Howdy! Tired of that boring and frustrating 9-5 Job? Tired of getting ready for the office? Just want to earn (50,000+ USD) that damn money online? Here’s something for you!

So, guys thank you for stopping by because…. “Flung off that boring hectic job routine” These online job hacks are lurking behind you. C’mon be your own boss guys and “Push away the niggle of low-income guilt”

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Let’s go for it! Get yourself stuck to the life-changing online earning hacks. You are going to witness the secrets for a howling success.

Tips for Making 50k Dollars Annually

  • Be determined! “Don’t let money craving destroy you”
  • Earning Money is never busy but once you are aware of the strategies you can easily earn $50000 annually.
  • Get rid of the obsolete mindset “Gotta keep up the pace with the contemporary world technologies”
  • Follow up new technologies in the marathon of life nowadays, you gotta know the worth of the swiftly changing trends. Guys! Better follow-up with the trends.
  • Don’t get fascinated by the scams of “Becoming a millionaire overnight” You are very well aware of the scammy stuff present all over the internet. 
  • Keep in view the exponential growth of your online earning.
  • Say No to Shortcuts! Don’t be a leftover of this society, My Friend! 
  • It is hell right that money ain’t easy to earn.
  • Set your Milestones for earning online.
  • Don’t Copy Your Competitors! You have to keep in view how things work out for you, bring innovation to beat down your rivals. It is very hard to be the pioneer one but it’s not impossible you can definitely do it.
  • Be a driver of your own life. Don’t let anyone tackle your life decisions. You should be the one who has to think about changing your lifestyles. Don’t let the decisions of others ruin your life.
  • Learn potential strategies first to quit your conventional job.

Yes! You Can Earn $50000 A Year – How?

It is possible for you guys to earn money online, So don’t go anywhere! Stay Tuned! Let’s knock rivals dead!

I don’t believe in shortcuts and scammy stuff, neither would I like my readers to follow them. I am presenting you with only the proven ways of earning online to avoid any kind of unwanted disruption in their way to earn online.

Unlike the ways to earn $100 weekly, I’ll straightly rush towards just the simpler ways to assist you. Business Gurus Say, “Money will not arrive in nothing flat” So you have to be patient enough to earn money online and y’all stop! I don’t want to let you go.

Yes I want to see you prosper but I don’t want to mislead you guys. Don’t Go 🙁

Ask Yourself A Question And Then Proceed

Wanna get stuck in a quick-rich scheme? or Do you want to work hard for rewarding results? If you wanna go with the latter option then you can sail with us buddy!

Here are the 8 Legit Ways to Earn 50k per Year Online

So guys finger crossed! Woah, Here are 8 Legit Ways to earn 50k a year and solve low income.

1. Online Tutor Is Here To Help!

This is the most prestigious job fellas you may opt for. In the past, only face to face teaching environments existed but evolving trends may decline the conventional system. 

Do you know? According to current statistics, it is revealed that many students can’t afford formal education.

You have the utmost opportunity to instruct your students by staying at home. Also, you are helping students not to be distracted by other students. 

So, you are also arousing the interest of these students which is really very important. They would be benefited as they will have access to other modules as well thus, completing their courses on self-pace.

Technology is creating the latest learning opportunities for people all around the world. 

How would pupils be benefited?

  • They’ll learn things at your own pace
  • Elimination of commuting time to institutions
  • No wasting of time 
  • A private kinda learning environment

How will you be able to help students?

  • Make a Virtual Learning System 
  • No calamity or illness would affect your students
  • You can deliver lessons from any part of the globe
  • Flexible times
  • No more geographical constraints
  • Efficient study material sharing via Cloud Storage
  • No Social Pressure 
  • Links can be shared again and again
  • Easy to use online platforms for learning

Qualifications Required?

  • A formal degree or an associate degree
  • Specialization in any subject
  • Proficient in the English Language
  • Be able to correlate queries on time

According to current statistics of online earning systems, over 6 million American students pursue their education online and 54 percent of the online students work part-time. In order to avoid rush hour commutes students prefer online learning systems plus this system is affordable to the students.

So it is a good opportunity for you people who can teach students to assist them but in return, you’ll be paid good money. 

Online tutors earn an average amount between 25$-30$ per hour. OMG! This amount is quite reasonable to earn money online.

Now, which platforms provide this opportunity? I’ve enlisted some of them so do check them out.

  • VIPKID: Demographics Inclusive: Native English Speakers.
  • Qkids: E-Learning company for Chinese Students.
  • Cambly: Native English speakers over video chat with students.
  • Online tutoring for students who acquire any kind of study help.
  • Coursehero: An online learning system for students to access specific study material.

