Household items to sell for quick cash: Need some really fast cash? Why not consider some (useless) household things to make some extra in your pocket?

I know you guys have been in a bind. Extra money on the side is a stress relief subsequent to our financial plans and security

Right now we are in a tight spot but we better gotta think about making something work to get some cash on the side.

Making money with evolving technology has never been easier than before. You don’t have to look for a yard sale for selling your household things. Technology has made it possible for you guys by selling them online. It requires no hard work and effort.

Just post it up….. A potential buyer will reach you out…. And Woah! Extra money in your pockets! 

Asking you guys a simple question! Wouldn’t you love to have extra money in your accounts? I think perhaps we all would be so delighted to have additional cash in our accounts. 

With the extra money, you can pay off your debts, that nagging creditor on your door or save your money for high-end things like a classy car. There are hundreds of ways to rescue you but here I’m going to unveil the most effective methods which work for almost everyone.

No need to resort to selling your most-favorite items to grab extra cash to your piggy banks – you can literally earn by selling the stuff which is no longer valuable to you!  

Giving you guys a quick buck so that you don’t have to worry about your extra expenses. You can go party with your friends…. Head towards a picnic with family or wherever you want to spend because with these hacks you are no longer strapped for extra cash.

Let’s get to the handy ways to earn quick cash by selling your household items!

30 (Household) Items to Sell for Quick Cash 

Here are the 30 items you could sell for quick cash and is really a money jam for my lovely readers….

1. Old Stuff In The Garage

Lookin’ in the garage? Yes you heard it right… You can sell something that you no longer use. Isn’t it great to make a little money?

If yes then go look for the household items in your storage areas. Before you plan to throw something out, think twice because you can sell almost anything on the internet. 

eBay is a site where you can sell household items that you are not using anyway. You can easily throw away these items on this amazing site.

Wanna get rid of the things which are now just a waste in your garage? So, blow the cobwebs and make cash at the same time. You can sell the things which you never thought that someone would purchase.

Items You Can Sell

But lemme tell you that your empty toilet paper or paper towel tubes are also in demand. So, following is the list to assist you guys:

  • Empty Toilet Papers or paper towel tubes (these are used in craftwork, so they are in demand)
  • Old sweeper parts
  • Empty jewelry boxes
  • Birch boxes
  • Baseball card boxes
  • Empty perfume bottles
  • Empty wine bottles
  • Old sweeper parts
  • TV remotes
  • Wine corks
  • Coat Hangers

The aforementioned household stuff could surprisingly help and make money with ease. Just click some good pictures and post them on eBay. Potential buyers will reach you out. You might be thinking who’ll purchase it… Arts and crafts are everyone’s favorite, people who make crafting projects need em. 

You are killing two birds with one stone by making money for your extra and old stuff in the garage. Seemingly, the easiest way to add some extra cash in your accounts….

Which site to choose?

  • eBay- The world’s largest online marketplace, where you can buy or sell your favorite items. This online store is a globally trusted platform that retains its quality.

2. Cash In Your Snaps! 

So, if you have a creative and smart head on your shoulders then you can earn for your pictures… And wait! I am not talking about the pictures of your friends or your selfies being drunk.

You can earn by selling your photography skills, and there’s no need for an HD camera. The pictures should be vivid enough and glare-free. We all have a kind of taste for photography, we all have good phones so why not take good pictures of landscapes or scenery.

This can prove to be a very good way to earn for teenagers without having to go anywhere. Just click some nice portraits and sell them to earn some extra bucks.

My mom is an early riser, she goes on a morning walk every day, and what a good photographer she is, guys! I must say. Her phone is full of portraits of majestic sunrise and cute puppies. All the pictures clicked by my mom, earns her decent money and it has aroused her interest in photography 🙂

Sites You Can Use

If you are a nature lover just like my mom. Don’t waste your pictures then, go on the following sites and let people witness your skills online:

  • Getty Images 
  • SmugMug

3. Make Your Time On the Internet Profitable!

If you have an addiction to your mobile phones then you can make your time on the internet profitable. Here giving the easiest way for my readers. Earn by surfing online and make money by taking surveys and opinions.

