Smart planning and thinking out of the box are the major factors you’ll need to follow if you are looking further to make more money without working.

9 to 5 jobs are hectic enough to drain you out, but not efficient enough in terms of the income. With the outrage of growing prices of almost everything, it has become hard to manage a single family’s finances. One has to work 24/7 to provide for the needs of his family in such a situation.

However, don’t panic when you have the guideline to earn more without exhausting yourself. In this article, you will learn how you can boost your income without having to work for extra long hours or night shifts. These are some of the many ways to make an extra $100 a week.

Your family, health, priorities, and hobbies are as important as earning to live a stable life. Don’t shift your focus on a single thing while ignoring other good things. 

Increase your income without working extra 

We have brought to you 6 of the easiest ways to increase income without stressing yourself out by working more. Let’s have a look.

Ask for a raise 

Every company has a pay raise policy according to which you should expect a pay raise every six months or after a year. This way you are gonna increase your income without working more.

If your contract supports any such policy and you are near the expected time of a raise, simply ask them to fulfill the contract’s demand.

Tip for You: Ask your management to increase your salary, if you are getting offers from any other company in the same position but with a higher salary.

Rent out the extra space in your house

You don’t have to work really hard to earn money at all. Renting out the extra space in your house is literally free money. You just have to rent out a spare room or portion to anyone in need, and get rent for it.

Many people don’t cope up with the idea of letting other people stay in their home, but it’s actually fun. Airbnb is a site that helps you to rent out your house or extra rooms temporarily.

You get a nice company and the earning factor is always there!

Sell out your old stuff

Every household has a lot of unused old stuff that can bring money. All you have to do is keep their memories in your heart and let them go.

For example, the old piano, the grand clock, electronics and other stuff that you don’t use can easily be sold. This is probably the easiest way to earn extra without working more.

If the items you are planning to sell are in good condition, you can try selling them on Amazon and eBay.

Do You Know! Add a good description with the products and make more money than expected.

Start uber 

Are you social? Do you like driving and meeting new people? Then this one will suit you best. Get connected to Uber and register your car with them.

The time you’ll spend in driving an uber will not feel like work hours because you’ll be driving people to places and learning new routes to different areas.

Plus Point! This will prove to be really good thing to do on your boring weekends.

Lend money on interest 

If you have a backup amount that you want to invest for profit, you can start lending money on interest. LendingClub is a great platform that promotes new lenders.

Create your profile and they’ll send the borrowers with whom you have a high chance of getting more interest on your money. 

Start a passive income source 

There are a lot of things you can do to start earning passively as well. You’ll not have to go to your office and sit there straight for some extra hours. You can easily sit back on your sofa and work while enjoying other things.

Blogging is a good option if you are creative enough to write with fondness.

Blogging is a good option if you are creative enough to write with fondness.

There are many streams of passive income. Some of them are, becoming a part of a focus group and participating in online surveys can also help you earn cash, rewards, and gift cards. 

Many platforms can also help you save money on grocery and shopping.


We have listed the most convenient ways to increase income without working more. However, some of the above-detailed ways might not suit you well and some will. It all depends on your schedule, need, and time.

So, choose the source that is closer to your ease, and start earning more without working extra.