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About Gerald A. Honigman
Gerald A. Honigman is a Florida educator who has done extensive doctoral studies in Middle Eastern Affairs, created and conducted counter-Arab propaganda programs for college youth, lectured on numerous campuses and other platforms, and has publicly debated many Arab spokesmen. He is the author of The Quest for Justice in the Middle East. His articles and op-eds have been published in dozens of newspapers, magazines, academic journals and websites all around the world. Link
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Gerald A. Honigman

A Bit Late in Coming...Not So, Mr. President?
January 28, 2011

Like probably scores of millions of other folks all over the world, I listened to President Obama's State of the Union address on January 25th. One thing, in particular, related to foreign policy I found interesting and disturbing. I'll get to it down the road a bit...

Over the decades, Mr. Obama has been quite vocal on behalf of Arab and Muslim rights--including the proposed creation of Arab state # 22 (their second, not first, in "Palestine" since Jordan has the latter honor).

Reverend Jeremiah Wright has been like family to Obama, and together with Wright's bosom buddy, the Nation of Islam's Louis Farakhan, both have served as rabid, Jew-baiting mentors to him. It's not for nothing that Farakhan (Judaism is a gutter religion, etc.) calls the President the messiah. Wright's church published the Hamas manifesto calling for the obliteration of Israel--as well as other such goodies. Add to these anti-Semitic stars many other lesser known personalities of the same ilk who are also Obama's pals. Chicago is loaded with such folks...

At Jihadi apologist, Professor Rashid Khalidi's private party, it was widely reported that Obama spoke of Israeli genocide against Arabs. It was caught on tape, but later (during his run for the presidency) Senator Obama's folks managed to see to it that the LA Times would not even release a transcript, let alone the tape itself. Edward Said, Ali Abunimah, and other prominent anti-Israel activists have been friends as well. Abunimah and others have spoken of Obama's frequent support and attendance at Arab anti-Israel functions over the years.

So, no doubt, Mr. Obama has been a champion of Arabs for quite some time.

Okay. But what does this all have to do with the State of the Union address?

Please allow me just a little longer. I'm getting there...

Remember President Obama's visit to Egypt soon after he was elected? He gave an extensive speech in Cairo in which he was not shy in lecturing Jews and once again promoting the cause of Arab state # 22 at their expense. But something else was memorable as well...

In one, brief micro-moment he managed to utter the word Copt--but then dropped it like the hottest of potatoes.

Copts are those native, non-Arab, Egyptian folks (about twelve million) who predate the Arab conquest by thousands of years and who never know when the next slaughter of their people will occur. Other aspects of subjugation are routine for them as well, and to survive, Copts need to obey the rules of dhimmitude well.

Paraphrasing what perhaps the most famous Copt of recent decades, Dr. Boutros Boutros-Ghali, told a visiting Israeli author, to be "accepted" in the region, one needs to consent to Arabization. He was the later assassinated President Anwar al-Sadat's Foreign Minister and later also became Secretary General of the United Nations. Many believe he was appointed to his position by Sadat because he was a safe pick...centuries of conditioning dhimmitude had trained him well. And given the rioting currently going on in Egypt, Sadat chose wisely.

Keep all of this in mind as well return to Mr. Obama's January 25th address to the nation.

When it came to foreign policy's turn to be addressed, Mr. Obama brought up the recent moves in the south of the Sudan towards independence. While it was great to hear him speak of this, I could not help but contrast the treatment this subject has received over the last five decades or so with that afforded to the Arab cause.

Literally millions of black Africans in the Sudan--both in the non-Muslim south and the Muslim west of the country--have been murdered, enslaved, displaced, and so forth by the Arab/Arabized north.

And in all of these years, while Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Jeremiah Wright, Louis Farakhan, Barack Obama, and others were bad-mouthing Jews for their reluctance to slit their own throats so Arabs could get their 22nd state, hardly (if ever) a peep was muttered at what was transpiring in black Africa and elsewhere in the name of Arabism and/or the Dar ul-Islam.

Where were the rallies and fiery speeches for freedom in the Sudan's south, or for the Darfur region in the west? How many parties did Obama attend for this?

How many speeches did Mr. Obama give lecturing Arabs about their real genocidal crimes against humanity while he--by his Arab friends' own accounting--was a frequent visitor to their anti-Israel functions and continues to be hostile to the idea of a more defensible, viable Israel today? Over a hundred thousand Kurds were being gassed and otherwise slaughtered in the Arabs' Anfal Campaign in Iraq at the same time Arabs were massacring, raping, enslaving, and displacing blacks in Africa. And there were other examples of these atrocities being committed by Arabs elsewhere in the region as well... Did I miss Obama's (or Farakhan's or Jackson's or Wright's) pontifications on these matters?

Unfortunately, I fear that Mr. Obama's recent reference to the Sudan was of the same flavor as his earlier mention of the Copts.

Only with Jews does he make demands--nasty, virtually suicidal ones, at that.

Only leaders of Israel does he deliberately insult--as does his Secretary of State.

Look at the turmoil in the region today...Lebanon, Tunisia, Algeria, Egypt (Mubarak's wife and son have recently fled the country due to rioting). And even the alleged moderates Israel is supposed to be making peace with among the "Palestinian" Arabs (however they're defined) insist that they will never recognize a state of the Jews and that all negotiations with them are but a Trojan Horse.

What people in their right mind gives away the store to such murderous, rejectionist enemies?

Yet think of the energy expended over the past decades by folks like Mr. Obama and his pals in pressuring Jews to cave in to Arab demands while, at the same time, acting basically deaf, dumb, and blind to the subjugation and massacre of millions of the region's diverse peoples at the hands of Arabs.

What will Mr. Obama's follow-up be towards his late-in-the-coming Sudan comments? Will he seriously demand that Arab governments stop supporting their brothers in Khartoum the same way that he demands that Jews expose the very necks of their kids to Arabs who deliberately target them?

Don't hold your breath...

The sad reality is that Arabs will pay as much attention to President Obama's two minute reference to the Sudan as they did to his micro-second reference to Copts the year before...

Recall that dozens of Christian Copts were murdered in Egypt by Arabs not long after Iraqi Christians suffered the same fate. Just in the period from 2004 through 2009, some sixty Assyro-Chaldean (non-Arab) churches were bombed in Iraq.

Now, while Arabs also blow other Arabs apart, the one thing they all agree upon is that no one but themselves has any rights in "their" region. It is this reality--one totally ignored by Mr. Obama and his above friends over the years--which largely prevents peace in the region, not the additional security Jews in their sole, miniscule state ask for to prevent themselves from being slaughtered and which they have been chastised by most of the rest of the world's hypocrites for.

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