Who said you have to dig yourself into your books and get your eyesight week to earn six figures monthly?

Your schooling is undoubtedly necessary because earning like a millionaire is impossible without basic learning.

Each one of us is born with a skill that we develop at an early age. So, why not cash this skill instead of taking loans for higher degrees when you can get them on your own money afterwards.

The growing demand for degrees has pressurized people enough to bribe for them. Not everyone was born a nerd, which is why they struggle really hard to reach the final year. However, you don’t need to confine yourself to a room when you have no plans to study. 

This article will free you out of all your worries and troubles. Don’t get disheartened that you are good for nothing just because you don’t have a degree. You deserve to earn as much as any other degree holder if you have a skill and spark in you.

In this article, we have brought 13 jobs that pay over 200k without a degree. This might come as a surprise for those who have dragged themselves for years to get a degree. They might be thinking why the hell they didn’t read it before.

If you are not one of them, you can save yourself from getting busted. Everyone doesn’t have to want to become a doctor or an engineer because these highly-paid jobs are degree-oriented. 

What we have brought for you are the jobs that aren’t so common, but come with a guarantee to pay you $200,000.

13 Jobs That Pay $200,000 Without A Degree

Let us now have a detailed look at the jobs that will pay you over 200k. Doing these jobs will not only balance your current situation but also secure yours and your family’s life.

1. Blogger

When you are a free soul and don’t want to work under any organization with set rules, blogging is your way out. All you need to have is the skill of management, consistency, and writing.

If you are capable to present your knowledge or personal experiences creatively, you are already a successful blogger. We are here to help you with all the tools you’ll need to build an appealing website for your blogs.

The first thing you should focus on is on the subject or niche of your blog. It can be a travel blog, cooking blog, personal blog, healthcare blog, or home renovation blog.

You need to stay consistent on the subject you start your blog on and continue with it. Once you have gathered enough traffic, you can convert it into a multi-niche blog.

The next thing is buying web hosting. Bluehost.com is the best platform you can find to buy web hosting and domain for your blog site. This platform is poring over 200 million websites all over the world.

Not only can you buy domains here, but also the tools that you need to keep your website maintained. You are also backed up by a money-back guarantee.

My.studiopress.com is another platform you can count on for an easy Genesis framework so that you can easily create your website through WordPress. This framework has all the security and SEO features integrated within.

To make your website look more appealing and attractive, you’ll need some great images for which picmonkey.com will help you. This website has over 6000 graphics and textures, hundreds of fonts, and thousands of design templates.

2. Website Development

Not everyone has a passion to indulge themselves in creating websites. If you are one of those lucky people, then you are already above those who hold degrees without any knowledge.

Website development jobs are highly in demand and companies can offer you even more than 200k if you are at an expert level. Another option is to work for yourself and start selling your designed websites.

If you are at a beginner level but want to polish your development skills, then you can enroll yourself in online coding and web development courses at Prime academy and Code academy.

Taking courses from these two platforms will surely make you a professional web developer without studying for 4 long and tiring years.

From building websites to analyzing data and learning how to code, these courses allow you to sign up and choose the course program of your choice.

On the other hand, Prime Digital Academy will digitize the way you have learned coding all your life. Their courses focus on cutting edge techniques so that you can grasp the structures and codes just like 1, 2, 3.

Sign up, view the program details you want to enroll in, and become an expert.

3. Software developer

If you want to earn 100 dollars every week, then this is the profession you should opt for. Teenagers looking for jobs usually forget about the talent that they possess.

The young generation is all up for technology and software which is why they learn their structures and creation faster. Why don’t you try earning from developing software and earn more than 200k every month?

If you know a little bit of coding, then you are already there. Otherwise, you can learn it in less than 9 months.

Imagine investing your time and effort for 9 months, and then earn six figures for the rest of your life. You also have a choice to work for a reputable software company or create software to sell on the price you want.

4. Social Media Marketer

Social media marketing can earn you 200k a month without a degree and it isn’t a joke. Why? Let me tell you. You may have heard about how promoting a small business on social media can grow the sales, name, and fame of the business.

Well, you don’t have your own business that is why you are looking for a job. So, why can’t you just promote someone else’s business by making it your job?

