The concept of earning extra money has remained timeless, because there is never enough money no matter how much you work hard.

So, why not search for a way with which you can earn money without struggling hard?

There are different sources of income and yet people have an assumption that they can earn more by doing part-time jobs and sitting for extra hours in their offices. However, this is not a very intelligent idea if it is compromising your physical and mental health.

Whether you are a stay at home mom or someone looking to work part-time after retirement and for the right place to retire at 3000 a month, there are a number of ways it can be done.

This article focuses on the most effective and efficient ways on how to make money without working hard.

These easy methods will lessen the stress for which you came here:

26 Ideas That Will Change Your Earning Game

No doubt that you will face many obstacles in life whether you are looking for high paying jobs in demand or a source of passive income.

For this reason, we have brought a precise yet detailed list of 26 ideas for how to make money without working hard.

1. Just Speak English to Earn

Did you know that you can make a 100 extra a week online just by speaking English?

If you think you are good at conversing with people, then you should consider earning through it. Just chat with people on online platforms such as Cambly.

Plus Point! This website is not only convenient and easy to use, but you make $13 an hour.

You can easily do this high paying job without a degree or experience. Another great advantage is that you can choose your working hours according to your ease. You can sign up here for applying at Cambly.

VipKid is another platform for students to make cross-cultural connections with students all over the world. By subscribing with this online education company, you can easily earn through this verified stay at home job.

Whether you are a stay at home parent or someone looking to work from home, VipKid is gonna help you. Chinese are so eager to learn English for which they are willing to pay you to triple your current salary.

Do You Know! You can earn up to 500 dollars daily by just teaching English at VipKid.

Click here to Sign up easily!

2. Surf the Web and Complete Online Tasks

Well, what if we tell you that you can just surf the web, search different things that you do on a daily basis, and earn through it?  All you need to do is search for the right platform that really pays you.

Swagbucks is one of the most renowned and legit online survey sites from where you can earn a decent amount of money just by making it your search engine. Although, it is not highly recommended to quit your job and make money online through it.

It is a good way to earn when you can get $10 just by signing up.

Nielsen Digital Voice is another lucrative website that gives away $120,000 annually to its users. Choosing this platform can help you earn without any hard work.

Just sign up for the website, install the app on your mobile phone and earn for everything you search for on your phone.

Tip For You: The more internet you use, the more are your chances to earn.

3. Watch Videos Online to Earn

One of the most fun ways to make money without working hard is to sit back on your couch, open your laptop, and watch videos online.

We know it is hard to believe, but damn that’s the truth people! Let us present to you a legit example of a site actually paying you to watch videos.

GrabPoints pays you for watching the ad videos of different advertisers who pay the site to show their ads. All you have to do is register your account of Grabpoints, check out the channels and start watching videos.

You can easily request a cash-out as soon as you earn $3 that is 3000 points.

As soon the video ends, the reward points are credited to your account. You can sign up from here to get started!

4. Earn Cashbacks and Rewards as you Shop

Busy people need guys like you who are yearning to know about a source of income without having to work hard.

It is so simple, you just need to shop for the people who do not have time to do their own groceries and there are platforms that pay you for that.

Instacart is a great grocery app where people shop for their groceries. Here, you can become a personal grocery shopper and deliver their stuff. Sign up for Instacart here!

Do You Know: You can get up to $25 per delivery by working at Instacart.

With, you earn on a commission basis and Rakuten shares. Everything you buy from this website will earn you rewards and cash backs as well. 

Joining Rauken will earn you a $10 bonus. Sign up for Rakuten now to claim your rewards.

5. Buy a Website to Make Money

This might sound tricky, but guess what? You don’t need to have any degree for buying a new website. Now, the question is how you will make money when you are investing in buying a website.

The websites you will buy are sold by someone who has kept his profit, and you are going to do the same. Empire Flippers and FE International are the most credible websites to buy online businesses.

Guess What? Both these websites provide 100% communication between their sellers and buyers.

