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About Tony Rubolotta
Tony Rubolotta works in the technology industry.
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Tony Rubolotta

Transparent in Audacity Only II
September 17, 2009

I wrote recently that if Obamacare passes, Obama will grant amnesty to illegal aliens and Democrats with the help of a few Republicans will push for an accelerated path to citizenship and the voting booth in time for 2010. Yes, it is conjecture based on precedents. The liberal comments were predictable. When will those people ever learn what fascist means? Unfortunately, the Conservative comments I read were equally predictable, with some exceptions. But first, I shall correct an error I made in that article.

I stand corrected that state legislatures are responsible for redistricting, not Congress as I implied. Nonetheless, the 2010 census will shift the distribution of seats in the house if illegal aliens become citizens. In addition, when those new citizens register to vote, it will not be just for federal elections, but for all elections. I think many missed that point entirely. Also, I never mentioned ACORN in that article. They may be out on the census but they are not down. There will be multiple clone organizations to fill their shoes.

While I think most Conservatives appreciated the danger I was trying to describe and the consequences of a permanent demographic shift in voting, others wanted to shoot the messenger. I was called a pansy and defeatist and entertained by a lot of bravado about how it wasnít going to happen, guns flashing and so on. You have to love Conservatives but their strength, their independence, is also their weakness.

Without resorting to quotes from Clausewitz, Sun-Tzu or Julius Caesar, suffice it to say that good strategists plan for the worst and pray for the best. Good strategists also strive to know their enemies and their own forces, and that is essential to planning for the worst.. If you donít, you may as well roll the dice.

Some Conservatives are seriously underestimating the determination and audacity of the most diabolical and dishonest people to ever occupy the halls of Congress and the White House. Can they ram a bill through Congress in thirty days, immediate consequences be damned if it will assure them undisputed control of government for several decades, if not forever? Would they be willing to give up their seats for two years if they believe this will work and put them back in power in the aftermath? I think they would, and I think passing Obamacare would be the evidence of their determination and intentions.

Contrary to the belief of some Conservatives, Obama, Pelosi and Reid are not stupid people and know exactly what they are doing. They went to the town hall meetings, took and gave heat on Obamacare, and then announced they had the votes when they returned. Were they impressed one whit by the opposition? They may be arrogant, but they are equally cold, cunning and calculating. November 2010 is a long way off.

As for Conservative bravado, talk is cheap. A lot of people still get their news exclusively from the mainstream media, and these are not solely die-hard Obamabots. The media will take any call or threat of violence directly to those poor numbed souls that think they can trust whatever they see on the tube. Lose them and you have made the job all the more difficult. And donít forget Waco or Ruby Ridge. This President and Attorney General would love to make some examples of "right-wing terroristsĒ. Spare me the bravado.

Finally, self-assurances that things are turning around are delusional. You could have three million people go to Washington and between the White House, Congress and the MSM you would never know it happened. Obama has a masters degree in protest marching and has been schooled by experts on the subject. So people are mad, so what? What can they do about it? Vote? For who, wimp Republicans or third party nobodies the MSM will ignore anyway? So ACORN is gone, so what? Does anyone really believe thatís our total depth? They were a convenient scapegoat anyway. See how honest we are? We still have the SEIU, AFSCME, NEA, AFT, UAW, UMW, George Soros, the MSM and, well, the list could go on.

I think you get the picture. If Conservatives were in a fair fight with an honorable opponent, Obamaís reverses might mean something. But that isnít the case and itís foolish to pretend it is. Hannibal won every battle on the Italian peninsula, but he never took Rome. The only battle he lost cost Carthage the war. Is this the Conservative war plan? I have never suggested giving up, but if these victories are not leveraged into a plan that forges a like-minded unity, then they are meaningless. Even if Obamacare is killed, the Hydra lives on.

Objective: kill the hydra. Strategy: pick the battles that can be won in two years and elect people that vow to carry out the strategy. Repeal the most unpopular laws first, and then stop and go home. Do the same thing in the second term and replace anyone who fails to honor their vow. And do it each successive term. Donít however pursue a course to restore Constitutional law as if this were going to be a cakewalk. It isnít and many people need to be weaned off the federal teat or youíll lose them. It took years to grow the hydra and it will take years to remove its heads.

I ended my article by asking what to do about it, it being the worst case scenario. I already know the answer but canít put it on this page. Let me just end with this quote: "And for the support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes, and our sacred Honor.Ē If you are a Conservative you know the source. The answer is there, you just have to have the courage to see it, the wisdom to know when to use it and the fortitude to abide by it.

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