  Be fair to your teaching profession as “Teaching Earns You Respect”

2. Begin With Your Own Blog

To me blogging never goes out of earning money. The results are long-term than you think of blogging. You build your own rules, you set your blog the way you want plus you don’t need to tolerate the bossy behavior of others. Plan out your own working schedule and do it before it’s too late to earn $50000 a year online

Do make sure fellas, that you have to limit your journey only to yourself. Because… “Don’t count your chickens before they hatch!”

I don’t want you guys to opt for something which is unpredictable, yes blogging earns you a decent amount but it’s not that easier than you think.

Out there are hundreds of people running a blog, some of them are not reliable enough. Here I do suggest supporting reliable sources because you don’t want your audience to go. 

Blogging is a passion not to be considered as a hefty task. Blogging should be fun and informative not only leaned towards making money.

Here I’ve come along with the tips to help you in any possible way I could do. So don’t miss the following tips if you wanna start blogging now. So let’s dive into it.

What are the Dos and Don’ts for blogging?

Informative and exciting stuff should be in your blogAvoid myths and misleading information
Should be appealing enoughShouldn’t include long stories 
Let your words sink into the reader’s mind Don’t elongate the paragraph’s length

Someone has rightly said, “Good readers can typically suss out when a writer is disingenuous.”

You literally can’t rack up your reader’s interest by meaningless blogs.  Firstly, plan a strategy so that readers could gravitate towards your blog.  

Keep your strategy simple, for instance, I’m writing for a low-income audience so my article entails all the supporting statistics and research. It will not only assist my readers but will also help me gain the trust of my readers.

Start your blog with plenty of research because you’d probably don’t want your blogs to fall flat. 

Follow these three rules only:

  • Think Right!
  • Write Right!
  • Earn Right!

These rules are interlinked to each other and your blogs will start to resonate amongst the readers.

Helpful Sites

The following sites might be helpful to set up a blog for you guys:

  • Bluehost: With the best web-hosting pages launch your own blog site.
  • My.studiopress: WordPress themes for your blogs to get started.
  • Picmonkey : Create amazing pictures for your blog.

Guys! Best of luck!

3. Become A Consultant

Being a consultant is a crazy job, consultants make decisions and enlighten business executives with different strategies. Consultants get paid to share their knowledge and expertise in various domains. 

As a consultant you’d be able to help businesses grow and achieve organizational goals. 

What does a consultant do?

  • Find solutions for people’s businesses or personal matters.
  • Plan out strategies to avoid unforeseen problems.
  • For business: Logical reasoning methodology.
  • For personal matters: Solve interpersonal and mental issues.
  • Put forward the best opinion.

What is required to become a good consultant?

  • Powerful communication skills
  • Ingenuity
  • Disseminate meaningful solutions
  • Well-structured strategies
  • Proactive methodology
  • Boost up your skills
  • Choose a particular topic or niche, for which you are pretty much sure to give solutions

Choose Your Niche

Choose your niche now, following are the domains you can consider:

  • Business Consultancy: You are asked to provide management solutions to the company.
  • Personal Consultancy: Help people grow who are introverts and lack soft skills
  • Spiritual Consultancy: People of different walks, sometimes feel depressed and they ask for Emotional and Spiritual consultancy. You have to tackle the solution in a gentle manner.  
  • Educational Consultancy: There are millions of students out there who seek educational guidance, if you are the one who can be a great educational enthusiast for them, then this one’s for you.

Dos and Don’ts for Consultation

If you are planning to start your career as a consultant then don’t forget to go through the Dos and Don’ts. I’m always here to guide you the best.

Make sure to develop good communication senseCreating a communication gap
Propose relevant solutionsMisleading your clients
Be logicalBeing an ignorant

What is the average Salary of a Consultant?

The average pay of a Consultant will give you goosebumps :O 

The average pay is around $75000 annually, you can earn incredibly guys. Consultancy is a diverse field yet to give you a heavy amount in your piggy banks.

Helpful Sites

Following sites are here to give a start to your consultancy career:

  • UpWork: Freelancing site where professionals connect globally.
  • Snagajob: A platform where you can get access to hourly jobs.
  • Glassdoor: Find the job here which suits you best.

4. Begin With Investments

Start by learning a simple rule: “There’s no such thing as a free lunch” Why is it important to earn money with investments? Because sometimes you can overtake an existing business without creating a fuss of a new-born business.