These websites also provide authentic auctions, and vetted profit margin when you want to sell your bought websites on more profit. The idea is simple; buy a website, let its worth and value grow, and sell it for higher rates. 

Sign up for Empire Flippers and FE International right now and make your accounts.

6. Review Different Apps and Websites

Usertesting is a highly engaging, easy to use, and customer-centric website that targets user experience and opinion for the betterment of certain applications and website designs.

In a few simple steps, you can easily leave our review and earn through it. You just need to sign up and start reviewing different apps and websites.

FYI! You can earn $10 for every 20 minutes you spend on reviewing an app or website on Usertesting.

7. Make Investments

Whether you want to invest 500 dollars wisely or more than that, we have the solution for you.

Motif and Acorns are two of the most trusted platforms that help you grow your money.

Investing in the future with these amazing websites can earn you enough to secure your life.

With the Acorn app, you can get deposited for everything you buy and it’ll get saved in your account. So, I’ll not be any burden for you to save a certain amount of money yourself. Just Install the app and get yourself started!

On the other hand, signing up for a Motif account will take two minutes and you can get the best advice for investing your money in the right stocks. They will help you get the most out of your investments. 

8. Rent and Sell your at Clothes and Stuff

There are a lot of things to sell from home, especially your clothes. Just open that wardrobe you have been filling up for years and give it some space to breathe.

You will find a lot of clothes that you have just stacked up without the wish of wearing them again. You can easily sell your clothes and rent them at eBay instead of throwing them away.

If you are good at making crafts, then it is a plus point for you to make a lot of money to sell them out. There are different platforms to sell your crafts. I’ll recommend you the trustee ones that are Amazon and Etsy.

9. Watch TV and Earn (Most Interesting)

How about getting paid for every 5 minutes you watch TV? Well, this isn’t a joke by any chance because there is a genuine website you can count for making extra money without any stress.

Survey Junkie is a paid survey website that helps you earn up to $20 by just watching TV and videos at their site.

It is one of the highest paying websites that rewards you with 200 points just for signing up and completing your profile.

This is literally lit, isn’t it? Click here for singing up at Survey Junkie [also check Survey Junkie Review] and earn money using your mobile to watch movie previews and ads.

10. Buy in Bulk and Sell

Another very easy-peasy idea to earn money is to buy the products in demand and list them on popular seller websites to earn a profit. Websites such as Etsy and Amazon.

At Etsy, you will be charged $0.20 for listing your products, and 3.5% of the commission on your product sale will be taken by the website.

Important Point! At Etsy, you also have an extra window of keeping extra profit on every sale

Selling products on Amazon can earn you $1000 per month without any hard work. More than 50% of Amazon sellers are currently earning $12,000-$300,000 annually, so, guess how much can you earn.

The selling family is a reliable website from where you can seek help in becoming a successful seller. Their courses have helped many sellers who are now earning more than you can expect. You can apply for their course and get started with selling at these websites.

11. Deliver Food and Earn Cash

Doordash is a flexible and convenient food delivery service that benefits both the users and the drivers who deliver the food. This service is directly connected to a number of restaurants.

Do You Know: you can earn from $2-$10+ per delivery by becoming a Doordash driver.

Uber Eats, on the other hand, pays its drivers $8 to $12 per delivery. If you are 19 or above, you can easily become an Uber Eats driver. Sign up today and make your account at Uber Eats.

12. Lending Money can make you money

Lending money to someone is so risky that people don’t invest in it. Thanks to Lending Club that all the shouting and fighting between the lenders and borrowers have been resolved.

This platform connects potential borrowers to lenders so that only those will be qualified for the loan who can pay for it. All you have to do is join the Lending Club and make your profile.

Plus Point! It takes you only $0.01 to make an account at the Lending Club.

Sign up, lend money and earn money. When your account is ready, you can start lending from as low as $25 on an interest rst of 4 to 6%

13. Make a Youtube Channel (Vlog)

Is becoming popular and earning fame along with money your passion? Honestly, entering the film industry and becoming a super star in a night is impossible.