Some sites will ask you to use their search engines and some will ask for your honest review on some music videos.

For this job, you’ll have to be honest in your reviews. Wait! guys your internet surfing is also not a free job. Go pick up your mobile phone and do Internet surfing. You’ll get some side money…. 

This is a handy way for those who can’t have their eyes off from their mobile phones. Now wondering where to start? Do you think I’ll not be explaining to you guys 🙂

Here are the sites which you were about to ask me

Here are some useful sites that can even make you earn extra $100 a week online.

  • Swagbucks- It conducts various surveys and rewards you with points for it. You can give reviews for their videos and use their search engine to avail gift cards or cash.
  • Qmee- Get paid by using their search engine, This is for those who are just looking for a searching platform for fast cash.
  • Survey Junkie- Survey Junkie conducts surveys, you can take them. These surveys are really helpful for extra income. 

4. Sell Your Opinions!

If you think that your opinions don’t matter to anyone. Then you are wrong! You guys can even sell your opinions online and no one is going to judge you for those opinions 😀

Some legit sites would like to take your opinion and for your valuable and meaningful opinions you get money in your hands… 

Stick to my hacks for a while because there are plenty of other hacks below as well. If you are looking for legitimate sites then I can help in this case. The following are the trusted sites, now get ready for some real money 😀

  • UserTesting- Test and give opinions accordingly through user testing.
  • Respondent- Respondent will pay you for your feedback and opinions on their services and products.

5. Sell Your Old Jewelry!

Hey Ladies! Do you need new jewelry for your parties and occasions… Your old jewelry doesn’t fit with your party outfit at all… What other ladies would be thinking of you? Same jewelry again…

What say? Let’s Sell that old jewelry. Dear ladies buy yourself new jewelry and replace the old jewelry with a new one. Go and see which old jewelry you want to replace. I am sure you have got hundreds of necklaces and bracelets. Appraise a good amount for your jewelry and go sell it.

Don’t spoil the subtle look of your jewelry ladies. ‘Go Out with the old and in with the new’. Sell your Jewelry on eBay or post the details with your Facebook friends.

6. Sell Your Skills!

If you are extremely good at something then don’t waste your skills. You can always earn with your skills out in the market.

If you are confused about it and still wanna make money so you gotta sit tight. What you can do? What are you best at? How can you find out what are you good at?

I’m here to do that for you. Start off with an inspiration for you guys. My sister back in 2018 was broke and she was finding ways to earn fast money. I became her hope and helped in identifying her potential. 

I made her realize that she was a good writer and a designer, the way she played with the words and the way she designs with Photoshop canvas was superb. I impelled her to give her services online and then she instantly started it, you know why because this was the only option she was left with 😀

 You guys can trust me and search your biggest talent which lies within. If you are a good teacher you can also teach students from all around the world.

Where to start?

  • Upwork-Popular Freelancing site to sell your skills.
  • Fiver– Worldwide trusted site to sell your skills.
  • VIPKid– Teach non-native speakers English but this is for native English speakers only.
  • Qkids– Teach Chinese Students English and there around thousands of students who are willing to learn the English language.

7. Sell Your Digital Courses!

Talking about digital courses, giving you a quick overview of this amazing hack. 

My friend Lucas is an awesome music teacher, he is best at playing the piano. No one can beat him seriously the way he plays with the chords making a soothing music charisma over his listeners.

He is now teaching students worldwide through his digital course. He has made beginner and advanced level courses for those who are fond of learning piano.

So if you are an expert at something, you could really make a wonderful impact amongst the public. Explore your skills and start your journey. Help people along with happy earnings! 

Get Started today with Udemy to share your knowledge across the world!

The course is a brilliant learning platform to sell your knowledge.

8. Childhood Toys 

If you are a teenager and still have your childhood toys with you then you are in the game. Yes, your toys could also be presented for sale. If you have been once a parent of a toddler and your baby has grown up, you could also sell your baby’s toys.

Online selling has made it so convenient for us that we can sell our useless items. But the condition is that your stuff should be in a good condition. This is one of the best household items to sell online for quick cash.

