Earn Extra $100 Weekly: Online jobs aren’t something people trust easily. To make a good amount of money online, you need to know the correct ways. Here, are a hand full of ways to help you learn how to make an extra $100 a week.

Every time you head towards the market, you always face a problem; you can’t deny it because I am aware of the problems you tolerate the moment you see all those high end things there.

Every one of us want to improve our lifestyle in whatever way possible. In this modern era thousands of ways are out there to earn online and it doesn’t require any commutation to a job place. 

If you have been ignoring all the desires once you wished to accomplish, these ways are just for you. Do you want to spend the rest of your life by wasting your time and money, hoping that you’ll get a trustworthy way to earn online some day?

I’m sure none of you want that; right?

So without wasting a single minute let’s dive into the Secrets You Didn’t Know About How To Make Extra 100 Dollars A Week.

The 25 Ways for How To Make 100 Dollars A Week that Work

People usually think that online work is a scam and nothing exists like that. They won’t believe that it is possible to bear your expenses by just working from home. Are you one of these folks who really think that online work is just a hassle? 

Then we surely are here to eliminate these misconceptions from your mind, I am good at reading minds and I know what thought has flashed into your mind as well.

A general question by y’all is “what (really) goes into making 100 USD dollars a week online that works”. So here you go with the first way of earning $100 a week.

1. Freelance Writers Are Genuinely in Demand

If writing is your passion and you just want to show your writing capabilities and talent to the world, then freelance writing is just the right way to earn from home.

There are a lot of firms and businesses out there who would love to have you on board with them. Hiring on freelance sites is a genuine one and does not involve any kind of fraudulent issues. You can generate actual money by using these freelancing sites.

What your Job Niche would be?

You can easily depict your talent and passion for writing by posting your simple writing samples. It is a good way to earn after quitting your job. Writing includes:

  • Witty blog posts
  • Documents
  • Instructional Manuals
Don’t Worry! It’s simply not a traditional office job so you can write from anywhere just with a laptop but make sure your internet is working fast.

What is required to become a Freelance Writer?

  • There is no need for formal education and a degree
  • Yet you have to be proficient in English Language. 
  • You have to incline your passion to write beautiful and amusing blog posts with appealing headlines. 

If you want to write effective headlines for your blog posts then Tips for Effective Headlines could really help you out in writing beautiful posts.

Famous freelancing sites to work as a freelancer:

  • Upwork
  • Fiver
  • Freelancing.com

2. Sell Your Handmade Crafts

Don’t get me wrong folks, everyone has a passion but it is not necessarily as significant that it could put bread on your table. But if you are better at something, you can easily sell your passion as a side gig.

Some people do like handmade crafts. If you are good at making crafts whether it is as small as paper quelling flowers, then it is the best opportunity for you to sell your products online at Etsy or any other famous stores.

There are a lot of ideas to make your crafts go viral in people, make sure you don’t miss any kind of information before you set up your crafts. You can also check the online courses to help you sell at Amazon or any other store.

Sign up for Etsy to avail more opportunities to sell your product.

3. Be An English Language Tutor

The world is advancing swiftly and everyone is down to the point that English is a mandatory language to learn in order to accomplish success specially in online work.

If you are good at English, like you are fluent enough in speaking, reading and writing then this job will suit your interest. You can easily work at feasible hours making international people learn English.

Plus Point! It is a perfect job for those of you who are native English Speakers or those who have been English Teachers before.

If you are a native English speaker then congrats buddy you can earn easily. Because the expatriates need your help and you could assist them with your knowledge. This can prove to be a very good way for moms or housewives to earn online while sitting at home.

In China, the ratio of English Learners is increasing day by day, for that purpose they require English tutors. Chinese Students hire English tutors on VIPKID, so you can proceed by signing up on VIPKID to earn money online.

4. Become a Social Media Manager

As a social media manager you guys will have a chance to handle different famous brands online. You can either run social media campaigns for different brands and companies online. You can charge them for all the services you perform for their brand.

You will be able to witness and analyze everything which is on their social media, and at any time you can respond to them (account owner) back for every activity.

Good news! No need for formal education. You just need to have good skills to maintain all the social media platforms.

What do you need to be an enthusiastic social media manager?

