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About Tony Rubolotta
Tony Rubolotta works in the technology industry.
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Tony Rubolotta

'Civility' Is Not Acceptable
January 31, 2011

As transparent and ridiculous as Progressives efforts to politicize the shootings in Tucson were, they apparently scored a modicum of success. How else can one explain the liberal inspired love-in staged for the State of the Union message? Republicans again prove they are not only the Party of Stupid, but also the Party of Cowardice. Progressives and Liberals screamed for civility, and despite overwhelming and irrefutable evidence of their hypocrisy, Republicans cowered and agreed to a cheap publicity stunt for fear they might appear "uncivil" had they not agreed. I don't want Republicans to be civil or even appear civil with elitist aristocrat control freaks.

Since metaphors and analogies are the new fodder for leftist angst, let me offer the following. A thief breaks into your home and when caught, pleas for civility. Rather than you defend your property, home, loved ones and life, the thief offers to negotiate the extent of his crime in order to avoid an unpleasant and possibly violent confrontation. The thief explains he only wants to steal half of your property, burn down one third of your home and take only your children as hostages. Of course the thief explains this is only the starting point for negotiations and he is agreeable to a reasonable compromise. If you refuse to negotiate and demand the thief leave with nothing, the thief claims you are being unreasonable, obstinate, obstructionist and attempting to provoke violence.

I don't speak for the TEA Party, but I refuse to believe they backed candidates to go to Washington and make nice with the residue of thieves that remained in office. I have no doubt that some will disappoint, either seduced by the allure of becoming an elitist aristocrat themselves or intimidated by a relentless media assault branding them as insensitive, uncaring, and, heaven forbid, uncivil. When it comes to defending individual liberty, the rule of law, the Constitution and the right of every American to be their own master, I want a warrior in Congress, not a worm squirming to avoid being called "uncivil" by barbarians. I want them to be uncivil, especially toward those that believe this country should be run from the top down by some elitist aristocracy calling itself the House, Senate, President and yes, even the Courts.

We are in a civil war. On one side are the Progressive Leftist, holding the belief that every facet of life should be controlled by a corps of elitists because they presumably know what is best for everyone. Their vision of the perfect America is one where there is no want, no risk, no dissension and no unhappiness, all guaranteed by government. All that is required to make this perfect America is absolute obedience to the superior intellects that run the government.

On the other side are Conservatives, holding the belief that happiness is a personal matter determined by each individual and not divined by elitist intellects. Want, risk and dissension have important functions in society, promoting motivation and charity, punishment and reward, and deliberation.

The Progressive Leftist obligation to the state is to do as you are told and be happy with what you get. The state's obligation to the Conservative is to do as you are told and be happy with what you get. These differences cannot be reconciled. A Conservative is not going negotiate the extent of his enslavement to the state envisioned by the Progressive Left. Service to country is a worthy sacrifice, servants to countrymen is not, especially Progressive elitists without a lick of common sense, practical experience or accomplishment except gaining the admiration of other Progressive elitists.

I don't want to see Republicans getting along with socialist Progressives. Republicans, they are not your friends and don't want to be your friends. They want you to give in, abandon your principles, betray your constituents and become patsy RINO's for their agenda. They are vile, deceitful, power hungry and by no stretch of the imagination could they be considered civil. The Progressive scorched earth policy to turn us into a bankrupt nation of government dependents, desperate for anything we can get to merely stay alive, has gone far enough.

This is war. The Progressives know it. It's about time the Republicans figured it out.

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