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A Humble Plea to McCain & Obama Supporters

About William P. (Bill) Lear, Jr.
William P. Lear, Jr., is the son of William P. Lear, who designed and manufactured the legendary Learjet business jet – now a household name. Bill, Jr. has, in his own right, been a renegade and innovator. In 1946, at age 17, he borrowed $1250 from his father to purchase a brand new WWII Lockheed P-38 from the War Assets Administration. On May 20, 1946 this young kid became the youngest pilot in the world to have ever flown the famed P-38 twin-engine fighter aircraft. He later became the youngest pilot to have raced his P-38 in the Bendix Trophy races at ages 18 and 19 in 1946 and 1947. Bill later joined the Air Force where he became a jet fighter-pilot serving in Germany for three years during the Korean conflict at a time when it was generally thought that Korea was a diversion for a Soviet invasion of Western Europe. When his father began development of the Learjet in 1963 he became President of Learjet International, S.A. in Geneva, Switzerland overseeing Learjet sales throughout Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

William P. (Bill) Lear, Jr.

A Humble Plea to McCain & Obama Supporters
October 31, 2008

I am truly astonished by the ignorance Obama supporters have displayed in their quest to get someone - anyone - into the White House. Now, wait a minute. I can well understand your dislike or even hatred of George W. Bush, but he is not the root cause of all of our problems. Our Congress is. And a change there would be welcomed by all. You ain't gonna get it done with Obama. You gotta fire the whole damnable crooked Congress.


Perhaps I'm looking at all of this from a different perspective than you because my life experiences have been so different from yours. I'm 80-years old and have traveled the world where I've seen a great deal. I spent five years on active duty as a fighter pilot in the USAF and another seven years flying with the Air National Guard in California and Texas as well as a few years flying in the USAF Reserve. I spent three years on active duty in Germany flying Czech border patrol with "cold guns" in aircraft inferior to the MIG during the Korean "Police Action" when it was thought that Korea was a diversion for a Soviet invasion of Western Europe.


I lived abroad for a total of 28 years. Three years in Germany, twenty years in Switzerland and five years in Great Britain where I was based doing "spook" work for the U.S. behind the Iron Curtain before it fell. During that era of the Cold War I ventured to Moscow, Prague, Warsaw, Bucharest, Peshawar, Pakistan and Bulgaria posing as a Swiss French-speaking arms dealer purchasing weapons we surreptitiously supplied to the Afghani Mujahedeen in their successful fight against the Soviets all of which came back to haunt us.


I've been there and done that and have had close associations with top government people in Germany, the Netherlands and Great Britain. I've had more foreign affair experience than Obama could ever dream of and, yet, wouldn't have the temerity to deign myself "Presidential" material; although I feel eminently more qualified to judge who would NOT be best for our country.


My long-time world experience should count for something in my plea to you to abandon this miscreant flake. You will only be doing yourself and our country an enormous disservice if you persist in your support of this flash-in-the-pan opportunist. On this, you MUST trust me. I've associated closely with European royalty and African politicians. I've traveled to the Far East to observe their cultures.


My point is that Obama, although formally well educated and a brilliant orator, is a neophyte when it comes to understanding the world and is uniquely unqualified for the job as President of these great United States. His knowledge of economics is nil and his tax proposals absurd and life-threatening to the US not only in economic terms but in preserving our national security as well. I don't want a "citizen of the world to be President, I want a citizen of the good old USA to be President.


Screw the rest of the world as they have well and truly screwed us. The time has come for us to awaken and start looking after ourselves. Now that would be change if that's what you're looking for.


While McCain has abstained from playing "the race card", Obama is playing it to the hilt even though he's technically not an African-American. To qualify for this distinction you must be at least one-sixth black. Obama is only one-eighth. His father would be, as he was one-sixth. No, Obama is more Muslim than black yet he trades on his blackness.


The larger question I have about him is that we really don't know much about him other than what he tells us, what we read on blogs and from some serious non-partisan investigators whose factual reports are, unfortunately, generally ignored and which receive precious little media exposure.


As a registered Independent, a military veteran and a patriot, I beseech you to put aside party considerations and vote for the lesser of the two evils. Yes, I am not a McCain supporter, but he is, at least, not a flake, doesn't carry Muslim baggage and is a proven hero and patriot with experience. It's not a party issue. It's all about electing the best man we can trust with what we've got to work with. Mr. Obama is not that guy.


Please, please rethink your voting position. Thanks for reading my inner-most thoughts. I care about all of you, but I care more about our country. Please help me to do both.
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