  • Knowledge of social media platforms.
  • Proficient enough in using Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.
  • Manage social account with confidence.
  • Able to interact with customers .

If you get stuck anywhere and don’t know where to begin, an ample amount of courses are ready to rescue.

5. Grab your Money By Online Surveys

People think that it is arduous to top up your account with online earning, but doing online paid surveys can generate you guys fast money without working hard.D

Let me add here you are not going to become a millionaire overnight but you can generate $100 a week by doing these online surveys at different trustworthy sites

It has been seen that people have a general conception about online surveys. They think that surveys are no more than a spam, but if you’d go with my suggestion then Survey Junkie is considerably a good choice for those who wanna earn as soon as it could be possible.

Also, you can give SwagBucks and InboxDollars a try if you are tired of finding good sites that take surveys.

Hurry up! Take your survey right away! You can also read the in-depth reviews of InboxDollars and SwagBucks to know better.

6. Get Hired As A Virtual Assistant

You just have to think about it twice. Are you serious enough to handle any kind of unexpected hurdle in your way? If you are authentically true to yourself then you are on your way to achieve your desires. 

Companies do need people who can manage their meetings and schedule their work plan. During this fast tenure of technological era companies prefer people with strong organizational and management skills who can do work plans and do work management for them. 

Which sites allow you to do this job actually? There are plenty of sites and it makes it sometimes a little tough to choose a site which is scam free. You can also take courses specifically made for online virtual assisting business.

Facilitate yourself by looking at the following virtual assistant sites which help you to grow:

  • Equivity
  • FlexJobs
  • Tenkva

7. Be a Lyft or Uber Driver

This can be a good choice for side job on the weekends. You just need to sign up at one of these sites and you’ll make a good amount of extra bucks every weekend.

Do You Know: This job could help you make a good amount of money. It may exceed the $100 earning goal as the expenses vary on an hourly basis.

With Uber and Lyft you would make your own schedule which you’ll work on. There is no special commitment on your driving, set your own flexible hours on it. 

8. Be a Renowned Blogger in Your Town

I know that you are here to know all the secrets for how to make an extra income, but are you passionate enough in this rampant era when everything is getting out of hand?

Before starting any kind of work, first take a pledge that you are going to change your lives within a few days. If you are committed to your dreams and goals then trust me no one’s gonna stop you.

If you are good at amusing people with your talent then starting a blog may be a good option for most of the people.

Good News! Instead of making $100 a week, you may just jump into making 6-figure through your blog.

There are several ways you can employ to earn money:

  • Create your own products and start selling them.
  • You can earn by advertising brands and their products.
  • Affiliate marketing is another option to add plenty of pennies in your piggy bank.
  • Post Quality content on your blog.

9. Animal Lovers Can Pet Animals

Hey peeps! If you are an animal lover then stop here right now because I’m here to help you out to make some extra money with your own schedule. 

And I know Animal lovers would love their jobs because they feel comfortable playing with animals. Are you ready to cuddle with cute puppies and kittens? Then spend time with the pets to be their cozy home for a few hours.

This is the best idea for all the teenagers out there to earn some extra bucks.Now coming to your question, where to start from, I suggest Rover as a perfect site to begin with! 

You can offer following services to your clients:

  • Pet walking
  • Puppies daycare
  • Pet-sitting
  • Pets boarding

10. Car Owners! Wrap your car

You usually go out for work or family excursions, ever thought that you can get paid just by roaming around in the city.

Attention car owners! If you are here on this way of earning good money then you must make yourself aware that your car is in good condition.

How is it possible? You guys are fairly right on this question. You could place advertising on your car and get paid for this. Wrapify makes it possible for you guys to top up your wallet with $452, you just have to wrap up your car with an ad. 

How does this app work?

  • Wrapify will track your car miles until your car reaches the desired range of miles, that range to be precise is 50 miles.
  • After you are done with setting up on Wrapify app, you would be eligible to take part in their advertisement campaign.
  • Each campaign will place their ad on your car every month.
  • Hurrah! You just made it, now you can earn money every month by simply doing nothing at all.
  • Eligibility matters and it is an age inclusive app so a person above 21 years is eligible.
  • You must have a good driving record it means that no criminal record should have been prompted.

