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About Tony Rubolotta
Tony Rubolotta works in the technology industry.
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Tony Rubolotta

Barack unAntoinette Obama
November 8, 2010

Everyone knows the story. When informed that the people of Paris were starving because grain deliveries had been withheld from the bakers, Marie Antoinette infamously said "Let them eat cake." To the millions of Americans who are unemployed, underemployed or barely scratching out a daily existence from temporary employment, Barack unAntoinette has said nothing about his $200 million a day junket to India. Why should he? Is not the Elitist Imperial President entitled to such extravagance and an occasional getaway from the burdensome problems of ruling over a disgruntled populace? Who do they think they are anyway? Let them have a stimulus!

It is also known that as Marie Antoinette was be being led to the guillotine, she stepped on the foot of her executioner, for which she apologized. The Queen of France maintained her dignity and manners in the face of certain death. As the political guillotine was dropping on the Marxist agenda of the Elitist Imperial President Barack unAntoinette, no signs of dignity or manners could be found, but he did spout off and say "They want to know that their tax dollars are being spent wisely". Obviously, that includes paying for the Elitist Imperial President's trip to India, his golf entourage, vacations, pet projects, salaries for his appointed czarist friends and who knows what else it takes to feed, clothe and care for royalty. Let them have ObamaCare!

Barack unAntoinette stepped on the necks of the American people, but rather than apologize, maintains he is right in everything he has done. By implication of course, the American people must be stupid for voting the Democrat majority out of the House of Representatives and making his job all the more difficult. A Republican controlled House may not approve his virtual takeover of the banking industry, stimulus funds for friends and supporters or the array of power hungry czars. Let them have Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and no fault mortgages!

There lies the contrast, the dignity of an unpopular Queen of France facing the consequences of her callous remarks versus the undignified and callous behavior of the Elitist Imperial President on his way to India on the taxpayer's dime. Perhaps someone should remind him there are no maharajas to bow to, though he may find some other undignified behavior appropriate to humiliate his country (or is it his country?). Let them have Cap and Trade!

Barack unAntoinette's defenders will claim that his $200 million a day trip to India is a mere drop in the bucket when it comes to Federal spending. They say that about every drop in the bucket, expecting everyone to ignore the fact the bucket is overflowing and we are drowning in the debt of trillions of drops. The $200 million a day that could have stayed in private hands to employ people is better spent entertaining Barack unAntoinette and his entourage. Let them have GM and AIG!

The $200 million a day Barack unAntoinette is spending was either raised in taxes on the "rich" or by loans from Communist China. That is the illusion. The "rich" make money selling things to the "poor", and the price paid for those goods and services includes any taxes the "rich" will pay. Every dollar we borrow from Communist China bears an interest payment, paid again by taxes on the "rich" that are ultimately costs to the "poor". You can buy into the Barack unAntoinette class warfare theme if you like, but every tax and government regulation is paid for in the price of the goods and services we buy, whether we are considered "rich" or "poor". Let them have government paid for by the rich!

The list of "let them have" from Barack unAntoinette could go on as he indulges himself in the style of an Elitist Imperial President, where no extravagance, exercise of privilege or abuse of power is too great. The guillotine has indeed dropped on the spending hand of the community organizer, but it is extremely doubtful he got the message. To equate Barack unAntoinette to Marie Antoinette would be a smear against the Queen of France. She not only got the message, but accepted her fate with grace and dignity. Not so for the Elitist Imperial President currently occupying the White House.

The next two years will be the most dangerous for America. A vindictive narcissist in the White House can do untold and unimaginable damage to our national security and economy no matter who has control of the House. Barack unAntoinette's vengeful and spiteful nature has been on display before, targeting anyone (Rush Limbaugh) or any group (Tea Party) that opposes his agenda. Our country is not immune from becoming the target of revenge. Let them have desolation!

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