You will see that many of the business holders won’t even know how to operate or even create a social media account. You can become the online mediator between them and their customers.

If you need a course website that can help you boost your social marketing skills and provide detailed learning, you can join the course Here. This course will help you promote any business on Facebook.

Tailwindapp.com is another platform that lets you promote any small business on social media such as Pinterest and Instagram. You just have to sign up and start getting the most of all the resources you can get on this website.

5. Direct Response Copywriter or DCR

Have you ever heard about how much a direct response copywriter can make?

Well, this will seem hard to believe, but once you are in this business, you can easily earn 200,000 a month. All you need is the power to use a pen to write the right words.

First, you need to learn what direct response copywriting is. The job of a DCR is to write persuasive letters to make the reader take some action. You might have seen these types of letters in your mailbox or magazines.

Donation seeking and asking for sponsorships are some of the major subjects to write. If you have the skill to persuade people through your words, this is the job that will suit you the best.

All you need to have in you

  • The skill to persuade
  • Good writing speed
  • Grip on language
  • Communicative writing
  • At least a high-school completion certificate or diploma
  • Interest in researching on different topics

All these requirements are so simple that if you don’t have them in you, you can develop them (obviously apart from the school completion).

There are a number of companies having vacancies for DCRs, so avail this chance and start earning your dream income.

6. Sales

This is something that no one will want to do, but still, I have added it to my list. Why? So that you can get yourself out of the false assumption that becoming a salesperson is a degrading and belittling job.

Many people prefer to stay jobless than to present themselves in front of people and help them buy a good product. Tell me whether you’ll like to see your children starve or making six figures with some true effort?

There is nothing wrong with being a salesperson because you are the one with all the knowledge about the product or service you are selling.

The customers rely on the salesperson to get information, which means you are in control of your future. If you are too arrogant to provide the customer with what they ask for, you can never convince them to buy anything.

On the other hand, if you can shower the customers with a bundle of benefits, no one can stop you from becoming a successful salesman.

7. Stock Exchange Trader

How about becoming a stock exchange trader to get started with your journey to become a millionaire?

Hundreds of people with just basic schooling or a college degree, are earning six figures every month by investing in stock exchange programs that don’t limit your financial freedom.

Making stock exchange your earning solution will free you from the stress of never-ending working hours, deadly deadlines, and hectic meetings. You can just sit back, trade, and wait for the money to get doubled-up.

Trading platforms such as the Wall Street Survivor allow you to earn by playing their stock game. Imagine doing a job that allows you to earn while you play.

Don’t worry because you will be trading real stocks with fake cash. You can take the course at the website where you can learn how to make the most through this site.

Another course that you can avail of for a better understanding of stock exchange trading is here.

8. VMWare Engineer

If you do not have a degree, but are skilled in Cloud computing and managing virtual malware systems, you can easily get a highly ranked six-figure salary job as a VMWare Engineer.

This is just a simple tech-related job that allows you to join multiple systems and virtual machines on a single physical machine. Different companies set up many softwares to increase the speed of their systems and their working mechanism.

Just because the job title includes engineer doesn’t mean you should be frightened and get your back turned to this amazing opportunity.

All you have to do is connect all the systems of a company to the main server so that installing any program, repairing any malfunction, and maintaining the speed becomes easier.

The only problem you can face during this job is controlling the backup of such a large number of servers connected to a main-body. Other than that, you can enjoy a fully profitable job with a six-figure salary along with all the perks.

I have known people who have successfully bought their own house, own car, and are enjoying a life that one can only dream of.

 VMware Education services is the best platform you can count on for becoming a successful VMware engineer. Create an account and unlock a new world of technical learning.

You can choose from the wide range of courses and how you want to learn. You can either learn in a group environment or take private training. Proper certification will be provided to you once you complete a course. 

Major Courses

Following are the major courses available on the site:

  • Data Center Virtualization & Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure
  • Virtualization & Cloud Management Platform
  • Network Virtualization & Security
  • Desktop, Application Virtualization & Mobility

Choose any one or all of the courses and get ready to become a popular, worthy, and credible VMware Engineer in demand.

