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About Dr. Brian Melton
Dr. Brian Melton is the author of Sherman’s Forgotten General and an Assistant Professor of History at Liberty University.

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Dr. Melton

The New Media Journal archives author's pieces for six (6) months. Additional works from this author can be found here:

Dr. Brian Melton Archives

The Non-Separation of Powers: Will the Real Legislative Branch Please Stand Up?

October 2008
Castrating the Constitution: The Real Stakes in ‘08

August 2008
Why Liberals Can Never Lose Control of the Universities

July 2008
Denying the Politics of Good and Evil


June 2008
Ahmadinejad Is Right: Iran Is Winning the Nuclear Debate
Reflections from the ‘Well of Ignorance’

May 2008
From Hash to Omelet: Buchanan, Bush & Hitler
Human Origins and a Side of Fries
Rationalizing Happiness

April 2008
A Nuclear Fait Accompli: Taking the Nazi Road to War
Interpreting Intelligence on Iran and Other "Rogue Nations”
Social Suicide by Government: Conservatives Need Some Self-Examination

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