11. Rent out Your Free Space

If you have an extra room in your house then you can rent out your space to someone who is looking for a room. You don’t really need to put costly ads in newspapers.

Everyone has a phone right? Just click some nice and clear pictures of your room and upload them on Airbnb.

List the specifications of your room, fix a price for your room, draft some good rules for your room and boom you are good to go. 

Once you are done with room listing then set it live, now guests would be able to book a room at your house. Eventually you’ll start earning money through Airbnb.

12. Get Hired as a Freelance Proofreader

Are you good at English Language? Are you expert enough to catch any kind of typos in a sentence? Are you good enough to correct grammatical mistakes in an article?

Then good news for you peeps, you can be employed as a freelance proofreader at various companies national or international. Consider yourself as a freelance proofreader if you are good at it.

There are plenty of people who have successfully made a good amount through proofreading articles, you can also do it in your spare time. There are thousands of success stories in the world who have really earned a very handsome amount by simply proofreading articles. 

Here’s how to make an extra $100 a week online with proofreading. If you want to start your journey as a proofreader then start learning  the methodology to become an excellent proofreader. There are plenty of sites that offer proofreading jobs, some are:

  • Upwork
  • FlexJobs

13. Earn by Selling Courses

Guys this title sounds weird right? Like how can someone sell his/her talent online, kinda unreal, but wait wait guys.

I can’t let you guys go without earning $100 a week. It’s been a great opportunity to earn in this technological era because people can Sell products online. There are millions of internet users who are in search of authentic digital sources.

If you are good at writing, then it might help you in making a digital course. Let people know how they can improve their writing skills. 

Introduce the writing strategies and hacks to the audience who are eagerly waiting to learn about it. There are many writing courses out in the market to make sure your courses are competitive enough.

14. Start Entering Data Online

It is the most simplest way to earn online and doesn’t require any prior education as well. You just need to improve your typing speed for this as this not only will drive more employers to you but will aid your fast online earning.

There are plenty of data entry jobs available around the globe.

The rates for data entry jobs vary but according to a rough estimate you can earn around $20-$30 per hour.

Most freelancing websites offer these jobs so don’t waste a single minute of your life and go try out your fast typing skills.

What do you need to start?

  • Fast typing skills
  • Strong internet connection
  • Commitment
  • Attention while typing so that details aren’t ignored

15. Get Paid For Your Opinions 

Hey! Would you like to give some reviews or opinions on different cool products? If yes is popping out from your mouth then with CrowdTap it has become actually possible.

You can provide your worthy feedback and input to help companies evaluate their product. Your input could potentially alter a company’s product before this product is ready to hit store shelves.

How is your feedback beneficial?

  • You complete a couple of short polls.
  • You come across dealing with the questions related to company’s products.

16. Go Shopping, Get Money 

This way is specified for my shopping lover readers. This one for you peeps, as I know you love shopping around so how about doing it for others.

Instacart enables you to be an independent contractor. With this app you’ll help people in purchasing their grocery items and the assurity of quality deliverance would never be compromised.  

Plus Point! You can earn a higher amount of money potentially with this app. Average earnings are around $10 to $20 per hour.

It is a lot easier than you think: you get the placed order, you shop the placed order, eventually you get paid!

It isn’t arduous students can easily do it in their spare hours.

17. House help Can do Wonders

The world is pacing up and people are stuck in their cellular devices. They have so much work to do on a daily basis but because of acting as an idle dumbo, the things get messed up.

To avoid any kind of hoaxes people generally don’t rely on workers but due to the technological era of this world, some sites really help you out in carrying out some errands and in return you get paid. 

What you’ll have to do?

  • Do Grocery
  • Data Entry
  • Gardening
  • Putting furniture together
Note That! In this massive world, these little chores can give a lot of stress to the public and you can reduce them to get paid.

There are certain sites which are quite willing to fatten your wallets. Some of which are:

  • Fiver
  • Gigwalk
  • TaskRabbit

18. Get Paid for Clicking Photographs

Do you take pictures for your joy? Do you like to click pictures wherever you go? Have you always been a wanderlust? And if this Click! Click! Click! is what you do when you witness something fascinating. Then you could generate a passive income folks!

And please don’t give me the excuse of not having a HD camera, C’mon if you are still a novice you can do it with your simple phone.

