methods are the easiest to follow and the most effective ones. Apply these methods on your monthly budgeting, and you will surely save a lot every month.