Business management jobs are becoming increasingly popular among the younger generation. This is due to the fact that a managerial post is high-paying and well-respected. It is also a stable and secure job position that will help you to stick to your post in the long run. The corporate sector is really fickle and unstable. Rising trends decrease the value of old skills, so you have to keep updating your skills to stay ahead of others. To prevent your skills from getting outdated, you must attain a professional degree that will validate your skills. 2 such degrees for the business management jobs are PMP and MBA.

PMP is not exactly a degree but a professional course that will equip you with the latest skills. PMP or Project Management Professional Certification is distributed by the Project Management Institute and is the most sought-after certification for project management posts. A PMP certified professional would possess the necessary credentials required for demonstrating experience, education, skills, and competency to handle all kinds of business projects. It is popular in the USA, and most of the hiring agencies in the country look for a PMP certificate.

7 advantages of PMP over MBA:

Now that you know about PMP let’s take a look at the 7 advantages of PMP over an MBA degree.

  1. PMP professionals are more valued than MBA degree holders.

Let’s get this straight; there are millions of MBA holders! Research shows that in the United States, nearly 1 in every 6 individual has an MBA degree. That’s quite a huge amount. So by completing an MBA, you would become a fish in the pond, and there will be nothing to separate you from the crowd. While, if you get a PMP certification, you would possess the relevant skills. PMP works on the principle of the current demands of the industry, and therefore, you would be a more valuable asset to any organization.

  • PMP is more specialized than an MBA.

MBA degrees have been designed to produce regular managers. It has no specific guidelines and doesn’t equip you with a specialization. The generalized approach of an MBA will leave you with fewer options as the industry is crammed with MBA holders looking to get employed. You need something more specialized than an MBA to get employed, and that can be achieved with the help of a PMP certification.

  • MBAs are more expensive than PMP.

The difference in the course fee of an MBA degree and a PMP course is huge. An MBA in a reputed institute can cost around $100,000. That is a lot of money to spend on one degree. It doesn’t even guarantee you an equal return after the completion of the degree. On the other hand, a PMP certification costs only $2000. That’s loads cheaper than an MBA degree. You can save the money you would have spent on an MBA to study other courses and increase your knowledge pool.

  • Flexibility in work.

MBA courses have not updated their courses for a very long time. As a result, most of their courses are outdated and don’t hold relevance in the present job market. Organizations have evolved according to the latest trends in the corporate sector, and anyone who isn’t ready to adapt to the changes is not hired.

  • MBAs take a lot of time.

On average, an MBA requires 2 years for completion. That’ a lot of time as compared to the few weeks required for the completion of a PMP certification. The 2 years needed for the completion of an MBA can be used for learning other skills.

  • More salary.

The average annual salary of an MBA is around $80,000, whereas the average annual salary of a PMP professional is $100,000. That’s something you should keep in mind while deciding which course you want to do.

  • Global recognition.

The PMP is recognized all across the globe. Most of the organizations in the USA look for PMP certified professionals. If you have a PMP certification, you can get employed in any part of the world. A dream job in the USA can be possible if you complete a PMP certification course.

So, these were some of the advantages of PMP over the MBA. Choose wisely to give your career the much-needed boost.