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About Lee Ellis
Lee Ellis is a retired journalist and narrator, formerly with both CBS and Gannett (USA Weekend). He was also a combat veteran of WWII, having fought in the South Pacific invasions. He had the pleasure of interviewing Ronald Reagan as an actor and then later working to help him become Governor of California.

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Lee Ellis

The Missing Word
January 13, 2010

Our economy and even our culture are being harmed by the absence of just one word. This missing word has been interred during the past few years by far-left leaders who aim to transform America, as promised by candidate Barack Obama and with the help of many others who prefer a European type of a Marxist society to a capitalist Republic .


What is this missing word, and why has it interfered with their attempts at transformation? The word was part of what was promised by our forefathers, those who created this Republic under God as a capitalist nation. A country where one could pursue happiness and earn as much as one’s talent and willingness to work with diligence, morality and ethics would allow.


Yes, the word earn has been lost as the Chicago community organizers propagandized for a Marxist life-style where instead of producers benefiting from the rewards of their hard work, all wealth had to be spread equally, regardless of who had earned it. "redistribution” became the replacement word for "earn.”


How did Marxism spread here in this land of opportunity?


Another Chicago organizer, studied by both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton and admired by many others including Bill Ayres and NBC’s Chris Matthews, was a Communist named Saul Alinsky. In Rules for Radicals, he addressed the 1960s generation of radicals, outlining his views on organizing for mass power. In the opening paragraph of his book, Alinsky wrote, "What follows is for those who want to change the world from what it is to what they believe it should be. The Prince was written by Machiavelli for the Haves on how to hold power. Rules for Radicals is written for the Have-Nots on how to take it away."


And "take it away” is what our Marxists leaders in our government want to do!


Glenn Beck has delved into the saga of Cloward and Piven. Unlike Saul Alinsky who advised people on how to revolt, this married couple has already set into motion laws and rules of revolt. According to an article in the magazine The Nation, the Cloward–Piven strategy is a political strategy outlined by Richard Cloward and Frances Fox Piven, then both sociologists and political activists at the Columbia University School of Social Work.


The two argued that many Americans who were eligible for welfare were not receiving benefits, and that a welfare enrollment drive would create a political crisis that would force U.S. politicians, particularly the Democratic Party, to enact legislation "establishing a guaranteed national income." Cloward also influenced the concept of "anomie” (meaning social instability caused by erosion of standards and values; alienation and purposelessness experienced by a person or a class as a result of a lack of standards, values, or ideals). He was also a primary motivator for the passage of the National Voter Registration Act of 1993 known as "Motor Voter." He taught at Columbia University for 47 years.


As Marxism spread, almost all colleges and universities found similar far-left theories being taught. Especially pushed was the Cloward-Piven mantra that to win, welfare must overwhelm all government channels. From this, spread the ACORN tree and its branches. ACORN was founded by Wayne and Dale Rathke. Brother Dale was accused of embezzling a million dollars from ACORN and left, leaving Wayne Rathke in charge. Wayne also was founder and chief organizer of Local 100, Service Employees International Union (SEIU), which is headquartered in New Orleans, the locale of ACORN and other leftist groups. Local 100 organizes public sector public workers, including school employees, Head Start, and health care workers, as well as lower wage private sector workers in the hospitality, janitorial, and other service industries.


The national SEIU is run by Andy Stern, president of the 2-million-member organization, the fastest-growing union in America. It is reported that Stern is intent upon influencing federal legislation that helps revitalize the labor movement through universal health care, expanding union ranks via the Employee Free Choice Act (commonly known as "card check”), stronger regulations on business, profit sharing for employees, and higher taxes—all efforts consistent with a new global economic model that moves American businesses away from traditional, free-market capitalism. Stern has been logged in as one of the top visitors to the Obama White House.


Is there any wonder why our college kids have been indoctrinated, or why the transformation of America has been slowly evolving? America’s decline can be traced back to the followers of the Italian Socialist, Antonio Gramsci who died in 1938. However his theory of hegemony lives on in today’s leaders and government. We even have a President today who is closing down Gitmo as terrorism increases. He tells us tit invites propaganda and recruiting by al Qaeda . Of course our enemies are going to react to anything that offends them. They are playing chess with our President and they cheer each time their moves force him to make a wrong move. Terrorists only fear one move—a move of forcefulness and strength. Instead, our President seems to give in to them.


And is there any question as to why we see the disappearance of the concept of earning a living? Let’s bring back our missing word—earn—as well as a culture of ethics, family values and honor.


How do we overcome all these things, many ask? We hear these things said by Glenn, Rush, Sean, Laura and O’Reilly, but what can we American families do?


The answer is simple. We all still have the power to vote. This November 2nd, we can throw out most of the Congressional members who aid and abet both Marxism and Terrorism. This will help bring back a conservative, fiscally responsive government. We can finish the job in 2012. Meanwhile just concentrate on getting lovers of liberty and freedom to do all that is humanly possible to get out the vote...the one just 11 months from now, and then another one in two years. Do we have what it takes to repeat the bravery of 1776 and keep a free country in both 2010 and 2012?

Write me your answer.

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