Ask your kids first before you are going to give their toys on eBay. Because they might act like an angel before but handling with their toys is not an easy job 😀

Because I had a rough time with my kids and it was terrible 😀 Best of luck! 

9. Clothing

If you have a wardrobe full of outfits you never wear, then dig them out and make some place for new ones. If your used clothes still look elegant and sophisticated then sell them online. 

You could use the earnings to kit yourself in some brand new bits and pieces instead. Choose eBay to sell your clothes online. Don’t wait too long and sell your stuff at eBay!

10. Books

Hey guys! Be honest with me, you’re not likely to have a glimpse of your textbooks ever again, are you? 

And if the edition of your books is still a current one so you gotta speed up because the quicker you will sell your textbooks the more you’ll be paid for them.

You can either sell it to students or booksellers, university books are very expensive and it could drain out the money of students. So, help students and achieve two ends with a single action.

11. Games and DVD’s

 We all have got films which we have never ever watched more than once or those old video games we used to play once and now we are sick of them– now it’s your turn to have some quick cash in return for your collection.

If you have a good and terrific collection of games, you could sell it directly to a person who needs it or throw it online. How simple is that? Yes! So start snooping your storage areas. And Happy Selling!

12. Home electronics

This is quite good for those who want to set their homes with brand new electronics. If you have home appliances in good condition then go sell them on eBay, a good option to renovate your house by selling your old appliances online.

Or if you want to sell your old cellular device, android phones, mobile accessories, and gadgets then you can surely earn some money if a good buyer purchases your stuff.

Talking about my experience so far it has been pleasant to sell my electronics accessories and appliances online. I sold my headphones and smartphone online and the payment was justified.

This Christmas we had a hearty feast at home, my cousin gifted me some brand new mobile accessories so I thought to sell the old gadgets. And I did the same. It was a pleasant deal with the buyer and I do suggest selling appliances and electronics online. 

No scams on the eBay site. If you are willing to sell. Earn some cash with the appliances and electronics online. De-clutter your home!

13. Home-Made Crafts 

In every era, people have always craved for hand-made or home-made crafts. These alluring crafts add to the beauty of our homes and they can’t even be ignored.

From my childhood, I’ve been listening to my GrandMa that these crafts are reliable. She is a great admirer of artwork and on every occasion, I make sure that I order a hand-made craft from Amazon Handmade for her. The artistic touch of these crafts brings a joyous sensation to our minds.

So if you are good at making hand-made stuff, you could bring home the bacon.

Some Ideas

Now giving you some really nice pack of ideas to turn over a new leaf:

  • Wooden Tools- You can make really splendid wooden tools for kids
  • Handmade clothing– If you are good at sewing then this could be an online way of earning your items
  • Handmade greeting cards– These are eternally charming and all you folks need is envelopes, paper, stamps, pens, along with tones of creativity
  • Gift Baskets- Make beautiful baskets for home decor. Who doesn’t want your eye-catching gift baskets
  • Customized Pillows and Napkins- The decorative pillows and napkins never get fail to attract interest
  • Home-made Decorative glasses- Painted and decorative glasses bearing a unique message to someone special are in great demand. If you are the one who has got a steady hand and an eye for detail, start your decorating business now.
  • Friendship Bracelets- Colorful and stylish friendship bands are loved by everyone, they are considered as a token of love for generations
  • Paper & Jar Lanterns- These modish and vibrant lanterns are loved by everyone, it looks striking wherever it’s placed. Go start making them 
  • Bookmarks- Beautiful and unique bookmarks could make you some good money 

These above-mentioned ideas would really help you folks and I’ve tried in the best possible way to motivate. Let’s see which home-made product matches your interest.

Useful Sites You Can Use

You can sell it to your friends or snag them on Facebook but if you willing to sell online then following are the best options you may prefer:

  • Amazon Handmade
  • eBay

14. Gift Cards

Oh these Gift Cards! I have many of them and never used them. Might be any of you is in the same situation as well. I have a solution to this problem as well.

I was tired of these gift cards because I usually pulled them in my wallet. Making it over-stuffed. So if you are facing exactly as I did two years back. This is for you then!