So, why not try your luck and be the star of your own Youtube channel. Not only YouTube, but other social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram allows you to create your own channels and promote them. If you are good at something, make videos and show it to the world. 

14. Play video games and earn

Who said you can’t earn while having fun? SwagIQ [Check SwaqIQ Review] is one of the best money-making apps if you are addicted to your phone. Just install this trivia gaming app and you can earn up to $100 just by playing online.

Did You Know: There are more than 30 games in this app. Isn’t it amazing?

You can play any of them and you can make money without having to work hard. Sign up at SwagIQ and play now to make money. is also a site that allows you to get instant cash everyday without any domestic fee. You can earn real money and cryptocurrency along with cash prizes up to $1,000,000

15. Rent a room or an apartment

With the selling your household items for quick cash, why don’t you rent your house on Airbnb. This will keep your property safe and you can have it back whenever you have earned enough money.

There are a lot of other websites that claim to rent out your house, but Airbnb has proved its credibility by listing your renting space for free.

You don’t have to pay anything extra. Choose your own schedule for the guest coming to see the place and quote your own prices.

Don’t Worry! The guest will abide by the rules you make with a $1 million liability coverage from Airbnb.

So, don’t wait to get your pockets filled with money and list your house today! Sign up and rent out the free spaces.

16. Real Estate investments

Making real estate investment might sound boring as hell, but do you know that you can make 50000 a month with an investment of as little as $500. The question here is where to invest?

You can easily buy any property but what good it is for you if it doesn’t have a market value. FundRise is the best platform that helps you make the right decision. With a diverse range of options. This low-cost real estate investment program will pave the way for you to make profit from every side. 

Sign up at FundRise, make your account and start real estate investing.

17. Surveys are the easiest way

What if you get to know about a site that makes earning money as easy as squeezing a lemon? It will be more like getting a genie out of the lamp.

Taking online surveys from legit websites and research polls such as Prolific and InboxDollars is the safest way to earn, especially for stay at home moms and teenagers.

Prolific has recently become popular because of its easy sign-up process and consistent payments. It is a website that emails you different academic polls and questionnaires that you have to complete to get paid.

If you want a variety of surveys because you get bored of everything you do, we have good news for you. Also, as we all know CoronaVirus aka COVID-19 has taken over the world and we are all in Self Quarantine. This is the best time to take surveys and earn money during COVID-19 crisis.

Good News! InboxDollars pays its users $5 just for signing up and i guess that is amazing.

You have a high potential to earn at this platform because you can earn up to $30 by taking 3 to 4 surveys every month.

18. Earn as you lose weight

Guess what? The power of money has driven so many people into losing their weight. Everyone wants a fit body, but doesn’t have enough motivation to maintain it.

HealthyWage is motivating people into living a healthy and fit life by paying people to lose weight. Now, the choice is yours to look like a sumo wrestler or to have a red-carpet body. Just sign up for the website, set your price range and your goal on how much you want to lose.

So, just make a bet and start earning with every step.

19. Be an online tutor

Becoming an online teacher is a great idea for managing your anxiety in front of a whole class. It seems like a great idea to earn money for housewives sitting at home.

There are a number of credible websites to start your career in virtual schooling. We have finalized only the best for you; varsitytutors and

Course hero is really a hero to help you out when you are looking for the best careers.

Just sign in to create an account, choose the course you want to teach and enjoy the best time with the most engaging students online.

Nothing can be better than that if you are able to pursue your passion of teaching without having to face a room full of students. Become a varsity tutor and earn by giving online classes. Sign up and you are gonna thank me later.

20. Earn with Amazon Mechanical Turk 

There are only a few people who know about how they can earn with MTurk. Amazon has another legit platform called the Amazon Mechanical Turk from where you can take part in different researches, surveys, transcribe or translate audio recordings, and data validation without any restriction of the working hours.

Different companies are looking for crowd sourcing to integrate their data on this platform. You have to find the Hits and complete them. It takes only 15 seconds to get done with a single Hit that pays you 

You can enter in a variety of tasks on this site and earn up to 100 dollars every week.

