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Matt Bruce
The Gift Dems & President Obama Keep Giving
March 22, 2010

When you see this headline you might immediately assume I am a Progressive Left Liberal supporter of the Democrats and President Barack Obama. I am not. This headline simply serves as my notice of a gift we Conservative's are being given by a Progressive Left agenda that doesn't understand the mood of the Country or the will of the people.


Not understanding these plain and simple facts will come back to cost them a huge number of Congressional and Senate seats in Washington, not to mention the fact the entire State Legislatures will wind up changing as well.


There is a huge ground swell that has been emerging which has grown to immense proportions the likes of which we have never seen before. If you think former Speaker Newt Gingrich's "Contract With America" was something when the entire Congress moved from Democrat to Republican, wait until you see what happens this November 2nd during the Mid-Term Elections.


If the House Democratic majority passes Obama's healthcare proposals, one of two things will happen by Election Day, 2010 and neither one will be healthy for the Democrats seeking re-election.


The Medicare cuts will take effect or they will be postponed by a terrified Congress reacting to the calls, email, faxes and letters they will get from an enraged electorate. If they take effect, physicians' fees will be slashed 21 percent and hospital reimbursements for Medicare patients will be cut by $1.3 billion. Tens of thousands of doctors and thousands of healthcare institutions -- hospitals, hospices, outpatient clinics and such -- will refuse to treat Medicare patients. These are the undeniable facts the Progressive Left Liberals don't want you to hear about.


Entire cities could very well be without one doctor in important specialties who will take care of the elderly on Medicare. Particularly in fields like G.I. care or arthritic and joint pain, doctors will simply refuse to accept the low reimbursement rates they are being offered and hospitals will refuse all but emergency care to Medicare patients. In effect, the elderly will experience a doctors' strike against Medicare patients.


Would you want to take up to a 50% pay cut to do the things that now cost you more to do? I think not.


Congress, faced with this massive revolt coming right on the verge of the election, may back down and postpone the cuts. Originally, doctor reimbursement rates were scheduled to drop on March 1 of this year, but Congress postponed it until the fall. Now the Democrats in Congress will face not only cuts in doctors' fees but in all forms of Medicare reimbursement, the so-called "market basket" of cuts programmed into Obamacare.


Congress, being Congress, will probably seek to postpone the cuts until after Election Day. But in doing so, they would expose the deficit reduction and cost containment features of Obama's bill for the fraud that they are. The news media headlines would blare that Congress just voted to add tens or hundreds of billions to the deficit and the big spending, high borrowing image of Congress will worsen. All pretense that Obamacare is not a reckless spending bill will be stripped away and we will be face to face with the reality that it will add hugely to the deficit.


All this will come at precisely the time that House and Senate Democrats are scrambling to rebut the attacks of their Republican challengers over these very issues. If Congress votes to postpone the Medicare cuts, as a former Secretary of HHS predicted to me, they will have to answer for their fiscal irresponsibility right before the election. Either poison, the cuts or the deficit, will be enough to eradicate an entire generation of House and Senate Democrats.


And these cuts will take place against a backdrop of continuing increases in health insurance premiums, no expansion of coverage (it doesn't kick in until 2013), and no tangible benefit from the Obama bill.


This is the prospect the House and Senate Democrats who vote for Obamacare will face in the fall of 2010. This is the record they will have to defend.


Republican Congressmen Eric Cantor and Paul Ryan have it both right when they show you the charts with the numbers that are not included in what the Progressive Left Liberals told you on Friday by releasing a CBO report which forgot to include the so called "Doctor Fix" which clearly shows a deficit from year 1 throughout the entire length of the Obamacare Bill.


Congress if you vote for this, we will vote you out come November 2nd, 2010. Take that statement to the Bank and enjoy your retirement because We the People are coming after you...

About Matt Bruce
Matt Bruce is a 2-time combat wounded U.S. Army Vietnam Veteran and has a son currently serving in the U.S. Marine Corps. He also is a retired 25 year Fire-Rescue Captain and recipient of the Fire Department's Highest Award For Heroism, 'The Medal of Valor'. Now he is the Managing Editor & Publisher of News Sarasota.Com and host of the popular "The Captain's AMERICA" Radio Show  heard nationally syndicated weekends on the Phoenix Broadcasting Network via satellite and broadcast around the World on the Internet...

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