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About Constancio Asumen, Jr.

Mr. Asumen has most recently assumed the responsibilities of Chairman-of-the-Board for ACE LILACS, a budding startup venture in the marketplace of ideas. The list of previous vocations he had engaged in before this, includes being a farmer, fisherman, stevedore, national scholar, college professor, journeyman laborer, freelance scribe, typesetter, proofreader, systems analyst, software developer, cab driver, etc. He holds a masters degree in Mineral Science & Technology (1973, Kyoto University) with a major in Exploration Geophysics. Somewhat of the quintessential Ivy League under-achiever, he is an embodiment of the can-do attitude so prevalent amongst most first generation Americans. He is an ardent adherent to the tenet that anything worth doing is worth doing well. Mr. Asumen maintains a website here.

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Constancio Asumen, Jr.
Being There: The Tragic Legacy of Voting Present
July 21, 2010

"President Obama was slow reacting to the oil spill. He seems loath to send the National Guard to the border... Same thing with the economy. Americans like strong leadership that appears to have things under control. Anybody seen that recently?” – Bill O’Reilly, The Chaos Factor


For a President who was committed earlier than day one of his presidency to "...begin again the work of remaking America,” the seeming preponderance of nonchalance in handling any crisis of national proportion seems out of character. But a cursory examination of the history of ideology, especially of the Marxist-Leninist variety, would illustrate that the nonchalance that Bill O’Reily was rhetorically mulling about is indeed consistent with the modus operandi of the classic ideologue activist.


The incessant obsession with equality of outcomes as most recently propounded in connection with the G20 talks in Canada, was at best delusional. If you eliminate the motivation to compete, you are undermining the very essence of free market economics, which is the pursuit of excellence that you can leverage to your advantage.


The very notion of utopian Shangri-La is antithetical to the notion of excellence. For why bother to be better than your neighbor if there is no advantage to be gained by it? Even vegetation, if unwittingly, still ‘endeavors’ to get a better angle of exposure to the sun to optimize its utilization of chlorophyll and attain a more effective photosynthesis to propel and sustain a healthy growth and outflourish its neighbors, or even other segments of the same plant.


The point that needs to be emphasized over and over again, until it finally sinks in and gets factored into the national consciousness and political calculus of the policy making classes is plainly and simply this. The mandate to compete is inherent to the political DNA of the very concept of being an American. It is that very concept, as embodied in the U.S. Constitution, that the President is statutorily sworn to "preserve, protect, and defend.”


By contrast, while Lincoln’s admonition of, "With malice toward none; with charity for all; with firmness in the right, as God gives us to see the right,..” has become part of the American cultural tradition, nowhere in the wealth of documentation on how the nation was founded and ought to be governed is prescribed an equality of outcome for any endeavors that individual citizens may choose to undertake. Take away the freedom to choose and you deprive any American of the very essence of Americanism.


Recall how in the Peter Sellers movie "Being There,” the most profound meaning was imputed by the policy wonk types to every trivial and idiotic platitude uttered by Chance the Gardener. The same attributive inertia has exactly been operational with the Obama phenomenon. When people swoon over the profundity of such meaningless pronouncements as "we are the ones we have been waiting for,” you can be dead certain that a segment of the populace is seized with the malady that can only be characterized as political dyslexia, if not outright dementia.


It is not so much that some people are mesmerized by the rhetoric of President Obama that is disastrous for the country. Rather it is the eventual creation of a political underclass which will perpetually be wards of the government that bodes disaster. This is the end that every policy initiative espoused by the Obama regime appears designed to accomplish. The "can-do” attitude that so pervasively permeates the American tradition is being systematically undermined and supplanted by a "could-obtain” (from somebody) attitude that could prove to be most tragically toxic for the country. As Angelo M. Codevilla so eloquently formulated, dependence economics entails that,


"...our ruling class is making itself the arbiter of wealth and poverty...modern government makes valuable some things that are not, and devalues others that are. Thus if you are not among the favored guests at the table where officials make detailed lists of who is to receive what at whose expense, you are on the menu. Eventually, pretending forcibly that valueless things have value dilutes the currency's value for all.”


