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About Tony Rubolotta
Tony Rubolotta works in the technology industry.
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Tony Rubolotta

Good Nazis
November 7, 2009

I donít claim to be knowledgeable about US Immigration law, but I do know the process, the legal one that is. I met my wife while she was attending a medical convention on Down syndrome in New York. She is from Brasil and was here on a visitor visa. As they say, the rest is history. What I know about the legal immigration process came from personal experience that eventually saw my wife become a naturalized American citizen after nearly nine years of filing forms and jumping through hoops. One form in particular caught my attention.

I donít recall the number of the form (they all have numbers) but it asked a short series of questions about her past and future intentions. The only question my wife did not understand was the one that asked her about affiliations with the Nazi Party. She didnít know what the Nazi Party was or why she was being asked this question. I explained who the Nazis were and asked if she were active in any political parties in Brasil, or in Belgium where she had worked for nearly 10 years. When I saw that particular question, I looked over the form to see what other political affiliations were on the undesirable list, but there were none. Why had the Nazi Party been singled out for special consideration and not others?

I did recall from my reading that communists and their sympathizers in the Roosevelt administration urged a neutral and friendly attitude toward Nazi Germany because of the alliance between Hitler and Stalin. Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union, the only openly socialist states in the world at that time, were on friendly terms. That all changed in June, 1941 when Nazi Germany attacked the Soviet Union. Stalinist sympathizers in the Roosevelt administration were transformed into staunch anti-Nazis overnight. From that moment on, Nazis were to be reviled because they attacked a communist nation. Could it be that simple as to why my wife was asked if she was ever a Nazi? I searched for other reasons for putting Nazis only on the forbidden list for immigration.

The Nazis committed genocide, specifically against the Jewish people though the Nazi murder machine was not totally discriminatory. Was this one reason the Nazis were on the forbidden list and others werenít? What about Muslim Turks murdering a million Armenian Christians? What about Islamic threats against Israel and its people? What about Islam's entire history of genocide against Christians and Jews? What about Stalinís indiscriminate killing of millions by direct execution, deliberate starvation or forced hard labor? Why are Muslims and communists not on the forbidden list? Perhaps there was another reason.

We were at war with Nazi Germany. Perhaps this is why they are on the forbidden list. We have been at war with communists in Korea and Vietnam. We have been at war with the Muslim Barbary states, Muslim Moros, Fascist Italy and Imperial Japan. We are currently at war with Muslim terrorists who committed an act of war on 9/11/2001. Our embassy in Tehran was seized by Muslims. We donít ask people about their affiliation with those countries or causes. Obviously, being at war with the United States is not enough to earn you a place on the forbidden list. There must be some other reason.

Nazi Germany engaged in a war of conquest. The conquered nations were looted and their citizens murdered or enslaved. The only people given any degree of freedom were Nazi sympathizers. Islam has been engaged in a war of conquest against the world since its inception. Muslims loot the conquered nations and murder or enslave those people who do not convert to Islam. The communist Soviet Union conquered Eastern Europe and looted those nations. They murdered their opponents and enslaved all others. But here again, Muslims and communists are not on the forbidden list.

Maybe itís just a matter of ideology. Nazis are statist and believe fealty to the state and party should be paramount in the life of every citizen. Strict adherence to Nazi ideology is expected and deviation is punishable, by death in many cases. Nazis oppose individual freedom because that is not subservient to the state. If you are not a Nazi Aryan, you are inferior and not even worthy of life. Islam is just as demanding. If you are not a Muslim, you are inferior and not worthy of the same rights as a Muslim. If you practice ideological impurity or leave the faith, you deserve death. Communists are not much different. The elite are smart, the masses are stupid and communism has a place for each. Dissidents may be committed to mental institutions, imprisoned or executed.

Nazism, communism and Islam have ideologies in direct conflict with our founding principles and our Judeo-Christian values. They are our sworn enemies in their own writings. In their war against our way of life, no lie is too big to tell, no atrocity to great to commit, and no act too dishonorable to perform in the pursuit of victory. Since the ideology, tactics, strategy and goals are similar, Nazis, communists and Muslims are more alike than different. Why then are Nazis only identified as undesirable on immigration forms? I guess it must be because communists and Muslims are the Good Nazis.

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