9. Contractor

When we hear of the word contractor, the first thing that strikes our minds is a bad-ass villain who makes a contract for killing people.

The contractor I am talking about is far from what you are thinking. Instead of trying to think smart, think constructive, and become an independent building contractor. There is no way you aren’t aware of what it takes to become a contractor earning six figures easily.

This is a job that will not bind you to work under anyone. Other than that, it is extremely fun and exciting. Visiting new sites, signing new contracts, getting all the tools and equipment settled up.

To become a contractor, the first thing you need to do is specialize in the skill and get your business licensed. Once it is done, promote your business, buy all the necessary equipment and hire some subcontractors if possible.

It will help you a great deal of completing every project in time. When you will earn enough, paying the laborers and other subcontractors won’t be a pain.

10. Real Estate Agents

Becoming a real estate agent is guaranteed to boost your income from a mere hundred dollars to over 200k per month. If you are thinking of the hard work, remembering locations, addresses, and the tiniest details about the properties, then you are right.

Most of the realtors aren’t able to earn as much as this job promises due to their laziness and slouching habits. However, you have the spark and determination to make your mark in this market.

Let us see what you will be doing to be successful in this job. First, you will have to work with a professional realtor agency to learn all the itsy-bitsy of this occupation.

If you don’t want that, then you can take educational classes and take the real estate exam. When you pass it, you can easily apply for a license and start your own real estate agency.

11. Trainers

Training people to stay fit is what fitness trainers do, and guess what? It doesn’t require a degree to become a trainer.

It is enough if you have only completed your school. Just choose a fitness specialty that you want to train people for or become an all-rounder fitness trainer by doing different courses.

Create your portfolio and start promoting it through your social media accounts.

Trust me when I say that a fitness trainer can earn 200k per month just by visiting his clients only twice or thrice. You don’t need to hunt celebrities to choose you as their trainer because you can do well off without them.

People are crazy about fitness, especially those who are uncompromising with their eating habits. You can be the beacon of motivation for them, and they’ll pay you whatever you demand apart from their property.

12. Consultants

Before detailing out the importance of becoming a consultant and how much you can earn from it, let me first list down the consultancy jobs you can choose from:

  • Strategy Consultant.
  • Management Consultant.
  • Operations Consultant.
  • Financial Advisory Consultant.
  • Human Resource Consultant.
  • IT Consultant
  • Risk  & Compliance Consulting
  • Environmental Consulting

Consultants in every field provide expert advice and consultation about how a specific task should be preceded.

The best part of choosing this field is that you can choose to work as a freelancer. Choose your work hours according to your convenience and provide the right assistance to anyone whom it is concerned.

You can find many vacancies on Upwork where you are free to apply and start working as a freelance consultant. Choose your niche, set up tour profile at Upwork, choose your rates, and start working with different organizations.

13. Hairdressers

The total population of the US is in hundreds of millions that is growing every day. Imagine if you are to become a successful hairdresser, how many customers you can gather at your hairdressing salon.

You are well aware of how the US population; be it young or old, is cautious about the appearance. Looking stylish and up-to-date is everyone’s right and you can be the one spreading happiness in nice haircuts.

Bring out that hidden creative element in your hands and work it off on the heads of other people. I assure you that people are willing to pay you more than your rate if their first experience is more than their expectations.

Polish your hair styling skills through constant practice and courses in a barbers’ school. The more certificates you get the more people will rely on our work.

No degree, no student loans. Just pass the courses, get some experience, and get your step in the business.

Hairstylists are earning millions of dollars by introducing new hairstyles and haircuts every day. With little effort and innovation, you can be on the list too.


These are just some of the many jobs that actually pay you over 200k a month without a degree. However, the jobs listed here are easy to get, convenient to work for, and guaranteed to pay even more than what you expect.

No matter where you work or what job you do, becoming a millionaire is a night’s dream that cannot become true on the same night you saw it.

It requires unyielding determination, hard work, and effort to shine with every step you take. You can choose whatever jobs suit your interest and skills well, and start earning from it.

You might face some difficulties and dark days at the start, but once you are there, it is only sunshine, success, and money. Never forget that success comes to those who never give up on their dreams.

Be stubborn, work hard, and no one can stop you from living the life you deserve!


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