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About Tony Rubolotta
Tony Rubolotta works in the technology industry.
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Tony Rubolotta

God, Family & Country Revisited
November 20, 2009

When I first wrote an article with the title "God, Family and Country”, and then made it clear those were my priorities, some people obviously became uncomfortable. The general consensus of the few was that I was a religious fanatic and just as dangerous as any Muslim. That refrain is rising again and likely from the same crowd of anti-religious zealots. Maj. Hasan killed 13 Americans at Fort Hood because he saw that as his duty as a Muslim. I have read any number of comments on both liberal and conservative web sites claiming the problem was that Hasan placed his allegiance to his god above his country, unlike patriotic Americans who place their country first. Hogwash!

Anyone who draws an equivalency between Christianity and Islam is either a complete moron or a psychopathic liar. Phony interpretations of the Koran by Muslim scholars serve no purpose other than to deceive and create a false illusion of safety. Phony interpretations of the Bible by atheist scholars serve no purpose other than to deceive and create a false illusion of danger. To draw an equivalency based on deceptive scholarship is outright lazy or dishonest or both. At its worst, Christianity could not even come close to the crimes of Islam or atheism against humanity. At its best, Christianity recognized the crimes committed in its name and rejected the teachings of killers disguised as holy men. No Messrs. Lucas, Campbell, Marx and others; all religions are not the same and they definitely cannot all be right.

My loyalty to my country is conditioned upon my country’s loyalty to the God of our Founders, the same God I worship today. Our founding documents were based on Christian principles about governance to recognize and secure the unalienable rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Those documents were not based on the "force”, feelings or some moon-god worshipping brigand trying to recruit bandits to his cult. If Hasan were loyal to the God of our Founders, 13 Americans would be alive today. If the atheists who rejected the God of the Bible had not, there would be no Auschwitz, gulags, killing fields and execution grounds to exercise "social justice”.

Our country today is in a state of moral confusion and uncertainty. There has always been a fringe element that deified men to be our country’s saviors through numerous difficulties. Fortunately, most of those men were humble enough and Christian enough to know better and not be plied by appeals to their egos. Those men understood the Christian foundation of our laws and their obligation as Christians to honor those laws. But some of our leaders in times of crisis did what the Jews did while waiting for Moses to deliver God’s law. They elevated themselves to high priests of a new religion and ordered the making of a golden calf. This happened rarely while the fringe remained the fringe, but today is different.

Diversity, multiculturalism and moral relativity have replaced life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness and hold the status of religious doctrine. We must welcome into our midst those who read and abide by teachings that say kill those who don’t believe as you do. They may not do it right away, but there is always that dogma that says it is the right thing to do. The country’s high priests say go forth and slaughter your children because you should not be punished for the pursuit of an orgasm. The holy men of government make sacrifices to the planet god Gaia and to the plants and animals they have blessed as endangered species, but what they sacrifice is always someone else’s property and happiness. Many of our politicians live and behave like potentates but insist we must sacrifice for the good of the worshippers at their feet and live as peasants under their benevolent rule. Is this what I am supposed to be loyal to?

The American people elevated a second- rate political hood lacking experience in politics, business and life itself to be their savior from the accumulated misdeeds and damage done by all the other politicians they have put in office. Had they followed the God of our founders, their burdens would be much more bearable and solvable. Had they practiced intolerance of evil, we wouldn’t have an army of latent murderers in our country waiting for their chance to pull a Hasan or outdo 9/11. Had they prioritized their loyalty to God first, family second and country third, "The One”, his cabinet of high-priests and Congressional aristocrats would be nothing more than insignificant radicals who write sophomoric papers trying to outdo each other for the title of most radical. A majority of Americans begged Obama to make the golden calf, and he is doing exactly what they asked.

Hasan’s loyalty was not misplaced but given to a murderous pagan god. What the god of Mohammed demands is no secret and never has been. Freedom of religion has been foolishly extended to ideologies that would snuff out that freedom in an instant. Our Founders did not make a mistake and were very wary that when the people lost their fear of God, love for righteousness and just plain common sense, the government they created would fail them. We aren’t quite there yet but if you love your country more than God, or you equate Christianity to Islam, move to the front of the bus. As for me, I’m convinced that when a majority of Americans pledge their loyalty to God first, they will put people of good character in office. When the pompous, arrogant and hedonist fools who run our government are out of office, and when God fearing men and women take their place, there will be no questions about my loyalty to the country they lead.

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