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About Paul L. Williams, PhD
Dr. Paul L. Williams, PhD, is an American author, journalist and consultant on radical Islam and counterterrorism. He is also an adjunct professor of humanities. He is the author of six books, including The Day of Islam: The Annihilation of America and the Western World, in which he expands on the American Hiroshima scenario he believes to be imminent, in which simultaneous nuclear attacks on 7 to 10 American cities would create havoc in American society. Prior to this, he served for seven years as a consultant to the FBI about terrorist and mafia criminal organizations.

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Paul L. Williams, PhD
Cesium 137 Stolen from American University
November 16, 2010

A confidential FBI document states that an unspecified quantity of Cesium-137 has been stolen from a North American university. The document came from the office of Bernadette R. Bland, the Supervisory Special Agent for the FBI’s Weapons of Mass Destruction Directorate.

My calls to Ms. Bland remain unanswered even though I left a message stating that I had significant information about the missing Cesium and homegrown Muslim terrorists who are intent upon launching a dirt nuke attack in several major US cities. Instead of responding, Ms. Bland ordered that all information concerning the missing radiological material be deleted from official websites and news-outlets.

The directive for a cover-up of the incident was sent as follows by Ms. Band to the Oak Ridge National Laboratory:

"Oak Ridge National Laboratory Requests Removal of Document from Public Intelligence
November 7, 2010

The following message was received on November 3, 2010. It requests the removal of a For Official Use Only FBI Weapons of Mass Destruction Directorate Nuclear/Radiological Outreach Briefing which was presented at an event held in September 2010 at Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) regarding Test and Research Reactor facilities. The document was inadvertently posted to the ORNL conference website at the following URL:

According to the Project Controls Analyst for the High Flux Isotope Reactor at ORNL, one of the presentation’s authors contacted her regarding the "unauthorized” publication. Information regarding the presentation’s authors is contained on the first and last pages of the briefing and is reproduced below, followed by the message from ORNL.

Bernadette R. Bland
Supervisory Special Agent Countermeasures

The Camel's Nose Under the Tent
The directive concerning the missing Cesium raises questions about other incidents concerning matters of national importance that have been concealed from the public.

The failure of Ms. Bland’s office to respond to my calls remain incomprehensible since I have served the bureau for many years as a consultant on organized crime and terrorism and since I have penned four best-selling and critically-acclaimed books on the attempts of radical Islamists to secure nuclear and radiological material.

Indeed, my reports, concerning the presence of al Qaeda operatives at the nuclear reactor of McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario, resulted in a $4 million lawsuit that remains to go to trial, despite substantiation of my claims by Canadian law enforcement officials, officials from Harvard University’s Belfer Center, and major news outlets.

The Stolen Cesium
The thief, according to the suppressed report, overturned a 600 pound liquid scintillation counter and removed the rear access panel in order to gain access to the Cesium. The scintillation counter, which measures ionizing radiation, was kept in an unlocked room.

Cesium 137 is the ideal substance for a radiological weapon, that is, a "dirty nuke.” A bomb made of 50 pounds of Cesium could kill hundreds in a matter of minutes and contaminate thousands more.

A single grain of Cesium-137, if inhaled or ingested, is a bone sucker. It goes straight to the marrow, halts the production of platelets, and causes the mutation of cells. Within days of exposure, victims who have been exposed to such particles will display the first signs of radiological poisoning: bleeding from the nose and mouth, diarrhea, hair loss, purple fingernails, high fever, and delirium.

Within a manner of months and years, such victims will develop various kinds of malignancies: thyroid cancer, pancreatic cancer, breast cancer, cancer of the reproductive organs, and malignant brain tumors.
The bodies of such victims must be buried in lead-lined caskets to prevent further contamination.

A dirty nuke composed of Cesium-137 would produce other results as well.

The decontamination effort would require that the radiological particles be removed from the contaminated areas.

Removing cesium particles is no easy task. The particles cannot be blown away or scrubbed away. The cleanup would require the dumping of mounds of sand over the exposed soil, the uprooting of trees and shrubbery, the removal of all asphalt and concrete from streets and sidewalks, the killing of household pets and park animals (including birds), and the razing of homes and buildings.

Favorite Radiological Substance
The intent of radical Muslims to create and deploy radiological devises composed of Cesium-137 was crystallized on November 23, 1995, when the Chechen rebels planted such a devise in the heart of Izmailovsky Park on the outskirts of Moscow.

The bomb had been made of seventy pounds of Cesium-137 with a black market value of thirty-two million dollars.

The incident represented the first deployment of a radiological device as a weapon of terror.

Regarding the incident, Shamil Basayev, commander of the Chechen rebels, said: "Putting cesium in Moscow requires one person. One person gets killed and the city dies.”

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