If you could invest some money in purchasing a business setup, it would be good enough for you to initiate. Because already running businesses gain more profit than new business. Remember, you must know how to invest your dollars wisely.

Reviving the rule I Mentioned Before, Remember?  Naah? It’s completely fine, nothing in this world is free, you gotta earn by investing some. 

I can smell of the questions you guys have in your mind 😀

In case you guys have no idea of online businesses, let me clear you that online businesses earn you good revenue.

Plus you can check almost everything online. You neither have to leave your place nor have to worry about the fragility. So, you’ll be able to make money without even working hard

Which online businesses you may opt for?

  • Purchasing an Affiliate website.
  • Purchasing Software Business.
  • Purchasing an e-commerce website.
  • Purchasing an online store that offers services.

These online businesses would be a major success in upcoming years, you can just go for it without being doubtful. Your earning will drastically increase and who knows that the earnings may exceed $50000 annually. Last but not least, ensure to stay updated.

Helpful Sites

The best sites to go for online investments to earn you $50000 annually.

  • Empireflippers: Buy an online business with real profit.
  • Feinternational: E-commerce businesses purchases and successful sites.
  • Motif: Build up your portfolio.
  • Personalcapital: Financial management tools for your business.

5. Be A Virtual Assistant

Do you guys have any idea? What’s going around in the world? Everything is pushed virtually. Whether I talk about education systems or businesses, everything seems to go virtual. 

Wherever you go, everything is overhauled by technology. 

With evolving technology, opportunities have also been created. Go and avail of this thriving opportunity and earn $100 a week online. You can do your work online from almost anywhere, doesn’t matter if you are in your living room or you are in your bathroom singing songs 😀

What matters is your dedication towards your work and can you provide efficacy to your work? Can you overcome the obstacles in your way while at work? 

If you are overjoyed with a ‘Yes’ then you are a perfect candidate to be a virtual assistant.

What are the responsibilities of a virtual assistant?

  • Provides administrative services
  • Responding to the emails
  • Schedule working hours
  • Making necessary event arrangements 
  • Plan out the meeting schedule
  • Answer to the client’s queries

Skills needed to be a virtual assistant

  • Basic Computer skills
  • Good Communication skills
  • Strong decision-making skills
  • Critical thinking
  • Motivated enough to get driven 

What is the Average salary of a Virtual Assistant?

Becoming a millionaire isn’t an easy task, it takes years of hard work. But you can do it with my online earning hacks which will definitely be a plus point to your lives. 

Earning money online requires a bit of patience but if you are damn serious about making money online staying at home then go check out the average salary of a virtual assistant.  

The average salary of a virtual assistant is approximately $27000.

Perks of Being a Virtual Assistant

  • Flexible working hours
  • Work by staying at home
  • Don’t need to commute to the office
  • Handsome salary
  • Financial freedom

Helpful Sites

  • FlexJobs: The best and flexible remote jobs for you.
  • Course to assist you earn monthly as a Virtual Assistant.
  • Cva: Hires Virtual Assistants.
  • Upwork: Freelancing site which connects clients to sellers.

6. Transcriptionist

Being a transcriptionist sounds interesting yet a profitable online job, you can fatten your money boxes with this skill.

If you are capable enough to understand even the complicated audio. Then you are much needed for this job. 

Giving you a brief overview of this job first.

Who is a transcriptionist? 

A person who is responsible to convert audible files into text format or a written document.

What you’ll need to do as a transcriptionist?

  • Listen to an audio file and convert it into a readable document.
  • Understand the context of the audio file.
  • Distinguish between the speakers.
  • Parse the low-quality audio file.
  • The written document should make sense.

What is the Average Salary of a Transcriptionist?

The average transcriptionist charges about $20-$25 hourly. And the advanced transcriptionist charges about $35-$45 per hour.

What Kind of Transcriptionist you could be?

  • Medical Transcriptionist- Transcribe medical reports.
  • Legal Transcriptionist- Transcribe legal audio recordings.
  • General Transcriptionist- Transcribes the general material which includes business, academic, entertainment, media and others.

Helpful Sites

  • Upwork: A global freelance sites to search for thousands of transcriptionist jobs.
  • A credible site which hires transcriptionist.
  • The trusted site for a transcriptionist to earn money online.
  • Dailytranscription: Provides flexible online jobs for earning online.

7. Cut the mustard- Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing by its name sounds like a marketing plan, you are not 100% accurate but somehow you reached the point.

What is social media marketing actually? This is not like traditional marketing, it is a kind of marketing for contemporary businesses. 

