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About Ari Bussel
In the series "Postcards from Israel,” Ari Bussel and Norma Zager invite readers throughout the world to join them as they present reports from Israel as seen by two sets of eyes: Bussel’s on the ground, Zager’s counter-point from home. Israel and the United States are inter-related - the two countries we hold dearest to our hearts - and so is this "point - counter-point” presentation that has, since 2008, become part of our lives.
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Ari Bussel
Obama’s Secret Plan?
December 9, 2010

"Obama’s Window for Change May Close With Republican Win,” was the headline leading into the mid-term elections, followed the next day by: "Republicans Win Most Governorships, Sweep Midwest on Mounting Discontent,” and "Democrats Face Biggest House Midterm Defeat in Seven Decades.”

The President, though, had a pre-planned party in India and elsewhere. Three thousand attendees were invited along, in a celebration that has been ongoing for two years and is expected to last another two.

Unemployment at home? Tax the Rich! Broken promises, tough conditions? Blame the Republicans. Health insurance rates will not go up? Well, at the moment there is no other choice but to face increases. There seems to be an excuse or a retort to every condition, but let the party proceed!

Many were anxious to vote in the election, expressing their frustration that "Hope” for a better reality crushed into "more of the same old same old,” and that the only "Change” was that of Democrats meteoric ascent to power. They then threw away the keys and kept everyone else out, and the party started.

Two years have passed since we elected President Obama to the highest office in the land. The President and his Party had complete rein and could have done anything they set their minds to achieve – they controlled two of the three branches of government. Some call it "absolute power.”

The main pinnacle of achievement, ObamaCare, had to be coerced from unwilling Democrats, bought from the unions and major pharmaceuticals and in itself is a miserable testament for transparency or cooperation. Even those at the helm refused to subscribe to the same, safeguarding their own plan. So-called leadership not by example.

An analyst predicted that immediately after the mid-term elections, the President would turn His attention to foreign policy. There is not much he can do domestically, the analyst reasoned, and soon funding will dry up. There is even limits to how much money can be printed before inflation strikes or to how long China will be willing to finance America’s frivolities before stepping in and demanding real change.

Unemployment has hit one of every few people, and as the holidays near, everyone’s attention will have to be diverted to avert a rebellion at home. Empty promises and fading hope and glory are not enough when people are hungry or unable to pay rent. A father’s promise to his eleven-year-old daughter, "for Christmas we will buy you a skateboard,” will be replaced by broken hearts, those of the girl and her parents.

I am reminded of the movie where the storyline was "let us create a war, that will definitely divert attention.” The President, according to that analyst, seems to be following the same line of thinking.

Peace in the Middle East seems to rest on Israel’s stopping any construction in Jerusalem and throughout Judea and Samaria. The Palestinians have become silent bystanders, watching the USA and Israel fighting. The President faults Israel for continuing to build in her capital, while the Prime Minister does not remain in debt and digs in with two feet. Netanyahu even decided to create an "Incitement Index” and wave it in everyone’s faces, imagine the Chutzpa!

The Middle East is cursed, and the US President apparently concluded before he even ascended to power that Israel is the one at fault. The President does not need Congress, or particularly those Unwilling-to-Cooperate-Republicans who control the House, to execute his plan to force Israel to tow the line.

While in Indonesia appeasing the Muslims, the President is explaining to a world that equates Jihad with Holy War, Swords and Severed Heads and most of all Strength and Power, that rosy interpretation of his: "Islam is a Peaceful Religion.”

The only obstacle in the President’s way in addition to Israel is Iran. They may be Muslim too, but their version of Islam does not fare as well with the President as the peaceful, all-loving version he advocates.

Perhaps his goal is to pit the two countries against one another. Would it not be wonderful to set the two obstacles to his world peace plan up to battle? The theater of engagement is relatively far from the United States, so casualties and collateral damage would be minimal. [To the more sophisticated reader, this is clearly not the case, for germs travel today in an amazing speed, leaving no continent unaffected.]

By escalating the war of words into deeds, the President will be able to rid the world of two evils simultaneously: Iran and Israel.

Saudi Arabia, Yemen, UAE, Egypt, Jordan and several other allies of the United States will have to be supported and protected against the Iranian expansionary plans, but the U.S. had prevailed in Iraq, goes the line of thinking, we will show the might of the United States of America to the Iranians as well.

Is flexing our muscles what caused the show of power against the shores of Iran in recent weeks? Since the Iranians are clearly unimpressed, what purpose does a show of force play? Possibly it is for the benefit of the audience back at home? The Muslims view our President as weak, insincere and inept.

The President, who is not stupid by any measure, understands that for his party to continue the celebration for the next two years, he must divert attention from reality. The only way he can achieve this, and still proclaim innocence, is by ignoring the menace that is Iran and rid himself of the uncooperative thorn along the shores of the Mediterranean. Then, he can proclaim loudly to the world pointing to President Ajmadinejad:


The summer of our discontent has come to an end. Leaves are falling and the scene is changing. Soon today’s difficulties over unemployment, healthcare and ever-mounting debt will pale in comparison to the real troubles that may be inflicted upon us.

We will soon be longing for the Republicans to be back at the helm.

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