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About Dr. Laurie Roth
Laurie Roth has a Ph.D. in counseling and a black belt in Tae Kwon Do. She is happily married and currently resides in Washington State. She is a singer/songwriter with five CD albums to her credit. She plays the piano, keyboard and violin and has a voice that can penetrate your very soul. Laurie is also an accomplished Author, Cartoonist, and Artist. She hosts The Laurie RothShow on IRN-USA Radio Network, airing each day from 3-6pm
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Dr. Laurie Roth
Could Obama Not Be What He Says He Is?
May 9, 2009

"I am a Christian, never a Muslim.Ē Ė President Barack Obama

Itís incredible to me, as I revisit the emotional and spiritual seduction so many millions were subjected to when Obama was running for office. So many Americans were sick of the "globalist Bush,Ē the Iraq war and Republicans in general. We found ourselves with a handsome, young, rock star black guy who was vividly Democrat and Liberal competing against the usual RINO type Conservative who was older and was proud of being a compromiser and, frankly, a globalist, John McCain. I had a little hope when they brought in Sarah Palin, a real woman, wife, mom and servant to the people of Alaska, who could speak. However, they quickly and stupidly reined her in and, like McCain, they tried to transform her into a moderate. This proved to be a lethal move for the campaign.


Like so many others in Conservative talk radio and new media, I studied Obamaís voting record and associations pitting them against his articulate and sparkling speeches, speeches delivered via tele-prompters hidden from the public. I was stunned that so many would think that this empty shirt, Obama, could actually bring the change America needed! Of course, it isnít accurate to call Pres. Obama an empty shirt because he has nasty things in all his pockets. "EmptyĒ at least reflects ignorance which would be bad but more understandable.


Just the Facts Please

Is Obama the sincere Christian so many believe he is?


He told the G20 folks in his last big overseas series of meetings that we were not a Christian nation.


He gladly bowed low to the King of Saudi Arabia, something a US President has never done and which official protocol warns against.


He broke a long-standing tradition when the White House demanded that the symbol of Jesus Christ be covered up before his speech at Georgetown University on April 24th. This was unprecedented by any American president. Most recently, former President George W. Bush and former First Lady Laura Bush spoke at the same podium and never even thought of asking for the symbol of Jesus Christ to be covered up. Obviously, someone has a little issue with Jesus...hmm.


Now we have Pres. Obama refusing to participate in the National Day of Prayer gathering on May 11th, 2009.


What is President Obamaís Goal in Leadership?

Obama wants and plans for the US to submit to international leadership and the UN.


It doesnít take an elevated IQ to recognize the over reach of Obama and his administration; their trying to force our country into submission with the International community and UN. He is supportive, as are many Liberal members of this Congress, of the UN Rights of the Child (UNCRC) initiative. It appears, at first glimpse, innocent until you study what they want to do. It would render the rights of all parents to raise their children, impotent. There could be no more love pats, or swats and donít be thinking about forcing little Suzie to attend church. If she was distressed about going to church one Sunday and told a school counselor it would be a violation of the rights of your child that you made her go. Foster care and authorities might just show up at your door. Donít mess with the rights of your child with the Internet either...on and on.


For that matter, the same can be said for Barney Frankís proposed Hate Crimes Bill. In its protection of pedophiles and over 500 different sexual absurdities, donít be thinking you can bonk a pedophile over the head if he is attacking your young daughter. You could be committing a felony Ė and a hate crime Ė all the child molester would merely be committing a misdemeanor. Isnít that precious?


We have also seen Obama and his administration pushing FOCA, the Freedom of Choice Act, which would force all doctors, hospitals Ė Christian/Catholic or not Ė and all states (even if laws were on the books against abortion) to provide abortions on demand. Maybe that is why one of the many things listed in the Homeland Security Report (the report that coincidentally surfaced the day before the April 15th TEA Parties) as a potential domestic terror danger are people who believe in state and federal sovereignty.


We have seen Obama and his administration recently pressuring and allegedly threatening many lenders who didnít want to sell Chrysler.  They were threatened with ruination if they didnít cooperate and sell.  GM will even be more complicated and horrific as they fall apart and the Government swoops in to control them.


We have already heard of Ė and I have spoken and written about in previous articles Ė the many banks that did not want the bail out money. They were all pressured to take at least 5 billion each or none would get it. I talked directly with two high level banking executives who were straight up who verified this fact. Then when the banks try to pay the forced "bailoutĒ monies back, Congress sets stipulations counterproductive to best business practices.


The only thing you can surmise in this ridiculous scenario is that Obama and his administration want total control of the banking industry and auto industry, and if he has his way, parental rights. The totalitarian control attempts and plans continue on. We will see a strong push for forced gun registration and manipulated environmental controls and taxation. To that respect, keep an eye on the huge worldwide, global warming melt down that doesnít really exist.


What can one assume from the first 100 days in this administration?


▪ Obama is not a Christian.


▪ Obama is not a Capitalist but a dedicated Socialist/Marxist.


▪ Obama is in love with being popular in the one-world community but hold distaste for the US and its sovereignty.


▪ Obama has little or no loyalty at all to our most dedicated ally in the Middle East, Israel.

▪ Obama believes in big Government control in all areas of our lives.


This is not my vision for America; I hope to God it isnít yours.


Organize and plan larger TEA Parties for July 4th. Work very hard to find and back real leaders to run in each of your states and get behind them in an assertive and positive way. Letís regain the US House of Representatives in the midterm elections and work on reclaiming the US Senate from those who hold disdain for Americanism and the US Constitution.


Finally, letís vote this nightmare out of office after 4 years and start to repair the damage!
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