Thinking of making money – When Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has affected people globally, which is why strict measures have been taken in the form of quarantine – is quite out of the box!

It is believed that the less you socialize, the more you care safe from catching this virus.

However, such a global lockdown has highly affected the finances. Money is becoming harder to earn because everything else is going down. Businesses are facing losses, markets and malls are closed. So, how to earn money in such a turbulence?

Some people are lucky enough to have jobs that can be done from home. On the other hand, people with hourly wages or daily incomes such as bars and restaurants are facing huge losses.

Don’t worry! As we have brought some sensible and effective methods with which you can earn money in this outbreak of coronavirus.

1. Earn through Survey Sites

A great way to do something for the boredom of staying at home during this pandemic season is to do things that are productive for finances. Bad times like this always come uninformed, and it is expected that it can worsen.

So, don’t leave any chance of saving and take online surveys to earn cash. Make sure you participate with on the legit ones like the following


InboxDollars is one of the most legit, safest, and reliable survey websites that pay you without any inconvenience.

This survey platform provides you with a wide array of options to choose whether it is choosing the earning method or redeeming your rewards. With a $5 sign up bonus, you are sure to earn decent cash by taking their surveys.

Survey Junkie

SurveyJunkie is yet another survey website that is popular for taking less of your time and paying you the right sum for your effort.

You get $1 – $3 per survey with a minimum cashout of $10 that makes it 1000points.

This tough time calls for doing things you ever did before; that is why taking a survey at Survey Junkie will help you get out of the boredom along with some money. Isn’t it great!


With 50,000+ 5-star rating reviews, ibotta is definitely a legit survey site. The last year earning if its users was a total of $186 million. ibotta is actually an app that has helped many students earn enough to add to their pocket money.

The best part is that you can get a bonus of up to $20.

2. Create a blog to earn through AdSense

If you were happy earning from working at a store before the coronavirus jumped in your lives, then blogging might be a new idea for you. Well, if you are a beginner thinking of making Adsense blogs, this is your time to learn and earn.

All you have to do is log in Blogger and set up AdSense to monetize your blog. choose where you want your ads to pop up and start your new earning

Blog on health

Right now, starting a blog on health can be highly beneficial to provide your blog with monetary value.

A large number of people are regularly searching for ways to stay safe from coronavirus or precautionary measures and symptoms of coronavirus. You can write in-depth informative blogs

Blog on finance

Another profitable topic for your blog can be financing. If you are a student of finance or know anything related to managing finances during these hard times, then you can surely earn a lot from such blogs.

Do you know: Eyes of Darkness is a book that already predicted 2020 to be a year of global illness. According to Dean Koontz (the writer), this virus will vanish all of a sudden and then come back 10 years later. So, are you ready for another quarantine?

3. Amazon Affiliate Website

Why don’t you think about starting earning through an Amazon affiliate website if you know basic HTML and WordPress?

There are a lot of things that you can sell and earn a lot of profit because people are going crazy buying tissue papers, toilet papers, sanitizers, and masks. Everything is short in the market, so why not sell them online?

Sell homemade Sanitizer

Because sanitizers are stocked by black marketers, you can make hand sanitizers at your home and sell it on your website.

People need to work united to fight against this virus. play your part and contribute to it by preparing natural sanitizers.

Required products to make a sanitizer

4. Sell defense items

The sales of self-defense items and munitions are growing as the panic of coronavirus is growing around the globe.

Whenever social unrest occurs where the police also become quarantine, the danger of gang mafia and burglars increases. Such times can be life-threatening for which the sales of arms are soaring day by day.

While others are looking for arms and guns, you can become the provider and sell the following items on your profit;

5. Play Games while quarantining

You can try out the following platforms that pay you for playing games. Don’t let the lockdown nullify your life when you can just play and earn.


GSN Games is the platform that you need to join when you want to play and earn with InboxDollars. You will have a chance to play from a library of 30 different games including Poker, Wheel of Fortune, Casino, Boggle, and many more.

When you enter a cash tournament, you will earn up to 18% cashback in your account for every dollar spent on GSN casino games.


With the widest range of earning options, Swagbucks falls in the category of the best legit survey sites. Deposit money in your GSN account and get ready to earn back with SBs with every dollar you spend.

Games like Spider Solitaire gives you 2 SBs for every other game.

The is a gaming app that helps you earn while you play games. It has a savings account, cryptocurrency coin and so many other rewards. Because this application is FDIC-insured, you don’t need to worry about the security of the money you earn by playing through it. 

You can set up your financial savings jar and add the amount from $100 to $100,000. This app really knows how much you need to save during this pandemic.


swagiq is a mobile app that pays you money for playing the SwagIQ trivia game that is similar to other trivia apps.

This app is actually the latest venture of Swagbucks. This app gives users a chance to play and win every week. This app is compatible with both iOS and Android devices. 

6. Other online means

We have got more for you. People who are informed with the basics of search engine optimization and Google rankings will know the value of domain auctions. become a part of this market and earn more than you can imagine.

Sell domains GoDaddy by Staying online with (Nielsen Digital Voice)

The value of a single domain is worth more than you think, especially when you know how higher the chances are for its ranking on Google.

The best you can do is install the Nielsen Digital Voice application. This application runs in the background while you are using your phone online.

Selling domains on GoDaddy will keep you inline for most of the time, increasing the chances of earning up to $120,000 annually.