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About JB Williams
JB Williams is a business man, a husband, a father, and a writer. A no nonsense commentator on American politics, American history, and American philosophy. A hard hitting columnist, attacking the socialist cancer plaguing America today. He has a pragmatic "common Joe” approach to even the toughest issues facing our nation.

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JB Williams

Who is باراك حسين اوباما ?
And Why Won’t the Press Ask?

September 10, 2008

A bright young student recently asked me this question in defense of her Messiah, Barack Hussein Obama..."Mr. Williams, my family name is Irish. Does that make me a terrorist member of the IRA?”


After pointing out that she had made no effort to hide her ancestry, I answered, "No, but it does make you Irish.” Just because most Americans have never seen his name printed in native Arabic characters, باراك حسين اوباما – does not mean that he is not Arab. In fact, his Arab name is at the very least, a strong indication that he may be of Arab descent.


Though Obama has built his campaign upon being the first "black” candidate (entirely ignoring the white half of his family tree as if it doesn’t even exist), the questions over whether or not he is African or Arab, Christian or Muslim, seems to have a very simple answer...Yes - all the above!


Those who have not spent much time with a world globe lately might have forgotten that Africa is made up largely of Arab nations and Arab Muslim people. Egypt, Libya, Sudan, Morocco, Algeria and Niger are all Arab nations on the African continent. Across the Red Sea from Africa are Saudi Arabia, Syria, Yemen and Oman.


Arabic is the most common language on the African continent. Why it comes as a shock to many Americans that a man with an Arabic birth name from a largely Arab continent might be Arab is strange, at a minimum...


However, for political purposes, it seems to be a bone of contention that the Obama campaign prefers not to discuss. Any relative questions will be shut down, met with accusations of racism or religious smears.


As my student friend correctly pointed out, Obama’s Arab name alone does not make Obama "a terrorist”. It only makes him Arab and begs the question, - why does he not publicly claim his apparent ancestry? Why has he chosen to fashion himself a "black” man rather than an Arab, as is clearly evidenced by his birth name?


It also makes one wonder why the press is carrying water for the Obama campaign? The silly notion that باراك حسين أسامة is neither Arab nor Muslim defies all evidence.


Obama’s supporters will quickly point to his twenty year membership in the Rev. Wright’s Chicago church of "Christian” racism and anti-Americanism as solid proof that he is a Christian. This is a church he has now left and a reverend he has since denounced. It might also be the only Christian church in America that welcomes Muslim’s into the congregation without asking them to convert to Christianity. But I digress...


The Real Point

What do all of these facts mean in the real world where such an individual is seeking the most powerful political office in the world?


Based upon the belief that 90 percent of the world’s billion-plus Muslim population is peaceful, does it matter whether or not Barack Obama is Muslim? That depends upon whether he is one of the 90 percent or one of the 10 percent.


In a multicultural nation like America, does it really matter if Obama is Arab or African or both? Does it matter what religion he is? Not really...But it does matter that he seeks to hide from the truth. America is full of Arab’s and Africans, most of them wonderful Americans. There is no reason to hide from either heritage, is there?


If he is an Arab and a Muslim, does that automatically mean that he is a terrorist or even a terrorist sympathizer? No, it doesn’t...


But combined, what all of it does mean is this, - there are some very reasonable questions that should be asked and answered before the American people actually consider such an individual for the job of Commander-in-Chief, especially while the nation is at war with radical elements of the Arab-Muslim world.


It means that if the press avoids asking those questions, they are derelict in their primary purpose of keeping the public informed. Their only task during an election cycle is to help the American people know as much as possible about those who seek to run their nation. If they won’t ask the questions, then they aren’t doing their job.


Other "Coincidences” of Interest

Obama’s Arab name and Muslim heritage by itself, only raises the need for further query. It leads us to no automatic conclusions.


Instead, it leads only to a list of reasonable questions that anyone seeking the power of the Oval Office must be willing to answer. Any candidate, except Obama, with the same background should and would be asked the exact same questions. But, it’s apparently an act of racism to ask America’s first "black” candidate the most glaringly obvious questions.


▪ How did you get an Arab name and why don’t you want to talk about it?


▪ How did someone from such meager beginnings afford Occidental, Columbia and Harvard without ever holding down a paying job?


▪ Who is Dr. Khalid al-Mansour (aka Donald Warden)? When did you meet him and how has he played a role in your life?


▪ Were you ever part of the Black Panther or Saul Alinsky "community organizing” effort?


▪ When and where did you first become close friends with convicted Weatherman terrorist William Ayers, who obviously helped you launch your political career in his Chicago home?


▪ Who is Saul Alinsky and what did he teach you about "community organizing?”


▪ Who are the seventy five billionaire "bundlers” and who gave them the millions to finance your bid for the White House?


▪ Who is Mohammed Hasan Chandoo and why did you spend three weeks with him in Pakistan in the early 80’s, under your Indonesian name and passport?


▪ Why did Percy Sutton write a letter to help you get into Harvard? If it wasn’t Dr. Khalid al-Mansour who asked him to write the letter, who was it?


These are just a few of the questions candidate Obama should be happy to lay to rest with open and direct answers. Though nobody in the lamestream press is asking yet, a few in the New Media are asking the right questions....


An innocent March ’08 TV interview with "community organizer” become millionaire political powerhouse, Percy Sutton, caught the attention of more than a few investigative journalists by late August.


NewsMax journalist Kenneth Timmerman is turning over all the right rocks and asking all the right questions. Sooner or later, someone is going to find answers to questions which Obama appears to have been avoiding for years.


On September 3rd, Timmerman wrote ‘Obama Had Close Ties to Top Saudi Adviser at Early Age’ followed by a September 4th piece titled ‘Who is Khalid al-Mansour?’


