Many moms resign to their fates as soon as they become a mom. No doubt, taking care of these little trouble makers takes a substantial amount of your daily routine.

Having kids might be a wonderful idea, but once you have upgraded to the level of a mom, know that being a mom is not easy.

It is delightful as well as frustrating. Not to forget the expense factor. You will find yourself captivated with no time and money for yourself.

Well, we have the perfect solution to manage the money factor. Who said you can’t do work once you are a mom? Don’t feel burdened by the responsibilities and think about productivity.

Don’t waste your talented mind and make money through it. No need to leave your kids behind the doors because there are a lot of opportunities to earn for stay at homes moms as well.

Make Money Without Leaving Your Kids Alone at Home 

The following are the easiest and most convenient ways through which you can earn money by staying at home. Let us have a look:

1. Proof Reader

Because you are a mom, keeping everything as detailed as possible is one thing you are best at. This is why a proofreader or copy-editors job is just the right thing for you to opt for.

The job description of a proofreader includes checking and editing the sentence structure and grammatical errors in the already drafted copies. Usually, you will be supposed to abide by the rules of AP Stylebook, Chicago Manual, or MLA. 

2. Sell Your Crafts

Amazon handmade and Etsy are good options to try out your luck if you are craftily creative. Let everyone know about the handmade crafts you can make at home.

Why just decorate your home with those things when you can earn through them. These websites and similar others charge a small fee for selling your crafts on their name.

Once the items get sold out, they keep a percentage of the amount. Etsy takes 5.05 of your sale. You can also create your own brand and advertise it on social media so that you can earn solely on your name.

3. Virtual Tutor 

You have a specialization in at least one subject that you studied during your time. Being a virtual tutor and giving online classes to school going kids and teenagers can be a great source of income for stay at home mothers.

You can choose the time of your classes according to your schedule and convenience. You can use FaceTime, Skype, Google Hangouts and other technologies. Teach and earn without leaving the sight of your kids and the comfort of your home. 

4. Market Tester 

There are multiple ways through which you can become a part of the market testing groups.

Companies pay you for doing various tasks such as web surfing, secret shopping, playing video games, and rate website designs. Just visit the websites and stores to report back your experience to the concerned platform, and be ready to get paid just for that. 

5. Take Online Surveys 

One of the easiest ways of earning for stay at home moms is online surveys. We know you won’t believe it, especially if you have been scammed before. we are here to restore your faith in online survey websites.

Many legit paying survey sites pay you instantly. You also earn a sign-up bonus by signing up for some survey panels. Other than that, some survey sites provide you with countless earning and redeeming options.

InboxDollars, Swagbucks, MySurvey, Survey Junkie, and PointClub are some of the few. 

6. Transcriber 

If you good at typing at a good speed without any disruption, why don’t you apply for a home-based transcriber job?

You will need a computer with a nice and smooth keyboard, MS word, and a good set of headphones for this job. As you might assume that transcribing is just a simple typing job, it requires complete attention. If you have school-going children, this job will suit you best. 

7. Freelance Writing 

The freelancing market is huge and growing every second. At present, it is one of the securest platforms for people, especially moms to earn without leaving home.

If you have that creative element in you, and you want writing to be your side income source, start freelancing, Fiverr, Upwork and Freelancer are some of the most reputable and popular freelancing platforms. You can make your gig and provide services for writing resumes, articles, blogs, and PRs. 


Everything is possible when you make your mind for it. dealing with children takes a lot more than just caring for them and loving them.

You should have enough finances at the backend to keep their future secure and provide for their needs. The above-mentioned ways are tried and tested. Moms are earning without leaving their children, and so can you!


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