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About AJ DiCintio
A.J. DiCintio is a Featured Writer for The New Media Journal. He first exercised his polemical skills arguing with friends on the street corners of the working class neighborhood where he grew up. Retired from teaching, he now applies those skills, somewhat honed and polished by experience, to social/political affairs.
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AJ DiCintio

Liberal Intellectuality & The Election
November 5, 2010

At first blush it may seem foolishly repetitive to point out that in reacting to Tuesday's election, liberals once again put the lie to their self-professed protestations of superior intellectuality.

However, given that liberals hold positions of power in our culture enormously in excess of their numbers, the truth about a herd of arrogant Yahoos whom Jonathan Swift would have satirized mercilessly, concluding with his signature sarcastic line, "And this they call intellectuality" must be told even if the last cow has come home.

Now, with the admission that what follows doesn't represent the whole truth — for that would take volumes — here are a few examples of the perverse brilliance exhibited by giants who claim their ability to reason rises a million miles over the heads of citizens who created Tuesday's "wave."

For an overarching example of the deep intellecuality with which liberals regard Americans who painted the nation red, we can turn to Bob Cesca (Huffington Post), who depicted the anti-Obama majorities as an "ignorance" motivated, "'roid raging mob...chanting shallow platitudes and bumper sticker zingers."

Next, let's go on to Maureen Dowd, the columnist the NYT represents as a witty, incisive, gigantically sophisticated Lady Goliath but who is in reality an annoying, pretentious, petty little thing that sends the nation gaga only to the extent she drives it crazy with intellectually vacuous, dogmatically obedient prose "measured out with coffee spoons" she filled amid "the cups, the marmalade, the tea, [and plenty of insipid] talk."

How did Ms. Dowd analyze a profoundly important election with only one equal in the past hundred years, an election whose motivating force Yahoo Italia correctly imagined as "a river full of American discontent"?

Well, first she lamented the unfair fall of Barack Obama," a brilliant and spellbinding young president" whom the apparently crude, ignorant, racist majority of the American people can't or refuse to understand.

Then, she demeaned the brilliant president's victorious opponents as "nuts" who represent a "new crop of anarchic conservatives" whose goal is simply "to restore America to old-fashioned values" that never existed.

A model of brilliant reasoning? But what can we expect from a glitzy true-believer who would turn her laser-like mind on the murderous (but leftist) Zedongs as follows:

"Is there any person in the Milky Way who doesn’t adore the intellectual genius of straight-laced, sober-faced, Monday Morning Mao, the most brilliant, caring mind ever to serve as Chairman, and his wife Jiangy Qingy, the quintessential modern woman who refuses to stay in the kitchen baking fortune cookies so that she can save the whole world from junk food? But, come on, even those of us who become so energized by the delicious duo's Weltanschauung that we are forced to release our pent up energy by munching crudités at the speed of light have got to admit our boring buddies need a little pizzazz! So, some advice for our amazingly brilliant but dour couple: Take a break from creating peace on a slenderized earth, good jobs, a debtless, roaring economy, and soothing the savage breast of Iran's Ahmahinajock! Mao, ditch that Brooks Brothers look for some downtown dancing duds and give us an ordinary-people-identifying Zaturday Night Zedong once a week. And you, Jiangy Qingy, you're entitled to some of those book buck advances; so bust for some blingy blingy and take a lavish vacation, say, in Spain or India. All work and no play makes Jack and Jiang a dull couple, you know.”

Finally, let's turn to the monstrously huge intellects at MSNBC, beginning with Chris Matthews, who, on election night, reacted to Congresswoman Michele Bachmann by asking her "Are you hypnotized?" and then "Did someone put you under a trance?"

Putting aside whether Matthew's language is insulting for a journalist, let's simply ask whether he's ever employed the same language to jab at a big shot Democrat who isn't being specific in his or her answers: for example, regarding exactly how much Obamacare will cost or precisely what the administration's projection for the national debt by 2020 will mean for America as we know it.

But Chris "You're the Greatest!" Matthews betray the Revolution? There'll be a snowball battle in hell first.

Matthews also figured in to another election night instance of liberal genius when he told PA Governor Ed Rendell America "doesn't build anything any more," going on (with the same background tittering that mocked Bachmann) to depict NJ Governor Christie as a troglodyte dolt for halting NJ's participation in a new tunnel project to NYC.

Rendell replied by saying he thinks the project needs to go forward but pointed out Christie is correct to fight, for example, against environmental studies that delay such projects so long they result in massive cost overruns thoroughly incompatible with the limited money available.

Of course, there was not a word of response, neither from Matthews nor the giggling adolescent baboons who sat by him thinking, "That monkey Rendell never heard of Tip "The Greatest" O'Neill and his perfectly dug Big Dig!"

With that example of so-called liberal intellectuality that insults real monkeys and baboons, this piece can do nothing better than end.

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