It seems that Timmerman is on the right trail. The fact that related Internet files are being sanitized or removed altogether as fast as they can be found, only proves that somebody with lots of power somewhere recognizes that Timmerman is getting too close for comfort...


Even Wikipedia information on "community organizing” has been sanitized in the last few days, changing it from Saul Alinsky and William Ayers type socialist anti-American rabble rousing to something sounding much kinder and gentler. That should keep 400 paid Obama bloggers busy for a while...


Then There Are Those Working To Keep Timmerman At Bay... Politico blogger Ben Smith, who as he points out in his bio, "grew up on New York's Upper West Side when President Reagan was regularly depicted as Satan in that section of the city,” is tracking the movements of investigative journalists like Timmerman and shadow countering their every move, which is then used by other journalist as "fact” and reason enough to stop broader coverage of the story that must be told.


When the Sutton tape became public (save a copy fast before it disappears from the web) and Timmerman started making the right connections between puppet Obama and apparent puppet master al-Mansour, Smith quickly sought and got a retraction to the eye-popping Sutton revelation.


He first countered Timmerman’s Sept. 3rd piece with ‘Obama camp denies Sutton story’. Then he countered Timmerman’s Sept. 4th piece with Dr. Khalid al-Mansour’s "non-denial-denial” in ‘Sutton family retracts Obama story.’


The man who issued the Sutton retraction was not Sutton himself, or even a Sutton family member, like Sutton’s son Pepe, who currently controls the Sutton family empire in NYC. Instead, Hillary Clinton’s former Harlem campaign office head issued the Sutton retraction.


Kevin Wardally issued the retraction on behalf of the Sutton family.


So, who is Wardally and when did he become the Sutton family spokesperson? Why did he give no reason for the retraction? Was the senior Sutton out of his mind when he made the original statement? Was he under duress? You watch the film and decide...


Wardally ran Hillary Clinton’s campaign office on Malcolm X Blvd in Harlem. How did Wardally go from Clinton campaign crony to Obama surrogate and Sutton family spokesperson so fast?


But most interesting in the online exchange is the obvious contradictory statements from the players involved.


In his March ’08 interview, Percy Sutton said he was a long time friend of Dr. Khalid al-Mansour (aka Don Warden) which appears true. In fact, it appears that their friendship goes all the way back to Mansour’s California Black Panther "community organizing” days.


Sutton said that he first became aware of Obama long before he became a public figure, when Dr. al-Mansour was "raising money” for Obama and asked Percy to write a letter to Harvard on Obama’s behalf, which may also be true.


When Timmerman interviewed Sutton friend Khalid al-Mansour, he dodged Timmerman questions with this answer:


"In respect to Mr. Obama, I have told him, because so many people are running after him, and when stories get printed they usually get distorted and then he has to spend a lot of time trying to unravel them – and then after the experience of Rev. (Jeremiah) Wright whom I’ve never met, but I’ve followed the media coverage – I was determined that I was never going to be in that situation. I never discuss Barack Obama.”


"I wish him [Obama] the best, and hope he can win the election, and if he wins the election, that he adopts this campaign for education,” al-Mansour said.


"Education” has been the front issue for "community organizing” since the Panther days in the 60’s. History has recorded that the Panther’s and other "community organizers” like Alinsky and Ayers were promoting a specific "educational” curriculum, namely communism and/or radical racial activism.


Days later, al-Mansour gave Ben Smith a very different answer concerning his association with Obama... "After I wrote it, al-Mansour also called me back, and said he'd never met Obama, and had no idea where the story came from; his only hesitance in denying it, he said, had been in contradicting Sutton, "a dear friend, his health is not good.” Smith reports.


Yet, when speaking with Timmerman, "Al-Mansour said he is aware of Percy Sutton’s revelations that identified him as raising money for Obama’s law school education when the presidential candidate was 25.”


"But I’ve never confirmed it,” he said. "Any statement that I make would only further the activity which is not in the interest of Barack, not in the interest of Percy, not in the interest of anyone. - There’s no need. There’s no benefit. So why do it?”


Timmerman notes: "Asked specifically whether he had "spotted” Barack Obama while he was an undergraduate at Columbia as a promising student he wanted to help get into Harvard Law School, al-Mansour pleaded a faulty memory.


Why Is Dr. Khalid Al-Mansour So Important To Understanding Obama?

It’s very simple...aside from the fact that we are currently at war with "radical Islam.”


Following September 11, 2001, a Saudi Prince by the name of Alwaleed bin Talal, reported to be the world’s 19-whealthiest person, blamed America for the events of 9/11 when offering a $10 million donation to then NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani, who somewhat fervently declined to accept.


Dr. Khalid al-Mansour is the international business partner of the Saudi Royal Family and Prince Alwaleed bin Talal.


If it is true that Don Warden (aka Dr. Khalid al-Mansour), the former Black Panther and international front man for the Saudi Royal Family is some kind of puppet master behind what many allege to be a puppet presidential candidate, complete with blank résumé, a lot of Arab friends and an Arab name, that would be a history making story that even Tom Clancy couldn’t have imagined...


To summarize, if Dr. Khalid al-Mansour (aka Don Warden) works for Prince Alwaleed bin Talal and the Saudi Royal Family, and Obama really is a "Mansourian candidate,” well, then we have a very serious problem on our hands, don’t we.


Nobody seems to know the real answer to this question. But one thing is very clear...


The mere fact that Timmerman and others are asking the right questions is making someone in very high places very nervous...


And as Obama says..."The people have a right to know!”


Will the people get answers to some very vital questions before the man in question is sworn in as the new Commander-in-Chief?


If nobody asks, they won’t! He’s already received his first presidential security briefing...Who all knows what he now knows? Is there a better time then now to ask these questions?
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