How to make money as a teenager without a job:

There are a lot of teenagers who want to earn money while they are still in their study phase. The only problem is that they don’t know where to start.

Well, we have some good news for such teenagers. You don’t need to worry about having no experience or making a resume because you can easily earn money without a job. How? You are going to know exactly that!

Earning money is not only a serious teenage concern but also important for them to know about their responsibility. Kids who start earning at an early age are likely to become more successful than the ones who don’t.

So, if you are a parent reading this article, let your teenagers explore their skills. Here, you will find some of the best ways through which a teenager can make money without being a job holder. 

How To Make Money As A Teenager Without A Job?

We have gathered 12 of the most compelling and easy ways to earn money for teenagers. Now, you can earn without compromising your time and grades. Let us have a look!


One of the most trending and long-term ways to earn money as a teenager is to start your own blog. You don’t need to get approved by any company and still, you can earn.

You can start blogging as an earning hobby and then turn it into a business because you can earn a lot through this. All you need to do is center your blog on any specific topic.

You can add pictures and videos along with the blogs to make them look more appealing and attractive. The more people will follow your blog, the more Google will recognize it, and you will get the money without spending any. 

Taking Surveys

If you want to be paid in rewards or gift cards, then taking the paid surveys can prove to be the best option for you.

Don’t worry because some companies do pay you in cash for taking their surveys. Below are some of the most popular survey sites you can visit, but first we will tell you how to you will take these surveys in some steps.

  1. Open the website where you want to take the survey.
  2. If you don’t already have your login details, then you will need to sign up.
  3. Make your profile by adding your general details such as name, address, age, gender, phone number, and bank account details.
  4. Once your profile is completed, start the survey.
  5. Answer all the questions based on your experience. Make sure all the answers are honest and unbiased. 
  6. Submit the survey and redeem your points. 
  7. You can also get direct cash or gift cards. Other than that, most companies offer reward points that you have to redeem afterward. 
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Become A Youtuber 

If you have the guts inside you, then you can easily become a YouTuber. You can make any sort of YouTube channel that you can manage easily.

It can be about DIY crafts, influencing people, funny videos, gaming reviews, or recipes. Once people start to click on the subscription button of your channel, you start getting the bucks. 

Start Freelancing

Fiverr, Upwork and Freelancer are some of the best platforms where you can start earning without having a job.

You can accept orders as per your requirements, and provide services to people. Just set up your gig and you can perform small tasks, such as graphic designing, banner making, content writing, and social media marketing. 

Wash Cars

If you are a teenager who has to keep track of his time and study, earning can be a little tough.

However, you can also earn without compromising your study hours. Washing a car nicely takes roughly an hour. So, have a look in your neighborhood and see if anyone needs a car wash at a low cost.

People love their cars but hesitate to spend a lot when it comes to washing them. Just knock at their doors and volunteer to wash their cars. They’ll love to pay you!

Clean Windows & Garages

Cleaning windows and garage is one huge issue because it takes a lot of time and money. People call power washing services that ask for a lot of money.

Instead of that, they’ll love it if you ask them to wait till the weekend when you will be willing to clean their windows, garage, and walkways for you. 

Arrange A Garage Sale

Have you seen that every now and then, people in your neighborhood arrange garage sales? Why don’t you try it? Collect all the things that you don’t need anymore.

Clothes, unused gifts, decoration stuff, toys, books, and anything that you can sell. Set up a stall outside your garage, and ask your family members to contribute their useless things in your sale too. 

Baby Sitting 

Do you love spending time with babies? If you like babies and they like you back, then take advantage of this and start earning by babysitting.

Look around if your mother’s friends or anyone in your neighborhood is looking for babysitters. Babysitters get paid high on a per-hour rate. Just make sure that you know how to handle babies when they cry or want to play.

If you have a younger brother or sister at home, taking care of them will help you a great deal in handling others’ babies. 

Dog Walking & Training 

Tending to do this kind of work needs consistency because when it comes to walking or training a dog, you need to be steady. So, if you are a dog lover who is willing to spend time understanding their behaviors and train them, this one is just for you.

People usually hire adults and professional trainers to make their dogs learn basic signs. However, you can offer them the same at a lower cost and there is no way they are going to refuse. 

Assist The Elderly To Learn Basic Computer Skill

Older people have a hard time learning about new technology and skills. Learning computer basics and operating smartphones are difficult for them.

You can look up for the old age homes near your area or any local old citizens organization. Offer them your services, and you will surely be in for it. An effort is all you need to make!

Sell Your Art

There is an artist in each one of us. When you are in your teenage, you are more creative and passionate. Let that inner artist come out on the canvas.

There are many teenagers who are selling their crafts at unbelievable rates because they believe in their own skills. If you are good at crafts, paints, or jewelry making, then you are already there. 

Become A Tutor

Nothing can be better than being good at a subject. If you are good at something, it can be further polished by sharing it with others.

This can be the best way to earn money as a teenager because you will be teaching others and grooming your own knowledge as well. Also, if you have command on any other language like French, Spanish, Latin, or German, you can help others with that. 

Final Thoughts 

Before you make a decision that you want to earn while you study, make sure your parents allow you. Most of the parents are concerned about the grades of their children, which is why they don’t allow them to work before the completion of their high-school.

The country also has teenage labor laws according to which a specific number of hours are fixed under which a teenager is allowed to work. However, teenage is an age where your kids can learn to take responsibilities.

You should encourage them to find some small earnable tasks for them so that they will learn how to earn.


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