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About Tony Rubolotta
Tony Rubolotta works in the technology industry.
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Tony Rubolotta

Obama, Frank & Dodd, LLP
May 22, 2009

Examples abound of how poorly government run businesses perform, but none compares to the disaster promulgated by Fannie Mae under Franklin Raines. Was Raines qualified to head Fannie Mae? He seemed to have the right college degrees but as we are finding out, those degrees are about as valuable as the prize in a cracker-jack box. Raines greatest qualifications were his Democrat party affiliation and intimate relationship with Barney Frank. What qualified Raines to keep his job were Fannie Mae campaign contributions to House and Senate Democrats, dishonest bookkeeping practices that showed a profit and an inept investigation of his company by his good buddy Barney Frank. For his efforts, Mr. Raines took a cool $90,000,000 in bonuses in addition to his regular salary.

While Fannie Mae did not trigger the largest financial crisis in American history, it did facilitate that crisis in a mortgage buying and laundering scheme. If Franklin Raines were not politically connected he would be hauled before Congress and facing felony indictments. His sponsor, Barney Frank would be identified as a co-conspirator for his role in refusing to properly investigate Raines and Fannie Mae. Raines, Frank and Fannie Mae are symptoms of a disease called socialism, a criminal enterprise run by government officials for their personal benefit.

With the prospect of American businesses being run by the likes of the Obama, Frank and Dodd LLP, the forecast is for heavy Raines ahead as more political hacks are placed in charge of businesses that should have been forced into bankruptcy to cut their losses. There won’t be any need to cut losses using the Frank-Raines accounting methods and Obamanomics. Healthy businesses will be taxed to "spread the wealth” to the unhealthy government run enterprises so Mr. Frank and company can receive an uninterrupted flow of campaign contributions and the Raines clones can get their bonuses.

Transferring the burden of failure from poorly run government businesses to well run privately owned businesses is the core of Obamanomics. This creates a spiral of failing businesses that the government snaps up at bargain basement prices. Political hacks and union bosses get lucrative posts with the understanding that campaign contributions continue to flow unimpeded. This is how the socialist criminal enterprise grows through illegal seizures, fraudulent bookkeeping, key appointments and extorting taxes from businesses not yet under syndicate control. Businesses that manage to survive despite the Obamanomic pressure will be harassed by government agencies, community activist and congressional committees until they give up.

Raines, Frank and Obama are not the hapless victims of their own business incompetence but co-conspirators in the building of a criminal empire. The news media, ordinarily the watchdog against government corruption, is the lapdog and advertising agency of the capos. Were we not told that capitalism failed and we are all socialists now? Capitalism did not fail but was poisoned by Obama, Frank and Dodd LLP using hired assassins like Raines.

Raines may not be a viable soldier in the gang any longer, but tens of thousands just like him are waiting to step forward and kiss the ring of Don Obama for their shot in sharing the take.

As for the ordinary Obama voter who thought the party was just starting, forget it. Your bloodsucking days are numbered because there won’t be any blood left to suck. Obama, Frank and Dodd LLP don’t care about productivity and never did. They care about power, how to get it and how to keep it. Fannie Mae paved the way and proved Obamanomics works. Loyalists like Raines are going to get the cushy jobs and pay tribute to their benefactors. The enforcers (AKA Obama Youth and various government agencies) are going to keep the malcontents in line.

You may think this is rather fanciful thinking on my part but the facts show a plan in motion. The Federal government under Don Obama has become a rogue criminal enterprise that shows no concern whatsoever for the Constitutional limits placed on government. Obama, Frank and Dodd LLP simply ignore the Constitution because they know the burden to challenge them is enormous and on someone else. They have the resources of the Federal government to fight back, delay and harass anyone who dares challenge them. They have the media to handle their propaganda and public image issues. They have the organization and strength of the unions, community activists and "students” to intimidate, counter-demonstrate and silence their opponents. They have willing accomplices in the Republican Party looking for their "piece of the action.” They also have a Supreme Court that on any given day depending on the phase of the moon, will deliver a 5-4 vote in their favor, if they agree to hear the case at all.

The life-blood of Obama, Frank and Dodd LLP is tax money and complacent producers. Take those away and their enterprise will fail. Don Obama and company are not going to go with a whimper and the repercussions will be severe. That will be the price of removing this criminal overlord from power.

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