Amazon Online Jobs: Have you ever imagined that you can be a part of the world’s largest retailer online? Yes, we are talking about Amazon.

Everyone is looking for ways to earn money fast in a week. However, you don’t get a chance to work with reputable businesses like Amazon very often.

If you are a person looking to earn 100 dollars in a week, then the Amazon online job work from home will suit you the best.

Every year, Amazon announces a number of vacancies for their seasonal job posts so that people can work from home and earn as much as they want.

Currently this retailer has announced 3000 work from home employees. Remember, just because you will be an online employee doesn’t mean you’ll be treated any less. Amazon offers the same benefits to its seasonal workers as it does to the permanent employees.

 So, whether you are a stay at home mom or a teenager looking for a job, becoming Amazon’s employee is just some steps away with these Amazon work from home jobs.

9 of the most paid Amazon work-from-home jobs

This article brings for you the most profitable and worthwhile work from home jobs by Amazon, applying for which can help you earn well without any experience.

Not all of the below mentioned jobs will be as advantageous for you as you think. It is better that you choose the jobs that are closely related to your interests and resources.

Now, lets just look at the most profitable Amazon work from home online jobs.

1. Amazon Merch (

Amazon Merch is a subsidiary of Amazon retail where people list and sell their printed t-shirts and other stuff like caps, cushions, and hoodies.

Retailers who are already in this business keep on looking for graphic designers for their Merch products. If you are the one with high artistic and designing skills, then this is the platform to boost up and polish your skills while you earn from it.

Your job will include creating and printing designs and send it to the product owner for approval. You may hand-draw them or use an illustrator to enhance the visual appeal of your designs.

Average Salary

You can easily find job vacancies for graphic designers on Amazon Merch where you can earn up to $300 for every 100 designs you make. The uniquer your designs are the more chances you have to earn more than the given price.

2. Amazon Remote Customer Service (

Handling customers, listening to them, and answering their queries is a nice idea to do as a part-time job. Only if you are good at communication and convincing people.

The job of a remote customer service representative for Amazon is to answer calls, emails, and chats of the customers even in the busy holiday seasons. So, be ready for that as well!

Other than that, you must have some basic computer knowledge because it is a remote work and you will be managing things on your own.

Requirements for Amazon Remote Customer Service

Some basic requirements for this seasonal job are:

  • A diploma or high-school certificate
  • Customers representative experience of a year
  • Speedy internet
  • A computer
  • High interaction and communication skills

Average Salary

This job will pay you up to $15 per hour, however, you will have to work between 20-24 hours that can be a hectic.

3. Amazon Mturk (

Dreaming to earn $1000 a month? Stop dreaming and work for it to become a reality. Mturk is the platform actually named Amazon Mechanical Turk that is designed to connect different businesses with people under a single roof.

This one is damn profitable for online home-based workers because guys like you can easily work and earn without leaving the comfort of your bed.

Doing a seasonal job through this platform is the best way to earn for the housewives looking for jobs. The best part about working with Amazon Mturk is the flexibility offered to you.

You can choose your working hours as well as the time you’ll be working and earn accordingly.

Jobs To Choose From

You can do any of the following jobs here:

  • Market research
  • Transcribing audio
  • Writing articles
  • Evaluating images/video

People working with Mturk are happily earning six figures annually, and so can you. Just move your fingers across your keyboard and sign up for an account.

4. Amazon Affiliate Program (

Amazon affiliate earnings is another way to make money without stepping out of your house. However, you must have some skills to make success possible.

The current competition on affiliate marketing is growing rapidly, which is why you need to take all the steps carefully. Starting to work with the Amazon affiliate program is a great way to invest wisely and then earn up to 50k a year.

However you need to know how it works. Amazon affiliate program searches for associates who can refer customers to buy Amazon products and earn commission for that.

How It Actually Works?

If someone asks you for a recommendation to buy a nice sandwich maker, and you tell them the store name, they’ll just go there and buy.

When you work as an Amazon associate, you have a link to where the product is available on Amazon. When the other person buys through the link, you get your commission.

5. Read Books for Amazon (

It is important to reckon the power of reading when you can earn rapidly with this job. You might be thinking what kind of a joke this is. My dear fellows, this isn’t a joke or a scam; this is reality.

You can get your desired income by reading and narrating books for Amazon. An official platform has been created for people to start their audio-book career. ACX platform is the marketplace where different writers are looking for good readers to convert their books into audio-books.

How It Actually Works?

The sign up and startup process is pretty simple. You have to make an account where you will find a list of books. Select the book of your liking and submit an audio sample for audition.

Then, wait for the response of the author. If you get selected, accept the offer and  get ready to earn thousands of dollars per month.

You are free to choose your hours, along with which you’ll earn royalty rewards on every sale. You can also choose whether you want per-finished hour, share 50% of royalties, or choose both.

6. Sell your labelled products at Amazon (

The easiest way to sell and promote your name is to send your labelled products to Amazon. If you own a private label product listing, it can earn you more than just buying from Amazon and selling just like that.

If you have an inventory of beauty products under the label of Aesthetic Cosmetics, then all your products will get listed on Amazon under your label.

The benefit in doing so is that you have a higher profit margin because you’ll have to pay only the shipping cost to Amazon. The rest will be handled!

What Do You Have to do?

Just create an Amazon seller account, complete your profile, and manage your inventory with your private label to start earning.

7. Amazon Flex (

The motto of Amazon FLex is delivering smiles. While they do so, they never forget the drivers who are becoming the reason for their customers’ happiness.

Become your own boss by shaking hands with Amazon remotely. Choose your working hours according to your convenience and start earning $18-$25 per hour just by delivering stuff to the customers.

How It Actually Works?

The services are available round the week so that you can choose your working days as well. Just download the Amazon Flex app, register yourself as a driver, and begin your journey to a new way of earning easily.

8. Retail Arbitrage

This one is for all of you out there thinking that retail arbitrage is prohibited on Amazon. This website is fully independent and allows retail arbitrage for as long as they feel a need to.

How It Actually Works

Understanding retail arbitrage is no rocket-science. Consider that a retail store is selling fishing sticks at a low price of $10 in store. You buy that product, list them on Amazon and sell them online for a higher price at $15. With every sale of those fish sticks, you’ll get a profit of $5.

By doing so, you are benefiting both your business and Amazon. You get your profit while Amazon will keep the set percentage of commission on every sale.

9. Amazon Influencer Program ( > influencers)

If you are popular with loads of followers on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, then you have a high chance of profiting from becoming an Amazon influencer. This platform works almost the same as Amazon associates, but with added benefits.

It is very easy to participate and qualify for an influencer because this market is centralized. Amazon influencers earn up to $1500 per month for promoting their pages and products.

How It Actually Works?

If you fulfill the requirements of becoming an influencer, you will be given your own product page and a separate URL from where you can easily promote your products on your social media accounts as well.

How wonderful is it to earn in such an organized yet easy way. Isn’t it?


All of you deserve a job that is not to confine you to a cabin, but is fun, productive with opportunities to grow. Amazon online jobs to work from home are just part-time jobs that can help you earn more than the average salaries of part-time workers.

No doubt, this article does not recommend you to quit your job. However, if you need to earn something extra than your current salary, starting these jobs is a great way to take the first step to do something that you love without worrying about the low pay scale.