Do You Know: You can enter in a variety of tasks on this site and earn up to 100 dollars every week.

21. Be a freelancer

Your abilities and intelligence can easily turn out to be a source of money for you if you choose to use it right. Freelancing is not a new trend, but it is definitely the most reliable and fastest earning source, especially if you are an 18-year-old without a job.

You can even quit your job and start earning $100 on a daily basis.

Plus Point! You can even quit your job and start earning $100 on a daily basis.

Join earnmorewriting if you want to become a freelance writer on Upwork. The courses you’ll find here have helped people go from  $0 to $225,000+. You can Sign up at Upwork here!

FlexJobs is another freelancing website like Upwork where you can create your gig on writing, proofreading, website designing, and much more. Sign up and start working at FlexJobs.

22. Baby sit or pet animals

If you love a pet dog, but you aren’t allowed to keep one in the house, then you’ll definitely love Rover. Through this website, you can pet other people’s dogs, care for them, take them to walks, and earn.

How does that sound? It is so fun to use this website because you can even choose the size of the dog you’ll be petting or taking to walk. Signing up at Rover is also very easy.

Another great opportunity is to house sit. Imagine being in someone else’s property and getting paid for it. Nomador and MindMyHouse are amazing websites to start your career. Just become a house sitter on one of these websites, and bring ease to your life.

No hard work, no stressful shifts! Just take care of the house and get up to $500 a month for doing so.

23. Become a dropshipper

You might be thinking what heck is this dropshipping. Well, this is not that hectic as you might think of it. This is an extremely easy and profitable idea that works every time.

People are earning six figures just by becoming dropshippers. You don’t even have to touch the products and the supplier you will choose will drop ship them to your place. If you want to start earning as a dropshipper , these courses by Udemy will help you on your way to earn. 

To add more, Amazon Flex is a trusted platform, and if your customers get their products delivered through a reputable supplier, then you are already about to open the door of success.

You just have to apply at Amazon Flex, download the app and will guide you through the fastest route possible.

24. Sell online courses

Do you want to earn $50k+ per month? There is a famous saying that if you are good at something, you should never do it for free. So, why don’t you try creating and selling your courses online?

There are a lot of people looking for cooking courses, writing courses and so on. is a platform that provides you with a great opportunity to create, market, and sell your online courses without labeling it with another brand.

Good Thing! You can earn both fame and money as your courses are sold under your name.

25. Start a blog (Earn $1,000,000 a month)

How about you get an offer to dedicate a year and some months to blogging, and you’ll get $1,000,000 per month? It sounds more like a lie or a joke, but it is not so.

Bloggers are earning and living your dream life, so why can’t you get that fat belly out of the couch and start being productive?

Blogging is a one time work and investment. If you are able to stay consistent for a year, you’ll have a secure earning for a lifetime. is a great website to get started. Here, you will find the most authentic and valuable domains that are worth your time and money. Along with that, you get a 1-year free domain name.

Mystudiopress and picmonkey are some amazing websites through which you can increase your blog traffic fast.

26. Give your opinion about products

Many of us do not know the worth and value of our opinion as customers. Companies that sell different products anxiously wait for their customers to review and response to the quality of their product.

This helps them know better about what the customer likes and what needs to be improved. They even pay you for that!

Sign up on crowdtap,  test the products, complete the missions, and leave your opinion about it. As rewards, you can get free products from Revlon, Garnier, Luvsome, Marc Jacobs Beauty, Aveeno, Febreze, Unilever, Proactiv, White Castle, and Almay.


Everyone has a wish to be their own bosses, which is why it is important that you have the right ways to earn without working hard and under limitations.

You are much more than just someone sitting in front of a computer screen, attending meetings, and dealing with client calls. We do promise you that by following any of the best-suited way from the above, you can make an ample amount of money.

However, this article focuses on people with different interests so that you can choose your new way of earning according to your resources and interests.