Everyone’s common and most liked didn’t-know-what-to-purchase-you-a-gift, but does it have a credit for a store you never went shopping in? Sell your gift cards on, before it gets expired! 

15. Cars & Bikes In your Garage

If used cars and bikes are gathering dust in your garage then selling them would be a superb job. Don’t let them rust in your storage areas, because if you’ll do it your vehicles won’t earn you enough cash. 

If it’s worth it, people will purchase your vehicle because not everyone can afford a new one. So many people out there might need them, your vehicle will be a perfect item to sell for quick money.

16. Sporting Goods

We all love sports, and all of us play some kind of sport. If you are playing then you all must know that sports goods and kits are essential items. 

Sports goods are kinda a necessity for the sportsperson. Someone who has kids or is a sports lover and is really into it knows the importance of sports stuff.

Think basketballs, baseball mitts, soccer goals, etc. These goods are super easy things to sell online. Just a picture or two and make sure they aren’t gunked up. Then people will probably be able to tell if they want to purchase your equipment. 

17. Outdoor Gear

Hey you! The one who is reading, if you are a 90’s kid like me then you are aware of what it is about living in nature, sleeping in camps or hiking.

Although this technology has pushed us away from nature. But you still got the option to sell if your outdoor accessories are lying in a corner of your house. You can sell your outdoor gadgets like trekking poles, sleeping bags, pocket knives, and backpacks.

Earning by reviving old hiking memories is not that bad!

18. Musical Instruments

Did you play guitar, drums or piano once? You no longer spend your leisure time with your musical instruments?

Then don’t let your instruments go addled, you will find so many beginners on the online marketplace to buy your instrument. The new one is far more expensive than the old one. So you can just help people by selling your instruments.

I am the one who has lost track of musical instruments, I won’t let you guys act the same because they are quite expensive. 

19. Pet Supplies

If you have got pets in your home, then there’ll be a lot of grooming brushes, feeding bowls, and chewy balls at your place. 

You can just snag them for a tenner, and earn some cash for it…. Because you just have to stop wasting your pet’s things, wrap it up and deliver it to your buyer soon. Loads of good wishes peeps!

20. Old Baby Products

Your toddler has all grown up? What about your baby’s stuff which is lying in your closets for so long before it gets ruptured? Sell them….

Start selling your kid’s stuff! The odds are you’d have to part with walkers, diaper bags, bouncers, high chairsbabywearing gear, playmats, and crib.

21. Yard Equipment

If you own a yard and pay for someone to do your yard then think about selling or renting out your yard equipment. 

Do you want quick cash or not? If yes then rent out your pruner, weed trimmer, lawnmower, and other garden tools. It would be something great. Isn’t it?

22. Stationery and Old school Supplies

If you are done with your school, but you are still surrounded by your school items. You can sell your school stuff to those students who can’t afford to buy the new ones.

What you could sell?

  • Backpacks
  • Calculators
  • Geometry Box
  • Science Equipment like a microscope

Get in touch base with your potential buyer right away!

23. Furniture

Chairs, desks, tables, side tables, ottomans, kitchen tables, any kind of your home furniture sells very quickly. People love old furniture for their house–  but if they don’t wanna use old furniture in their home as it is, they can take it on as their DIY project! If you truly want to make quick cash RIGHT NOW! Do it!

24. Silverware

Growing up I have seen Silverware to be only used on special occasions and I remember my mom scolded me for touching her fancy containers and cutlery.

Now I have de-cluttered my house with the things which have to just sit in the drawer. Why not get good money in return for these silverware?

Now choice is yours folks! Not forcing you to sell your heirloom 😀 But I did….

25. Porcelain and Dishes

These porcelain dishes have always been a privilege to use,  I don’t know but like silverware, these ‘invaluable dishes’ were taken from cabinets on special occasions or Christmas feasts.

These dishes are quite expensive and if no one in your family opposes you to sell them then don’t prolong it! Just sell it! 

Trust me! You’ll get paid a nicer amount than you really think of these dishes!