It is targeted to businesses of any niche whether a business is on a large scale or on a small scale.

Social media marketing suits every business and this can reach up to thousands of potential customers. “No need for expensive billboards”

This can be a profitable business because you are offering your social media marketing services at an affordable price to your customers. The customers or buyers are targeted through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest. 

You are the one who would be bringing a remarkable success to people’s businesses.

What you’d be doing as a social media marketer? 

  • Enhancing the website traffic.
  • Raising the product’s awareness or you may call it brand awareness.
  • Creating an association.
  • Improving interaction with the key audience.

Average Salary of a Social Media Marketer

The average salary of an intermediate social media marketer is $70-$100 on an hourly basis.

Guys! Note it down! Avoid the following common-mistakes:

  • Posting non-engaging posts.
  • Don’t cripple your creativity.
  • Lack of consistency.
  • Not promoting the trendy stuff.
  • Prioritizing product promotion over social media marketing.

Helpful Sites

Before dreaming of how much money you can make by social media marketing, go for the following social media marketing courses

  • LaptopEmpires: Makes you learn different tactics of social media marketing with their valuable courses
  • Tailwindapp: Social marketing media tool

8. Freelancing Never Goes Out Of Fashion!

Freelancing is still the most popular way of earning money online, freelancing allows you to earn as much as you want based on your working hours. 

Your earnings entirely rely on the time and hard work you invest in doing freelance work. Unlike a traditional job, it gives you independence and flexibility. You run your own office on freelancing sites, as long as you are taking projects you are earning money. 

Freelancing might not be the constant source of earning but it evades your low-income issues. Freelancing sweetens the deal by offering you good money and a stress-free working environment.

Just remember a simple rule before you start freelancing,  “The more you sweat in peace the less you bleed”

Freelancing won’t make you decent money soon, it happens with a  continuous struggle. Don’t get discouraged because good things take time to arrive. First and foremost thing before setting up your freelance account, please develop your gig nicely. 

“The gig is your first impression on your clients”

How to land your client? 

Consider Dos and Don’ts:

The contract is mandatory in Freelancing bizDon’t trust the ones who wanna outsource you other than freelancing site
Charge according to your skillsDon’t go for less money for your skills
Properly communicate with the clients Don’t assume to be perfect
Ensure that your portfolio and the Linkedin account is up to dateDon’t be a negative kinda freelancer
Make a reasonable working scheduleDon’t feel entitled

What you can do as a Freelancer?

  • If you have technical skills then Android Developing or Web Development is a good option.
  • If you think that you are proficient in the English Language then you can be a content writer or a copywriter.
  • If you are good at designing then you could be a graphic designer.

Average Salary of a Freelancer

Do you guys know? If the average freelancer works for $30 per hour spending 6 hours a day, weekly it becomes 6*7 = 35 hours. Then the annual income becomes around $50000

Doesn’t it sound exciting? If so then sharpen your skills set to start your freelancing journey and get ready to earn without leaving your couch.

Helpful Sites

The helpful sources for you guys!

  • Upwork: A freelancing site which helps you to earn good money
  • Show your skills and get money through this freelancing site
  • Fiver: Fiver a trusted site to showcase your skills to earn online at flexible hours
  • An amazing writing course for the freelance writers all around the world

Final Thoughts

This article explores the proven and meaningful eight online jobs that pay $50,000 a year.

As all of us know that it won’t earn you $50000 overnight, but with the proper and thoughtful mindset it is possible. 

You’ll be in love with your paychecks guys once you are done following the hacks! I trust you guys that you all will surely hit this target soon. 

But the purpose of these ways is to enlighten you about online aspects of earning money online, it requires a bit of hard work and a strong determination. 

Go for it, What awaits you ahead! “Identify your potential” Don’t trust anyone blindly, I know you all must be agreeing to my point. So stop searching for fake ways guys!

Because I’ve seen people caught in scams and once you are in that puddle folks… You’re not gonna accomplish your dream of becoming a dead millionaire.

Hit the nail on the head before regret becomes your fate. I surely don’t want my readers to plan out something which draws any kind of sufferance and inconvenience in the near future.

Identify the spectrum in which you are gonna put in your countless efforts because it turns out to be extremely important to judge your skills and experiences before you initiate.

Take a deep breath and get started with a jockeying position. Just remember one thing, my lovely readers, “You have got to be in it to win it!” Nothing would be a hurdle unless you are the one. Bear it in mind!

Start your most awaited voyage to earn money online. Maybe this is it! Lately, waited for a decent income? Yes? Then start it right away bud!

Wishing you tons of luck!