Skin specialist Marie Bertrand, in one of her articles, said that almost 80% of people mistakenly refer, dehydrated skin as dry skin. However, both are different. Dry skin is the result of a lack of essential oils in the skin, while dehydration is the result of lack of water.

How will you know that your skin is dehydrated? In search of an answer to this question, I visited the best skin specialists in Peshawar and I found a list of 6 signs that will tell you that your skin is dehydrated.

List of 6 Signs That Indicate Dehydrated Skin

If you are having an itchy, dull, and sensitive skin then it means your skin is dehydrated. Let’s get into the details of all of the 6 signs that tell you about dehydrated skin.

Try Skin Pinch Test

The skin pinching test is the best and common test that will help you to identify the dehydrated skin. For using this technique simply pinch up your skin. If the skin returns back to normal quickly then it means your skin is hydrated and if it takes some time to return then your skin is dehydrated.

Itchy Skin

The next sign that will tell you about your skin dehydration is itching. Itchy skin is caused due to the lack of moisture. The change in temperature can stripe away the moisture from the skin which then results in itchy skin. Therefore to overcome this problem keep using moisturizer.

Increased Sensitivity

Dehydration can lead to sensitive skin. Without a moisture barrier, pollution and bacteria can easily penetrate your skin and may cause infection, irritation, and inflammation. Therefore it is necessary to keep your body hydrated.

Dull Skin

If you are having a dull skin then it is because of the dead skin cell. Dead skin often occurs due to the lack of water and it may also result in other problems like acne and pimples. Therefore try exfoliating for removing the dead skin cells from the skin.

Fine Lines & Wrinkles

Dehydration can also lead to fine lines and wrinkles. For checking, simply pinch your skin and if you see the fine lines then your skin is dehydrated. Dehydrated skin can also lead to the signs of aging therefore take it seriously and start drinking water regularly.

Unhealthy Habits

Besides all of the above-mentioned signs, there is another factor that played an important role in your skin health and that is your habits.


If you are a smoker then you are most likely to have the dehydrated skin. The smoking zaps the moisture from the skin. Therefore avoid smoking. Besides this smoking is detrimental for your overall health too.

Face Washing Fanatic

If you are a face washing fanatic then you will also get the dehydrated skin because you will wash away the essential oils from your skin. Skin oils are helpful for keeping your skin healthy. 

 Don’t Use A Moisturizer

If you do not use moisturizer then start using it now. Moisturizers are helpful for keeping your skin hydrated. The best time for using a moisturizer is after every shower.

Not Drinking Enough Water

The last habit that can give you dehydrated skin is the less consumption of water. Water is so important for keeping your skin hydrated and also for improving the health of the skin.

Summing Up

Now, you have the method of checking your dehydrated skin. Therefore, if your skin is showing any of these signs then start acting now for keeping your skin healthy. In case if you are having severe dehydration contact or get an online consultation with any skin specialist near you.