26. Earn for Your Health

Someone takes care of you and wants you to see healthy by giving you an incentive for it. Yes that’s right! There are some health applications that pay you money for the steps you take to stay healthy. 

The unique app pays you to stay healthy and it counts your steps by your mobile phone or smartwatch. This app tracks your steps and movements. 

Doesn’t it sound unreal? Who pays for your health but guys I’m not kidding at all, you can do it by yourself. This app is making you guys full of life and stress-free.

It would be great that you are earning money along with taking steps to a good lifestyle. What a lovely fitness journey it will be for my readers.

Which apps are taking care of your health?

  • HealthyWage- It is a fitness and wellness company which gives fitness challenges with cash prizes.
  • Sweatcoin- It motivates you to exercise to stay healthy and active. You accumulate points for your steps and then points can be converted into money, which can be used for shopping.

27. Linens

I am sure about it that you peeps have linens on your bed, some of them are hand woven which people adore pretty much. 

Or if you have Comfy quilts in your home which you have not been using in a while then don’t wait longer to think about selling it. If you have new linen or quilt set resting in your cupboards for many months then its time to say them Goodbye!

Sell them and get money. No one knows ,someone may need your things more than you do. 

28. Holiday Decorations

Christmas always arrives with joyous bells, this occasion brings snowman stuff and Holiday-themed front door wreaths along with it. 

If you are like me who wants a new theme every Christmas then you can sell your previous decorations online.

Which decoration is always a good seller?

  • Holiday-themed table linens 
  • Table-top items
  • Holiday-themed candle warmers
  • Holiday- wreaths

Home decoration always attracts the buyer’s interest. You definitely won’t miss these decorations until Christmas holiday rolls around.

Think Creative! Sell your products online & offline!

29. Antiques and Vintage Items

Now taking back to you in old times… I had a couple of antiques from Grand Ma’s time. I sold them at a local antique shop, the aesthetic beauty of the antiques earned 30$ for an antique clock and 20$ for horn earrings.

So it’s time to de-clutter your home with this old stuff and earn money instead!

If you have antique jewelry, coins or watches, you can sell these on online stores like eBay or Pawn stores.

30. Your Body

I have put this option in the end, it is not recommended by me. But this option also earns you money. I think the above-mentioned hacks are easy and could be implemented as well… 

But here’s how you can use your body to earn money. You can take part in drug trials. Moreover, you can sell your plasma and bone-marrow to the patients who are in need of it.

But before you think about it. Look out for household items. There must be something in your house to earn you some quick cash.

Where to Sell your Household Items Offline and Online?

Guys! You can sell your things online as well as offline. The choice is yours whether you have to snag a nice amount online or offline. The two ways are as follows.

Enlisted are the sites and ways where you can look for a buyer who is offering a decent amount:

The Bottomline

Holla Fellas! You made it till the end. I am pretty much sure that now you guys have some idea about earning some quick cash. Have you searched out for something in your garage or yard yet? If not then you can probably give it a try because one of these hacks would surely work for you! 

These hacks not only help you in making money with such ease but also you are getting rid of the extra stuff from your home. I hope these suggested household items help you in earning quick cash.

Who doesn’t want their home to look tidy and clutter-free. This is an extremely important way to improve your well-being. Living a simple and clutter-free life sounds overwhelming to many. Less stuff around you makes you less anxious and less stressful.

Fortunately, you guys are here and I guarantee that you guys have learned amazing lucrative things. You can now handle your stuff all alone with these hacks because all you wanted was just a single push…. Here you go! You did it? Right?

I’ve inferred just one thing that making extra cash is easy but what if you don’t save it wisely! You gotta make yourselves aware of the monetary importance…Now it’s time to intrigue some importance of money amongst my readers.

So, before it gets too late… save your money with easy hacksAvailing financial independence with less debt to keep your bank accounts and wallets fuller. Be your own steward! Don’t let yourself suffer ever!

I’d love to hear back from you guys! I’ll be posting some gold dust hacks for you folks soon! Stay tuned! Until then, Enjoy Earning! Don’t you people forget to save your earnings as well! Always remember, never put one’s eggs in one basket. So better Earn & Save!

Happy Earnings & Savings!

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