You can sell your photos online to earn some really good money, I’ve enlisted some of the sites below to help you earn through your photographs:

  • Shutterstock
  • Adobe Stock
  • iStock

19. Do Internet Surfing and Start Earning Right Away 

Are you the one who is like me? I get scolded by my Mom for using phone all day, but she doesn’t know what I’m up to 😀

Can’t get over this mobile addiction? Then make money guys, don’t waste your damn time my friends.

We all spend our hours searching online and this internet surfing has evolved as our hobby these days.

Swagbucks is the site which gives you money in return for using their search engine. This is the most easy money making site I’ve ever seen, you can definitely go for it folks.

20. Avail Your Spare Time By Babysitting

You can’t earn money without doing nothing, you have to make some effort to add some money in your account. If you have spare hours in your schedule then babysitting can be an idle job for you.

It’s not like a traditional job, you can set out your working hours for it. With online websites like care or urbansitters you can easily find an appropriate babysitting job for you.

Things do get changed and it has uprooted the easiness for users to find out a way which is feasible to them. Get yourself approved and start looking for a job which suits you best.

21. Rock And Earn Through Music

This one is for my readers who are in dead love with music. Guys, I’m introducing you with the most creative yet enchanting way to make money.

Now take notes and follow these steps to earn some extra cash. To me Slicethepie is the largest site on the internet which pays you for reviewing artists and bands. 

What does this site want you to do?

  • Detailed Reviews and in return you get money for investing your time.
  • You can easily use referral program of this site. If anyone of your friends signup using your referral code, you can earn bonus payment when they submit a review. 

22. Make Your Designing Hobby a Plus

Are you a designer kinda person and your creativity flourishes when you think of designing? 

You can excel in your passion by selling your designed shirts online. You are in this evolving technological century, big brick and mortar businesses does not matter at all now. 

Get you laptops in your hands with a strong internet connection and start painting your ideas on your laptop canvas.

After giving a reality to your ideas just putting up on an online store like Amazon. I’m seriously a great admirer of Amazon stores.

A couple of months ago I ordered designed curtains and I must say that they are really cool, giving your room a captivating look. 

You can choose the following stuff to put up with your design:

Isn’t it amazing? You’ll get paid each time your product is sold on Amazon.

23. Make Money With Listverse

If you are good at writing articles of different niche to appeal the readers embellished with a good sense of humor.  

Listverse is a site that can help you in making $100 a day by just writing your own “listicle”. Go out with your writing samples and boom you are ready to earn $100 or more than that.

24. Watch Videos Online and Get Paid

Who ever wondered that this modern era would enable us to earn $100 with so much ease. You never get frustrated by watching amazing videos, right? Is it true? Then yeah you are in the crew. 

Inbox Dollars helps you in getting paid by just watching movie previews, TV shows and videos of various celebrities.

How is this site useful?

  • Firstly, you get a $5 bonus the time you sign up for it.
  • You are required to watch shows back to back in a specific playlist, so grab your popcorn before you start the playlist.
  • You in return get gift cards from classy brands.

25. Do For Amazon- Amazon will Pay You

Amazon rewards you for making deliveries for them, with Amazon Flex you can easily reach your set milestones. They have good rates and you just have to spend 4 hours making $100 a day without quitting your job. 

Important Point! Rates are considerably fair ranging from $20-$25 which means you can plan your vacations with this passive income.


  • Work at your ease.
  • Schedule your own work plan.
  • Plan on any weekdays or even on weekends.

If you want to dive into it, you gotta know how Amazon Flex would work. You’ll receive packages or parcels from one of the Amazon facilities or businesses.

Then download their app, the app gives you the quickest and shortest route possible to deliver the product on time.


I hope you enjoyed reading the hacks of earning $100 a day. But now it brings us to an end. We now have to sum up our discussion, you can do wonders if you simply follow these ways with complete dedication.  

But remember one thing money doesn’t come to you knocking at your doorstep. Neither it would ask for your permission nor it’s gonna come to you by doing nothing. You gotta do something to earn it.

Money can be earned with simple research and I have provided you with many different hacks which can be followed wisely. With the right ways you can actually make money without working hard.

Thanks for stopping by, I hope to see you guys earning $50K fast in just an year. Stay tuned for more life changing tips on earning money fast.