 It is only in this context that the passive, betimes bordering on being obstructive response by the Federal government to the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico can begin to make sense. Voting present on the oil spill simply allowed the repercussions of the accident to become exacerbated to its most harmful extremes. Being there and doing nothing allowed the situation to deteriorate in a manner that whatever and however little the government would subsequently do, could inevitably assume the illusory character of Providential benevolence and deliverance.


The repeated attempts at imposing a six-month moratorium on offshore drilling across the board is better understood in this context. This is consistent with the Regime’s pushing to enact the cap-and-trade legislation while the BP broken well was spewing tens of thousands of barrels of oil and gas per day into the Gulf of Mexico. It is sold as an urgently needed alternative energy policy notwithstanding that the scientific premises of global warming which underpins the entire carbon footprint narrative proves credible only amongst demonstrable charlatans, as I sufficiently demonstrated earlier:


"Consensus does not a science make. ‘Carbon footprint’ and ‘carbon offset’ are not scientific concepts. They are political constructs, concocted for propaganda, designed to politically and financially benefit their proponents. It has as much basis in reality as did mortgage-backed securities which obliterated the real estate market and the entire financial system needed a multi-billion dollar bailout.”


As I emphasized earlier elsewhere,


" ...when the POTUS brazenly claimed in this year’s State of the Union Address of an ‘overwhelming scientific evidence on climate change,’ he was counting on what he perceived as the ignorance of the American people which elevated him to the Oval Office. Or, to be more charitable, he was reciting meaningless talking points platitudes, with the assurance that a rubber stamp Congress can push through every whimsical scheme he embraces...


"The point is, there is money to be made by jumping onto the Global Warming bandwagon, provided you are on the taking side of the financial equation. Politicians and pundits of all shades and flavors conveniently embrace the Global Warming dogma not only as a matter of intellectual indolence, but more so as a matter of economic advantage.”


Voting present on anything is a most appropriate euphemism for the subterfuge of opting to do nothing of consequence that can possibly influence the unfolding of events. Or more precisely, it is Obama speak for obfuscating the landscape to make it appear to a credulous public that the regime is doing something worthwhile and consequential. The approach works brilliantly under two conditions, namely, 1) when you don’t know what to do or what you are doing to change the situation, or 2) when the unfolding of events is trending towards your desired outcome, thus it serves well to let it ride.


The Obama regime’s response to the BP oil spill just illustrated a perfect combination of these two conditions. Containing the gushing broken oil well proved above the pay grade of anybody who matters in the administration. Moreover, an oil spill ravaged Gulf of Mexico is a godsend to the radical environmentalists who wanted to scuttle the oil industry to begin with. Furthermore, it fits ever so snugly into the Obama template of downsizing the fossil energy industry as it bolsters subsidizing the "renewable” energy sector, while he proceeds to engineer for posterity another glorious age of the Greening of America.


Make no mistake about it. This goes far beyond the Charles A. Reich, Woodstock Festival of the counterculture variety. As I warned in the earlier cited opus,


"Obama and his cohorts want to take us back to the windmills and dragons of Cervantes’ Don Quixote and the blissful world of Sancho Panza and Dulcinea del Toboso...the intellectual bankruptcy implied in this attempt to take us back to the hunting and gathering mode of provisioning ought to outrage every American worthy of the sacrifice and noble visions of our Founding Fathers.”


Against such a gloomy prospect, it is imperative that a veto-proof majority in the house is secured come November 2. Even more crucially, the majority should go beyond numerical superiority. There should be a preponderance of principled representatives whose most urgent agenda go beyond getting re-elected two years thence. The task of undoing the damage unleashed by the Obama regime, demands reconstructing, brick by brick, the glorious edifice of freedom and liberty that the Founding Fathers had bequeathed to the nation with this solemn covenant:


"And for the support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes, and our sacred Honor.”

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